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National Game of India- Official Name is Hockey in 2022

National Game Of India

National Game of India: National sports highlight the relevance and significance of sports to citizens while encouraging individuals to be physically active. A nation’s population understands and participates in sports differently when that nation has a designated national sport.

National Game Of India 2022- History

In 1925, the Indian Hockey Federation was founded. In New Zealand, where they played 21 matches and won 18, drew 2, and lost 1 of them, the Indians made their debut in international hockey. Despite the fact that hockey is not India’s national sport, this triumph helped India’s hockey team stand out among other countries.

Many Indians took up hockey as a result of this victory over New Zealand. The sport of hockey enjoyed considerable popularity between 1928 and 1956. The golden era in Indian sports history occurred during this time, when India won six straight gold medals at the Olympic games.Despite the fact that hockey is not India’s national sport, the hockey team there did incredibly well. Below is a summary of India’s Olympic hockey accomplishments. The majority of Indians now perceive hockey to be their national sport as a result of these outstanding accomplishments.

National Game of India- Official Name

Nation Game of India is To represent India’s national character and legacy, India’s government has chosen various government of India various national symbols. For instance, India’s national animal is the tiger.

Similarly, if someone asks what the national game of India is, the most likely response is hockey. However, according to the United Youth Ministry, India does not have a national sport.

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What Prevents India From Having A National Sport?

A teacher from a school in the Maharashtra region of Dhule asked the government in 2020 to certify whether hockey was formally recognised as the national sport of India. The Ministry of Youth Sports responded, “The government has not designated any sport or game as a national sport, as the government’s goal is to promote all popular sports.”

National Game of India- Official Name is Hockey

One of the oldest games is hockey, which the Indian Hockey Federation sanctioned in 1925. India’s first international hockey tour consisted of 21 games versus New Zealand, with India winning 18 of them. These victories elevated the Indian hockey squad and inspired hockey among Indians. From 1928 through 1956, hockey was very popular. India won six consecutive gold medals at the Olympic Games during this time, which was regarded as a golden era. For this reason, hockey was regarded as India’s national sport.

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National Game of India- Importance

Though India doesn’t have any national sport, the national sport holds much importance; they are:

  • A nation’s national sport encourages physical activity. It emphasizes the importance and worth of sports to the general public.
  • The country’s national sport has an impact on how its people perceive and engage in it.
  • Above all, it strengthens the nation’s identity, just like every other national symbol.

National Game of India- Achievements of the Indian Hockey Team 

At the Olympics India has given the world some of the greatest field hockey players, including the illustrious Dhyan Chand, Balbir Singh Senior, and Dhanraj Pillai.

Let us look at some of the achievements of the Indian Hockey Team:

Venue/Olympics Name Year Achievements
Amsterdam Olympics 1928 Gold Medal
Los Angeles Olympics 1932 Gold Medal
Berlin Olympics 1936 Gold Medal
London Olympics 1948 Gold Medal
Helsinki Olympics 1952 Gold Medal
Melbourne Olympics 1956 Gold Medal
Rome Olympics 1960 Silver Medal
Tokyo Olympics 1964 Gold Medal
Mexico City Olympics 1968 Bronze Medal
Munich Olympics 1972 Bronze Medal
Montreal Olympics 1976 7th Position
Moscow Olympics 1980 Gold Medal
Los Angeles Olympics 1984 5th Position
Seoul Olympics 1988 5th Position
Barcelona Olympics 1992 6th Position
Atlanta Olympics 1996 8th Position
Sydney Olympics 2000 7th Position
Athens Olympics 2004 7th Position
Beijing Olympics 2008 Did Not Qualify
London Olympics 2012 12th Position
Rio Olympics 2016 8th position
Tokyo Olympics 2021 Bronze Medal


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National Game of India- Official Name is Hockey in 2022- FAQs 

Question 1 What will India’s national sport be in 2022?

Ans. Indians jokingly refer to hockey as their national sport due to its enormous popularity. But there isn’t a recognised national sport in India.


Question 2 The Indian hockey team won how many gold medals at the Olympics?

Ans. At the Olympic Games so far, the Indian hockey team has taken home eight gold medals.


Question 3 Who is considered as founding Indian hockey?

Ans. The three-time Olympic gold medalist in hockey, Dhyan Chand, is revered as the founding father of Indian hockey, and his birthday is observed as National Sports Day in India.

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