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How To Utilize Your Time For Entrance Exams In Class 11?

How To Utilize Your Time For Entrance In Class 11?

Preparing for the entrance exams is not an easy task at all. Entrance exams require a great level of preparation as they are the prestigious exams that help the students to grant admission to their desired colleges. A student must therefore prepare well and in advance for the entrance exam they are going to give after their class 12th. 

What Are Entrance Exams?

Many educational institutions have entrance exams to choose students for enrollment in a particular stream, class, or honour. Through these admission tests, the abilities of students in numerous professions are assessed. The highly competitive character of these exams teaches students how to handle competition they will encounter in the future. For admittance into a variety of streams, including management, medical, engineering, legal, finance & accounts, hospitality, arts & design, government services, information and technology, etc., entrance tests are held in India at both the national and state levels. Students are accepted into the best colleges if they pass these exams. 

Most Common Types Of Entrance Exams After Class 12th


  • NEET
  • JEE Main
  • IPM 
  • CLAT
  • JEE Advanced
  • NIFT

Why To Prepare For Entrance Exams In 11th Class ?

It is advised that students should prepare for their entrance exams that they are going to give after their class 12th in their class 11th only. This is because class 12th is a board exam class and board exam requires much preparation. Also, students have to keep their focus right on the board exam. If they keep preparing for the 12th board exam and entrance exam simultaneously then preparation for both the exams will not be done satisfactory. Therefore its better to utilise your class 11 for entrance exams preparation.


As of now CLAT exam this year help before the 12th board exam. So, students preparing well in advance from class 11 got a benefit of this. They were not much stress about their preparation for CLAT exam.  


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Advantages Of Preparing For Entrance Exams In Class 11th?

Preparing for entrance exams in class 11th means preparing early for the entrance exam going to held after your class 12th. Here are the advantages of this early preparation:-

1. Aid With Concept Comprehension

The fact that early learning preparation develops ideas and procedures is another important advantage. The fundamental idea normally only requires a short amount of time to read and comprehend, but once you have, you will be able to quickly and accurately answer every question in the entrance exams.

2. Maintain a Competitive Edge

Early preparation for your own entrance examinations gives you the opportunity to keep one step ahead of the competition, which is to your benefit. You must always be one step ahead of everyone because entrance examinations are given to pupils who are fiercely competitive and strive very hard to be eliminated.

3. Solving Tests

Start your preparation early so you have plenty of time to complete practise exams and review previous year’s question papers. You can adequately review all of your subjects this way, and you can also plan your time effectively.

Tips & Tricks To Crack Entrance Exams

  1. Time Management:- One of the key components to passing an entrance exam is time management. This is true for both the study plan and actually finishing the paper. The schedule for the drafting studies would be really useful and reasonable. Additionally, working through sample papers and practise tests can guarantee that you have effective time management techniques by the time your exams begin.


  1. Create a reading habit: Developing a reading habit, whether it be for a newspaper, fiction, book, biography, or case study, is the first trick to passing an entrance exam. However, reading a newspaper would be most helpful because it will teach you modern business vocabulary. The greatest option would be a reputable English daily with excellent editorial. With time, this will also improve your reading, reasoning, analytical, and comprehensive skills. Learn at least 10 new words each day and include them in your vocabulary. Adhere to this strictly!


  1. Establish a conceptual framework: Start by understanding the fundamentals, or simple principles, then work your way up to more complex and challenging subjects. Read the current affairs completely, especially the sections on data sufficiency and general knowledge. For reading comprehension, try the Economic Times, fiction, business case studies, and the Wren & Martin grammar book.

Entrance Exams Scope In India

Standards of selection have become possible as a result of entrance tests. Candidate selection used to be done using a variety of techniques. However, a standardised exam is now the basis on which all candidates are judged.


A team of experts prepares each exam, evaluating a variety of variables to determine the exam. A team of professionals manages every step, from publishing the notice to choosing the centres and creating the question to publishing the results.


An entrance exam is given to candidates in order to evaluate their knowledge, aptitude, mental agility, presence of mind, and other qualities. Every entrance exam, whether it is at the state or national level, follows a specific exam format.

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How To Utilize Your Time For Entrance In Class 11- FAQs

Ques 1. Do entrance tests really need to be taken?

Ans. Even for admittance into all varieties of professional programs, one must pass the entrance exam.


Ques 2. How do Toppers prepare for difficult exams?

Ans. To be effective throughout the study period that follows, all top students typically have some form of routines like meditation or exercise.

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Do entrance tests really need to be taken?

Even for admittance into all varieties of professional programmes, one must pass the entrance exam.

How do Toppers prepare for difficult exams?

To be effective throughout the study period that follows, all top students typically have some form of routine like meditation or exercise.

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