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ICSE Full Form

Full-Form of ICSE

ICSE is the abbreviation used for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.  ICSE board full form in Hindi is “माध्यमिक शिक्षा के भारतीय प्रमाण पत्र“. It is a Board of Education for school students primarily for Class 10th students in English medium schools. It came into existence after the commendation of Education Policy in 1986.

In this Board of Education, students studying privately are not allowed. The mode of communication is in English language. It is private and non-governmental board. The syllabus is quite huge and lengthy in nature.

The board conducts less number of talent search examinations and offers limited number of scholarships. The difference becomes clearer if one compares the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) with the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE).

The education board is governed by the council and aims to provide the best and affordable education for all students of the country.

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ICSE Board Full Form in English

The full form of ICSE is Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. The subjects offered by ICSE are divided into three parts, namely Part 1, 2, and 3. We have shared the subjects of Class 9 and 10. The total marks for Class 10 are calculated by taking the best 5 subject marks out of 6. Among the top 5, English subject is mandatory to be taken into account.

Parts 1 are the compulsory subjects


·         English
·         Second Language
·         History or Civics and Geography
·         Science Application

Parts 2 consist of any two subjects to be chosen out of 3.


·         Mathematics
·         Science
·         Commercial Studies
·         Economics
·         Environmental Science
·         A Modern Foreign Language
·         A Classical Language

Parts 3 any one subject must be chosen by a student


·         Computer Applications ·         Technical drawing
·         Drama ·         Art
·         Dance ·         Yoga
·         Hindustan Music ·         Carnatic Music
·         Instrumental music ·         Physical Education
·         Economic applications ·         Commercial Applications
·         Mass media and communication ·         Modern foreign language
·         Environmental Applications ·         Cookery
·         Performing Arts


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ICSE Board Full form and Class 10 Marking Scheme

By knowing the marking scheme subject-wise students can prepare well for the exams. This will also help them to divide their attention according to the weightage of the marks distribution.

GROUP I External Exam Internal Exam
English 80% 20%
A Second Language 80% 20%
History, Civics and Geography 80% 20%
Mathematics 80% 20%
Science 80% 20%
Economics 80% 20%
Commercial Studies 80% 20%
A Modern Foreign Language 80% 20%
A Classical Language 80% 20%
Environmental Science 80% 20%
Computer Applications 50% 50%
Economic Applications 50% 50%
Commercial Applications 50% 50%
Art 50% 50%
Performing Arts 50% 50%
Home Science 50% 50%
Cookery 50% 50%
Fashion Designing 50% 50%
Physical Education 50% 50%
Yoga 50% 50%
Technical Drawing Applications 50% 50%
Environmental Applications 50% 50%
A Modern Foreign Language 50% 50%


ICSE Full Form in English

ISC is the abbreviation used for the Indian School certificate. This is for the Class 12 students. English is a compulsory subject for Class 12 students too. There are a lot of other optional subjects as well. The students should compulsorily attend a minimum of three courses.

The class 12 examination result depends upon the external evaluation that takes place during the Class 12 final exams. The internal evaluation is completed well before the finals exams start for the students.

Comparing the Class 10 and Class 12 syllabus of the ICSE and ISC Board you will notice that for Class 10 students there are a lot of options to choose the subjects from. This is not the case for the Class 12 students.

The reason is Class 10 students choose a lot of subjects as to get an overview of each of them. But in class 12, the subjects are explained with great detail and so students can opt only for a minimum number of subjects.

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Subjects offered by ISC

For class 12 students there are three streams and the subjects are divided accordingly. The three streams are Science, Commerce, and Humanities.

Science subjects


·         Physics
·         Chemistry
·         Mathematics [Compulsory]
·         Fourth Subject: Elective English, Psychology*, Biology, Economics, Computer Science or Art [Any One]
·         English (Core) is the compulsory subject.


Commerce Subjects         


·         Accounts
·         Economics
·         Commerce [Compulsory]
·         Fourth Subject: Mathematics, Psychology, History [Any One]


Humanities Subjects


·         Psychology ·         Economics
·         History ·         Hindi
·         Elective English ·         Art
·         Mathematics ·         Computer Science
·         Sociology ·         Political Science
·         Geography [Any Four]


Marking scheme for ICS Board and Full form

By knowing the marking scheme subject-wise students can prepare well for the exams. They can also divide their attention according to the weightage of the marks distribution.


Subject Types of questions asked Total Marks
English paper 1 Composition, directed writing, short answer questions based on grammar and comprehension 100
English Paper 2 One textual question (compulsory) on the Shakespeare play/alternative prescribed play together with four other questions on at least three texts, which may include the Shakespeare play/alternative play. 100
Indian Languages Composition, comprehension, grammar and questions from prescribed textbooks 100
Modern Foreign Languages Short composition, passage, unseen passage and questions and prescribed textbooks 100
Classical Languages Questions on grammar, unseen translation and translation from the prescribed textbooks 100
Elective English Questions are based on prose, drama and poetry 100
Mathematics Questions are asked from Algebra, Calculus, Vectors, probability, and Linear Programming among others 100
Fashion Designing Questions are based on definitions of fashion, design details, wardrobe planning, and designers 70
Electricity and Electronics Compulsory short answer questions and long questions. The topics are based on the distribution of electric power, D.C. generator and motor, A.C. motor, wires, cables, and electrical wires. 100
Engineering Science Short answer questions and long questions are based on friction, limiting friction, machines, power, and momentum. 100
Computer Science Compulsory short answer questions and there are more sections, where questions are asked from Boolean Algebra, Computer Hardware, Implementation of algorithms to solve problems, etc. 70
Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing Candidates are required to answer all questions. The preparation of working drawings and assemblies from dimensioned sketches based on the following- fastening (nuts, bolts, studs, keys, cotters, pins, locking devices), rigid and flexible joints, screw threads wheels and transmission of motion and power 100
Geometrical and Building Drawing The questions are based on building drawing should be based on the form and construction of simple buildings and parts of buildings; small dwelling houses (single and two stories), garages, sheds and greenhouses. 100
Art Drawing or painting from still life, drawing and painting from nature, drawing and painting of a living person 100
Music The syllabus is divided into three parts Vocal, Instrumental and Tabla. Candidates need to choose one of them 70
Physical Education The theory paper is divided into two sections A and B. Candidates are required to answer five questions out of seven from Section A, each carrying 8 marks. Section B is based on questions on major games in the syllabus. 70
Environmental Science Compulsory short questions answer and other questions are based on human beings and nature, Population and Conservation Ecology and monitoring population 70

ICSE Full Form- FAQs

1.     Which is better CBSE or ICSE?

CBSE is better if you plan to study engineering and qualify entrance exam as the syllabus for both is similar. If you plan to study abroad, ICSE is a better option that will help you to crack exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

2.     Is the syllabus of ICSE too hard?

The syllabus is in-depth and lengthy so students might find the syllabus to be hard.

3.    Who runs ICSE board?

ICSE board is governed by the ICSE Council.

4.    Has ICSE Cancelled exam?

Yes ICSE canceled the Board Exams for 2021 due to the on-going pandemic in the country.

5.    Is ICSE good for IIT?

Board of Education won’t matter if you are determined to crack an entrance exam. But surely the syllabus of JEE is different from ICSE. You can consider joining CBSE after your Class 10 boards from ICSE.

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