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Computer Parts Name, Images, Drawing for kids

Computer Parts Name

Computer Parts Name: A computer device is composed of a number of components that aid in its efficient processing and operation. The computer is made up of five fundamental Computer Parts Name that make data processing simple and practical.

In this article, we’ll talk about the fundamental Computer Parts Name and how they work. Additionally, in the section below this article, there are sample questions based on this idea for applicants studying Computer Parts Name knowledge for future competitive tests.

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Parts of Computer Name

The parts of a computer system are, by definition, the essential pieces that enable an electronic device to perform more quickly and smoothly. There are five fundamental Part of computer elements, including:

  1. Input Unit (Keyword, Mouse, joystick)
  2. Output Unit (Monitor, Printer, Scanner)
  3. Memory Unit ( CPU)
  4. Control Unit ( Motherboard)
  5. Arithmetical and Logical Unit (ALU)

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Parts of Computer

A mechanical or electronic device that stores, retrieves, and manipulates data is called a computer. Based on the commands and input data supplied by users, it can automatically carry out mathematical operations or logical functions. Information submitted by users is referred to as input data in this context. The instructions make reference to the codes or programs, and the input data might be either words or integers.

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Parts of Computers and Their Functions

Below we have discussed all the parts of the computer and their functions

Parts of Computer for Input Unit

Only when a command is delivered to a computer will it answer. The input unit or the input devices can be used to issue these commands.

For instance, we can type text into a notepad using a keyboard, and the computer will process the data and display the results on the screen.

The entered data may take the shape of letters, numbers, or graphics, among other things. We enter the data via an input device, the processing units translate it into computer-understandable languages, and finally, a human-understandable language is obtained as the output.

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Parts of Computer for Output Unit

When we tell a computer to do anything, it responds by going back and giving us the outcome. Output is the name of this outcome. The computer is connected to a variety of output devices. A monitor is among the most elementary. Everything that we type on the keyboard or click with the mouse is seen on the monitor.

Thus, after all, the processing is completed inside a device’s mechanism, the output unit provides us with the final outcome.

For instance, when we use an ATM, we enter our information—such as our language preference, pin number, desired withdrawal amount, etc.—and the money that is eventually released by the cash dispenser is the result. The cash dispenser serves as an output unit in this scenario.

Parts of Computer for Memory Unit

Using an input device, we can enter data into a computer, which is instantaneously saved in the memory of the central processing unit (CPU). Due to some pre-existing code, the Memory Unit sends the information on to the other CPU components.

Similarly to this, before the output is given to the user after the computer has processed our command, it is saved in the memory unit.

Parts of Computer for Control Unit

This is the central component that controls how the computer system operates as a whole. One of the most important parts of the computer system, it.

The data entered through the input unit is collected by the control unit, which then sends it for processing, receives the result, and displays it to the user. It can be referred to as the hub of all processing operations occurring within a computer device.

In essence, the Control Unit handles all of the instructions received, data interpretation, signaling for data execution, and data retrieval.


Parts of Computer for Arithmetical and Logical Unit (ALU)

The CPU’s Arithmetic and Logical Unit performs all mathematical calculations and arithmetic operations, as the name implies.

It can also carry out tasks like data comparison and decision-making. The ALU consists of circuits that can be used to do computations based on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other numerical operations.

The main Part of Computer is Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Any computer device’s central processing unit serves as its brain. It consists of the three previously mentioned major computer components:

  • Control Unit
  • Memory Unit
  • Arithmetic and Logical

These three components, which are all parts of the CPU, work together to facilitate effective data processing. No action can be carried out by a device without the execution and consent of the Central Processing Unit, commonly referred to as the “Brain of the Computer.”

The system, a close-knit circuit comparison microprocessor, aids in data retrieval and shows the user the most appropriate findings. The CPU is the computer’s primary processing unit as a result.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that a computer’s various components affect its overall programming and performance. This is because a computer is a complex and intricately made device using circuits and wires.

Other Important Parts of Computer


The motherboard of a computer is the circuit board that houses both entry-level and top-of-the-line chipsets. The motherboard’s circuitry is what powers a computer’s operation. One of a computer’s key components, the motherboard is also referred to as the printed circuit board. All computer systems, whether general-purpose or extensible, contain it. The motherboard houses all of a computer’s primary electronic parts, including the central processor, interface ports, and memory controllers. The motherboard is where the peripheral parts, such as sound cards, hard drives, interface cards, network cards, video cards, and cards for additional USB slots, are mounted.


The volatile memory of a computer is referred to as Random Access Memory or RAM. The chapter on the components of computers for youngsters covers this subject quite frequently. It is referred to as the computer’s primary memory. One of a computer’s key components, RAM holds the operating system, application software, and data that is now in use. Reading and writing data into RAM both happen more quickly. As a result, a computer’s CPU can quickly access the information kept in the Random Access Memory. As was already said, RAM is volatile, meaning that when the computer is turned off, all of the data stored inside is lost. Therefore, the operating system and other programs are loaded from the hard drive into RAM each time the computer is restarted. Additionally, because RAM is less capacious than a hard drive, data can be stored in microchips. For instance, a hard drive can hold 10 TB of data, whereas RAM can only hold 8 GB of data.

Parts of Computer Drawing

Computer Parts Name, Images, Drawing for kids_40.1

Parts of Computer Images

Computer Parts Name, Images, Drawing for kids_50.1
Computer Monitor
Computer Parts Name, Images, Drawing for kids_60.1
Keyboard and Mouse
Computer Parts Name, Images, Drawing for kids_70.1
Central Processing Unit- CPU


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Parts of the Computer for Kids- QNAs

Que. What are the 5 basic parts of a computer?

Ans. The 5 basic parts of the computer are

  1. Input Unit
  2. Output Unit
  3. Memory Unit
  4. Control Unit
  5. Arithmetical and Logical Unit

Que. What are the main parts of a computer?

Ans. Computer hardware includes the physical parts of a computer, such as a case, central processing unit (CPU), monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, graphics card, sound card, speakers, and motherboard.

Que. What is a computer?

Ans. A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information or data.

Que. What are the 4 types of computers?

Ans. Mainframe computer. Minicomputer. Workstation. PC (Personal Computer).

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What are the 5 basic parts of a computer?

The 5 basic parts of the computer are

Input Unit
Output Unit
Memory Unit
Control Unit
Arithmetical and Logical Unit

What are the main parts of a computer?

Computer hardware includes the physical parts of a computer, such as a case, central processing unit (CPU), monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, graphics card, sound card, speakers, and motherboard.

What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information or data.

What are the 4 types of computers?

Mainframe computer. Minicomputer. Workstation. PC (Personal Computer).

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