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DP Full form

DP Full Form in Computer Science

DP full form is Data Processing. It is a software program. The software is responsible for processing and organizing numerical data. The process of converting raw data into information is done by data processing.

It uses information and data from various sources to check whether the final data that comes as output is reliable or not. The processed data can then be used to form diagrams, data, and graphics which can be used by organizations for their daily tasks.

The daily life examples of data processing software that are common among general people are MS PowerPoint, MS Word, and MS Excel.

DP Full Form in Physics

  • Validation: The process of validation is required for validating the raw data. It checks whether the collected raw information is valid or not. If it is valid only then it is used for further processing.
  • Sorting: This sots the data and arranges them in any specified format.
  • Summary: The summary is the short description of the data which is processed to become the final output.
  • Aggregation: Aggregation is the combination of such information’s to form one detailed piece.
  • Analysis: This is the analysis process where all the data are analyzed according to algorithms and mathematical approaches.
  • Classification: Classification is used to classify data.


Whatsapp DP Full form

DP is also the abbreviation used for display pictures. This is the picture that is used in WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media apps. It is the one picture that is highlighted among the other pictures. These pictures can be edited as per the individual’s choice.

DP Full form in Whats App is known as display picture. People added in your contacts are able to see your display picture on Whats App until you change the setting to everyone. People usually change their Display pictures on Whats App every 4 to 5 days.


FAQ for DP full Form

What is DP in Mobile?

DP in Mobile is a virtual pixel unit that’s roughly equal to one pixel on a medium-density screen.

Where is DP in WhatsApp?

Follow the steps below to know where DP is on WhatsApp.

  • Go to WhatsApp.
  • More options.
  • Setting.
  • Click on Profile picture.
  • You can either upload a new one from the gallery or by clicking on the camera. Clicking on camera, you can click a picture in real-time and upload it.
  • If you already have one display picture, you can delete it too.

What does DP mean in text?

DP means Display Picture in text.

How can I hide my DP on WhatsApp?

Follow the steps below to hide your DP on WhatsApp.

  • Go to WhatsApp
  • Click on Settings.
  • Go to Account and then privacy.
  • Tap on Profile picture.
  • Click on Nobody.

Can I see DP if blocked WhatsApp?

No, you won’t be able to view the DP of someone who has blocked you. There are other methods by which you can check whether you have been blocked or not. The most common one is to send a message and if it doesn’t get delivered for days, then there is a high possibility that you might have been blocked.

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