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Diya Decoration Ideas- Paper Diya Decoration Competition at Home & School

Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali: Diwali is a celebration cherished not only in India but throughout the world. Along with puja, we celebrated Diwali with numerous creative activities such as Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali, rangoli competitions, and more. If you are also taking part in such a Diya-making competition, we have the ideal resolve for you.

Diya Decoration

Here’s an image of a beautifully decorated diya, featuring intricate designs and vibrant colors. The traditional Indian motifs and the warm glow of the lit wick create a special ambiance.

Diya Decoration
Diya Decoration

Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Everyone age group of people enjoys Diwali. This holiday elicits a wide range of emotions, some of which are happy, some of which are sad, and some of which are our fabrication when we are unable to celebrate a wonderful event. In commemoration of the victory of good over evil and light over darkness, Diwali is observed. This is why diyas are such an important Diwali symbol, and the general emphasis on lights is so strong. Diyas are used everywhere during Diwali celebrations; you will find them in every home and corner celebrating this auspicious event. Check out many Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali in this post to learn how to decorate diyas and win easily.

Diya Decoration Competition

As we all know, Diwali celebrates the triumph of light over darkness. Diya competitions are competitions in which many individuals, primarily students, compete to adorn their diyas with their best diya design ideas. The competition is won by the most visually appealing and appealing diya decoration. Above all, this type of competition improves children’s creativity. So, let’s focus on the lightweight and get started creating some good-looking Diyas for the home or competition.

Color Diya Decoration Ideas at Home

Diya competitions are also an important aspect of the culture, as they promote festive spirit and healthy competitiveness. There are no rules for selecting a color for the diya decoration. However, most individuals like bright colors such as yellow, red, pink, and blue. If you refer to the below image, you will comprehend the color selections that you must make.

Example – To make an attractive combination, choose items and pieces in yellow, red, orange, green, and violet if your diya has a black body hue.

Use the image below to choose which colour will look best with which colour as the backdrop.

Diya Decoration Ideas- Paper Diya Decoration Competition at Home & School -_4.1

Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without diya decoration. Here are some easy diya decorating and painting ideas for the holiday season:

Painting Diya by hand 

If you enjoy color, now is the time to put your artistic skills to use and hand paints the diyas that will be used to decorate your home during Diwali. You can embellish them with kundan (colored stones). You can also decorate your diyas with glitter.

Diya Decoration Ideas- Paper Diya Decoration Competition at Home & School -_5.1

Paper Diyas Decoration Ideas

Paper diyas are another environmentally responsible option to beautify your home with diyas.

Diya Decoration Ideas- Paper Diya Decoration Competition at Home & School -_6.1

Diyas made of seashells

If you saved sea shells from your previous beach trip, now is the time to put them to good use. Pour molten wax into them to create diyas.

Diya Decoration Ideas- Paper Diya Decoration Competition at Home & School -_7.1

Rangoli Diya

As the name implies, for Hindi-style diya decoration, we will employ stunning and vibrant rangoli on the floor. Next, we will arrange our beautifully made diyas in strategic locations that you would find pleasing. This type of diya decoration concept will require more and more of your own imagination. Draw the rangoli design on paper first, then consider where you would place the Diya. Make sure you have already decided on the colours you will use to build the rangoli.

Diya Decoration Ideas- Paper Diya Decoration Competition at Home & School -_8.1

Diya using plastic spoons

Collect used plastic spoons and turn them into a stylish diya holder.

Diya Decoration Ideas- Paper Diya Decoration Competition at Home & School -_9.1

Diya with a colorful design

Simply take your creativity to the next level by coloring the diya in multiple colors rather than just one.

Diya Decoration Ideas- Paper Diya Decoration Competition at Home & School -_10.1

Diyas wrapped in bangles

Make a tealight candle holder by connecting bangles into a cylinder form.

Diya Decoration Ideas- Paper Diya Decoration Competition at Home & School -_11.1

Diwali Diya in the shape of a leaf 

This is a Diya pattern in which you shape your Diyas into leaves. These diyas look fantastic and are quite popular among children.

Diya Decoration Ideas- Paper Diya Decoration Competition at Home & School -_12.1

Diya Decoration Ideas for Competition

Many groups in India believe that the lights from this diya will be showing them during their lives. The size of the diya varies by culture, but it is often used as an auspicious item to signify specific events or occasions, such as Diwali, Navratri, and so on. Diwali is quickly approaching, and the holiday mood is alive and well. Let us now create our own beautiful diyas.

Ideas for painted diyas

Let us talk about beautiful diya decor ideas for the competition and your home this Diwali.

  • Easy Stone Diyas Utilising Colour Blocks –

As the name implies, this Diya is one solid color with colorful stones inserted into it. This is a low-cost diya decoration concept that you can accomplish in a short period while sitting at home.

How do you make this Diya?

  1. Before we begin the steps, we should soak the raw and simple diyas in water for a few hours. This will aid the process because it will preserve the paint for a longer period one diya.
  2. You may produce this type of diya design in quantity because it is simple and takes little time.
  3. then, paint the entire diya in a single hue of your choice. Remember to choose your hues carefully because certain colours will clash with the backdrop colour.
  4. Then, use glue to adhere those stones to the border layers of Diya. This will only enhance the Diya’s attractiveness.
  5. You should go slowly because you don’t want to destroy the design. But don’t worry too much about it because it’s extremely simple and, in any case, the diya will look much nicer than the one that’s simple without the design.
  6. Following that, give Diya some time to fully dry off the adhesive. Finally, after only a few minutes of work, you have created a simple Diya design.
  • Diyas with two different body hues/colors –
  1. The next Diya design is also really basic. In this style, we simply cover the entire inside body of the diya in a single hue of our choosing.
  2. we are covering the entire outside body of the diya with a color of our choice that will fit us.
  3. The following step is similar to the prior diya decor idea. Except for having two colors on the Diya structure, you must follow all of the same stages as mentioned above.
  4. You can also use a third shade to tint the edges of the diya. This will enhance the already amazing DIYA’s appearance.


Diya Decoration Ideas for Home

Ideas for Paper diya decorations

We will use paper to implement these diya decoration ideas for the competition.

  • Lotus Structured Diya-

This is the type of Diya design in which you take paper and draw a Lotus pattern on it before cutting it out in the shape of a lotus. Then you’ll put your well-constructed Diya in the centre of it. That’s it; you’re done. With the paper, you can create as many different designs as you desire. You simply need to apply your own creativity to the various designs that most inspire you.

Here are some additional ideas for making Diyas out of paper:

  • diya in the shape of a star
  • A brightly coloured flower-shaped diya
  • A round-shaped diya with a dot in the center that represents an eye on the forehead of an Indian God or Goddess.

Diya Design Using Various Materials

  • Mirrored Diya Design

The most frequent approach to embellish a diya is with a mirror. Mirrors are regarded as auspicious in most countries and provide as an additional source of light during puja.

To get ready for the competition, decorate your diya with some of your favorite items, such as:

  • floral garlands made with crystals
  • cards from family or friends with blessings
  • photographs of the winners or participants


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