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Career in Gaming: Turn Your Love For Gaming Into A Career

Turn Your Love For Gaming Into A Career in India


For many, gaming is a great hobby, but imagine if you could turn that passion into your dream job?


Despite what many people may believe, the market for video games will top $65.49 billion this year. The lucrative business is expected to continue expanding, and as a result, gaming occupations are becoming more well-known.

It makes reasonable that a person who spends a lot of time playing video games would want to make money off of it or perhaps get engaged in its development. Informative college classes and programmes open up many career options, but not all of them require a degree for entry-level employment.


Working in the gaming industry is probably the ultimate dream job for gamers. It’s not the kind of dream that must remain that way, though.

There are so many different job possibilities in the gaming industry, including game development, user experience (UX), and even founding your own gaming business.

Sound ambivalent? Maybe, but Louise Leolin did exactly that.


Together with her partner Christian Lovdal, Leolin co-founded the independent video game 

development studio DinoByte Labs in London. This, she said, “has really moulded how DinoByte Labs has developed. I often say I’m a gamer first and a game creator second.”


Leolin has experience in UX, so she constantly keeps that in mind when thinking about how to provide players the greatest possible gaming experience. Leolin is involved in every aspect of the little business, from game creation to sound engineering.

A career in gaming felt like an obvious decision for Leolin because she has been a gamer since she was four, but entrepreneurship also ran in her family. “When I was young, my mother began her own business, and seeing it succeed was a great inspiration for me. I already knew then that I wouldn’t be limited to merely considering a standard professional path.”


It is hardly surprising given how quickly the gaming business is developing that Leolin’s gaming profession had to change to keep up with her environment. “Gaming has gone absolutely mainstream since I was a child. Back then, it was somewhat of a specialised activity. Nowadays, practically everyone plays video games, even if they are unaware of it, especially with cellphones, she said.

“Our sector is expanding quickly, and the increasing demand results in a growing and altering workforce, particularly during the past five years.”

Gaming Towards India

Even though many Indians didn’t believe that the gaming sector would expand globally, it is expanding in the country. In truth, the industry and its consumer base have advanced past the days when people occasionally played video games on cassettes. We now have immersive action, audio, VFX, and storyline in video games that frequently create experiences that are similar to those in motion pictures. One of the major businesses that is currently creating a variety of career prospects is gaming, which India cannot afford to ignore. According to the IBEF research, the sector is anticipated to add 10,000–12,000 employment by 2023. Due to the fact that studios are actively seeking individuals with the necessary abilities and a passion for gaming, those who are eager to get into this flourishing business have a number of promising chances. For instance, Sumo India is presently hiring for around 50 positions across its sites in Bangalore and Pune.

Support From The Government

Even the government, which this year’s Union Budget announced the establishment of a new task group known as the “AVGC,” firmly supports the Indian gambling industry. This new task force has been established to meet the demand for animation, visual effects, video games, and the comic book industry on a global scale. As a result, Indian firms in the area will be able to explore at least 5% of the $800 million market and annually add new jobs. A national AVGC policy will be framed, a national curriculum framework for graduation, postgraduate, and doctoral courses in AVGC-related sectors will be established, skill-building initiatives will be developed in collaboration with academic institutions, and employment opportunities will be increased under this campaign. 


In this method, the Indian AVGC market’s position in the world markets will be improved. With this move, the government is taking yet another step toward acknowledging the gaming industry’s enormous growth potential and its capacity to create jobs while promoting game franchises developed under the “Make in India” initiative on a worldwide scale.

Pursuing Gaming As A Career Prospect

In the gaming industry, there are many different career paths to consider, and India is no exception.As programmers, programming roles are crucial and greatly contribute to the creation of games. Learning C++ is a computer language that can lead to potential employment gaming sector prospects, including our studios


Your prospects of finding employment can be improved if you have a solid educational background. However, as most gaming businesses use coding tests and technical rounds as part of the recruitment process to assess candidates’ potential, the coding language skills and aptitude can prove to be crucial in securing the position.

The graphical portion of video games is handled by artists. They play key roles in the gaming industry, specialising in 3D, idea, or UI subcategories. They frequently build a portfolio and post it on sites like Artstation and Behance.


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Gaming Career opportunities

1. Designer

It can be difficult to narrow down just what someone may imagine when they think of a game designer. Designers have many responsibilities, and depending on the studio they work for, they may handle the majority of the work from several departments or only concentrate on one. Despite how generic this role can be, many players aspire to have it.


A game designer frequently develops the ideas, characters, and plotlines of the game. They essentially use their ideas to breathe life into the game. Many designers begin their careers as level designers, who are only responsible for one area. Full-fledged game designers must demonstrate strong leadership qualities and the capacity to delegate work to others.


