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MD Full Form

MD Full Form in India

MD Full form is Managing Director. Another full form of MD is Doctor of medicine. It has two different full forms. Let’s have a look at what they are.

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MD Full Form in  Medical, School, and Company

MD word has two different full forms. One full form of MD is Managing Director and the other full form of MD is Doctor of Medicine. Some other MD full form is given below

Full Form Category Sort
Managing Director Business MD
Doctor of Medicine Medicine MD
Manufacturer Defined Computer & Networking MD
Moldova Country MD
Masters Dissertation Educational Degree MD
Musical Director Music Field MD
Multi Degree Education MD
Master’s Degree Education MD


MD Full form in a Company

Let us have a look at the first full form of MD which is Managing Director. In every company, there is a post known as Managing Director. He /She is responsible for the entire management of a company. The HR too has to report to the Managing Director in a Company.

A Managing Director acts as a link between all the employees and the Board of Directors in a Company. The MD has to report to the CEO and then the CEO communicates with the Directors Board.

  • MD is responsible for all sorts of communication between the directors and the employees of a company.
  • MD is also responsible for all profits and losses that occur in a company.
  • MD has to take care of all the extra needs of an employee and have to strategize how the output can be maximized.
  • MD is also responsible for reporting the weekly progress of the company to the Directors.
  • MD takes care of the company’s clients and checks whether all the requirements are met or not.

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MD full form in Medical

Now, the second full form of MD is Doctor of Medicine. The full form of MD was first derived from a Latin word that meant Teacher of Medicines. This is the highest and the most respected degree which can be earned after completing MBBS.

When one is conferred with the MD degree they are highly respected in the field of surgery and medicine. Once a student earns the degree, they are then eligible to practice in private hospitals and chambers. They can complete their mandatory internship and join as a full-time expert in the field of medicine.


MBBS MD Full Form

The full form of MD is Doctor of Medicine. MBBS and MD are two separate degrees. Once a student completes their Class 12th Exams in Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, they can then appear for the MBBS entrance exam.

The entrance exam for MBBS is NEET. If a student cracks NEET, they can then get admission in the topmost premier institutes of India in MBBS. After they complete the MBBS degree which is of 5.5 years, they can then appear for the entrance exam of MD.


MD Full Form in School

The MD is a post-graduate degree and is highly respected in society. The student has to select a specialization subject in which they want to complete their MD. MD is of 3 years. The students after completing MD too can continue with higher studies but is mostly not required. The full form of MD is Doctor of Medicine.

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MD Full Form in Hindi

एमडी वर्ड के दो अलग-अलग फुल फॉर्म होते हैं। एमडी का एक फुल फॉर्म मैनेजिंग डायरेक्टर होता है और एमडी का दूसरा फुल फॉर्म डॉक्टर ऑफ मेडिसिन होता है।


FAQ’S on MD full form

What is MD or MS?

MD is Managing Director in a company. MD in Medical is Doctor of Medicines. MS is Master of Surgery.

Is MBBS equal to MD?

No, MBBS is an undergraduate degree and MD is a post-graduate degree. The total duration of the MBBS course is 5.5 years while that of MD is 3 years.

Do I need to pursue higher studies even after MD?

It depends upon the individual to individual. Usually, it is not required to pursue higher studies after MD. As it is one of the highest degrees in the field of medicine. The degree is also highly respected in society.

Why is an MD required in a company?

An MD is not legally required in a company but is preferred for the smooth functioning of a company. A section can be divided to be guided under the MD and so the workflow becomes much more organized.

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