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National Bird of India- Interesting Facts

National Bird of India: The Indian Peacock

The national bird of India is the Indian peacock, Pavo cristatus, a colourful bird with a fan-shaped crest of feathers, a white patch behind the eye, and a long, thin neck. The Indian Peacock (National Bird of India) species’ male is more colourful than the female, with a stunning bronze-green tail and breast that have 200 long, elongated feathers each. The female loses the tail and is somewhat smaller than the male. The female is brownish. Beautiful to watch is the male’s complex courtship dance, which includes fanning out his tail and grooming his feathers.

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Facts about National Bird of India: The Indian Peacock

Here are some interesting facts about the Indian Peacock which is the National Bird of India:

  • A peafowl species that is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent is the Indian peacock (Pavo cristatus), commonly referred to as the common peafowl and the blue peafowl.
  • It has been adopted by numerous other nations. Although both sexes are frequently referred to informally as a peacock, male peafowl are known as peacocks and female peafowl as peahens.
  • The Indian peacock (National Bird of India) is well recognized for its long train of extended upper-tail covert feathers that contain colourful eyespots.
  • Indian Peacock which is the National Bird of India has a brightly coloured, primarily blue fan-like crest of wire-like feathers with spatula tips. During courtship, these stiff feathers are lifted into a fan and quivered.
National Bird of India
National Bird of India: The Indian Peacock
  • The Indian Peacock (National Bird of India) can still fly in spite of the size and length of their covert feathers.
  • Peahens lack the train, have a dark brown coat, a white face, and an iridescent green lower neck.
  • The Indian peafowl or the Indian Peacock (National Bird of India) spends much of its time foraging for berries and grains on the ground in open forests or on land that is being farmed.
  • They also hunt on snakes, lizards, and small rodents.
  • The Indian Peacock ((National Bird of India) are easily heard thanks to their powerful calls, which in dense woodland frequently signal the presence of a tiger-like predator.
  • The Indian Peacock ((National Bird of India) can hunt on the ground in small packs and typically attempt to flee on foot through brush, however they will occasionally soar into large trees to roost.

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National Bird of India Essay in English

Numerous unusual species can be found in India. The peacock, which is National Bird of India, is one of them. Peacocks are famed for their amazing physical appearance. Peacocks are well-known for having a long tail of feathers and an attractive crest on their heads. Their feathers are united into one long tail when they run about on the ground. However, when a female is around, the peacock spreads its feathers, displaying lovely eye-like patterns.

Peacocks are of two primary varieties: The Indian peacock (National Bird of India) and the Burmese peacock. From head to tail, the Indian peacock can reach lengths of 195 to 225 cm. When fully grown, they can reach weights of up to 5 kg. The feathers have some green undertones and are an iridescent blue colour. The peacock’s feather is referred to as a train. These lengthy feathers can number over 200 on an adult peacock. Each feather has a lovely eye at the end of the feather in the shape of an oval. Together, they provide the tail a stunningly symmetrical eye-like appearance.

There are Indian peacock (National Bird of India) all around the nation. The Indian Peacock (National Bird of India) coexist with people in urban areas, semiarid areas, and woodlands. Peacocks are extremely shy and flee when they come into contact with people, unlike other birds. Due to the size of their body and feathers, they can fly, although they cannot do it for very long. Peacocks live in colonies that contain both males and females. They consume seeds, snakes, and insects as they are omnivorous birds. Farmers frequently appreciate them because they keep pests out of their fields.

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What is the national bird of India 2022?

The Indian Peacock is the national bird of India.

Why is peacock called national bird?

Because of the peacock's extensive religious and mythological connection in Indian traditions, it was proclaimed the national bird of India in 1963. Because the god Kartikeya rides on its back, Hindus revere this bird.

Who declared national bird of India?

National bird of India is the Indian peacock. On February 1, 1963, the Indian government declared the peacock to be the country's national bird. It is one among India's national symbols.

What was the national bird of India before peacock?

The Great Indian Bustard, once nearly our national bird, is now on the verge of extinction. The Great Indian Bustard (GIB), which has the support of naturalist Salim Ali, was once a contender to be named India's national bird. Due in large part to the possibility that its name might be misspelt, it lost the championship to the Indian Peacock.

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