Although level designers can be found through their work in game modding, you probably need a college degree to become a game designer. You can anticipate earning about $90,000 a year.

2. Tester

You’ll be overjoyed to find that you can make money playing video games if it is something you enjoy doing all day. Finding errors and defects is a major focus of game testers’ work in quality assurance. Testers may feel under pressure to find every conceivable issue since they are the last stop between conception and delivery to gamers.


A specialised technical degree is not required to work as a game tester. Many people enter the game development industry as quality assurance testers before moving on to other positions. Because testers are not always needed, the pay for this profession fluctuates, and you’ll probably find it as contract employment.

3. Programmer/Developer

If playing video games is something you enjoy doing all day, you’ll be thrilled to learn that you can make money from them. The main objective of game testers’ work in quality assurance is to find faults and defects. Due to the fact that they are the final stop before a game is delivered to players, testers may feel under pressure to uncover every potential problem.


Working as a game tester does not require a specialised technical degree. Before going on to other professions, many people start out in the video game development industry as quality assurance testers. The compensation for this occupation fluctuates because testers aren’t constantly needed, and contract work is most likely available.

4. Writer

The game’s narrative is the main emphasis of the writers. In order to make the experience more immersive, these duties also involve character development, writing the main storyline and side quests, and polishing the world’s lore.

A bigger studio might have a writing staff on staff, but smaller ones might use freelancers. To become a writer, you don’t need a degree, and the pay ranges widely, making it difficult to forecast. But if you work on a hit game, you might make more than six figures.

5. Artist/Animator

On creating the game’s visual elements is an artist. They’ll probably work through the entire process, which might include storyboarding and producing renders, from conception to completion. You may make about $76,000 a year if you decide to pursue art as your gaming career.

6. Audio Engineer

A game’s atmosphere is created by music. To create an immersive environment, the music and sound design must be flawless. Although an audio engineering degree may not be required, you should still anticipate having a lot of experience before working on anything substantial. Due to the fact that they frequently manage several projects at once, audio engineers can be employed on a contract basis. If you enjoy listening to music, you might want to think about creating the atmosphere for a new video game.

7. Producer

Daily and overall management of the developer team is done by the producer. They might be in charge of budgeting and handling finances, thus math prowess is a must. Producers make sure everyone is contributing their fair share and take every possible step to lighten everyone else’s workload. Earning a degree or beginning as a game tester and working your way up will give you the best chance of landing this gaming career. Although it might be significantly higher, the annual income for this position is about $80,000 on average.


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Professional Gamers Salary

According to market trends, game developers and designers with two to three years of experience can make up to Rs 5 to 7 lakh annually. Depending on your knowledge and expertise, this can change dramatically. Also, there are many chances for independent contractors. Based on domestic or international assignments, freelancers can also make between Rs 10 and 15 lakh per year.


The current generation has a tonne of options to make money just by playing straightforward smartphone games.


Too many apps are currently hot, including MPL, BingoBaazi, Poker, and numerous others.

Nowadays, playing video games professionally is like their line of work.

They all play games while also making money by LIVE streaming on YouTube.

The news regarding PUBG that a team in INDIA has won a whopping 3 Million INR for being the victorious squad in PUBG Battle.


Level up Your Gaming Passion

Even the most casual gamers may have a desire of working in the gaming industry. There is a job in gaming for everyone, with options for those who are creative, technical, and business-minded. You’re going to find a spot in this industry where you belong, even if it might take a lot of time and effort.


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Career in Gaming- FAQs

Question 1 What does a professional gamer make?

Ans. Indian professional gamer salaries.In India, a professional gamer has an average annual pay of 21,517 rupees.


Question 2 What are the top 3 best career opportunities in gaming?

Ans. What are the Career opportunities in the Gaming Industry

  • Gaming as a profession
  • Games Designer
  • Software developer and Game Programmer.


Question 3 What skills are needed for gaming industry?

Ans. Key skills for video game developers

  • Creativity.
  • A passion for video games.
  • Wide-ranging knowledge of gaming trends.
  • Strong analytical frame of mind.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Proficiency in programming languages, such as C# and C+

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What does a professional gamer make?

Indian professional gamer salaries.In India, a professional gamer has an average annual pay of 21,517 rupees.

What are the top 3 best career opportunities in gaming?

What are the Career opportunities in the Gaming Industry
Gaming as a profession
Games Designer
Software developer and Game Programmer.

What skills are needed for gaming industry?

Key skills for video game developers
A passion for video games.
Wide-ranging knowledge of gaming trends.
Strong analytical frame of mind.
Ability to work as part of a team.
Proficiency in programming languages, such as C# and C+

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