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Largest Coal Field in India

Largest Coal Field in India is

Largest Coal Field in India: Coal is extracted in a coalfield, which has certain homogeneous properties. In addition to geological criteria, geographical and cultural factors are used to determine the approximate limit of a coalfield. Coal seams, railroad businesses, cultural groupings, watersheds, and other geographical considerations are frequently grouped together in a coalfield. At one time, the term “coalfield” was used frequently in business and industrial conversations. The old names of the coalfields have been brought to the attention of a bigger audience due to renewed interest in industrial heritage and coal mining history.

Jharia coalfield is a significant coalfield in Jharkhand, India, located in the east of the country. Jharia has the greatest coal reserves in India, with 19.4 billion tonnes of coking coal believed to be available. The coalfield is a significant contributor to the local economy, directly or indirectly employing a large portion of the population.

Since at least 1916, the fields have been ravaged by a coal bed fire, which has devoured 37 million tonnes of coal and caused substantial ground subsidence as well as water and air pollution in nearby settlements, notably Jharia. As a result of the pollution, a government agency has been established to relocate local residents.

The coal field, which covers around 280 square kilometres and contains bituminous coal suitable for coke, is located in the Damodar River Valley. Jharia produces the majority of India’s coal. The Jharia coal mines, which comprise 23 big underground and nine huge open cast mines, are India’s most important storage of excellent coke coal used in blast furnaces.
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Which is the largest coalfield in India?- Jharia

Jharia is known for a coalfield fire that has been burning for nearly a century underground. According to a 2007 estimate, the fires have devoured 37 million tonnes of coal since they began.

In 1916, the first fire was discovered. Seth Khora Ramji Chawda’s Khas Jharia mines were one of the first to fall in an underground fire in 1930, according to records. Chawda was a pioneer in the Indian coal mining industry. On November 8, 1930, two of his collieries, Khas Jharia and Golden Jharia, which worked on shafts as deep as 260 feet, collapsed owing to now-famous underground fires, causing 18 feet of subsidence and immense destruction.

Despite the best efforts of the mining department and railway authorities, the fire never went out, and in 1933, blazing crevasses forced many residents to flee. The 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake exacerbated the fire, and by 1938, authorities had declared a raging inferno beneath the town, with 42 of the 133 collieries on fire.

Over 70 mine fires were reported in this area in 1972. As of 2007, more than 400,000 people in Jharia live on land threatened by subsidence as a result of the fires.

The government has been chastised for what appears to be a callous attitude toward the safety of Jharia’s citizens. The heavy gases released by the fires cause serious health concerns in the local population, such as breathing problems and skin illnesses.
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FAQs on Largest Coal Feild in India

Which is the largest coalfield in India?

The Jharia coalfield is the largest coalfield in India.

In India, which state is the largest coal producer?

Jharkhand is India’s leading coal-producing state.

Where does one find the purest coal?

Japan boasts the “cleanest” coal-fired power plant in the world.

Where in the world is the most coal?

The United States boasts the world’s largest coal reserves.

Which Indian region has the most coal?

The Damodar Valley is rich in coal and is renowned as India’s primary source of coking coal.


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