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What Are the Magic Circle Law Firms?

Magic Circle Law Firms

These are the Magic Circle Law Firms:

  • Allen & Overy
  • Clifford Chance
  • Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
  • Linklaters
  • Slaughter And May


The five most prestigious international law firms with London offices are known colloquially as “The Magic Circle,” and they consistently beat the other London law firms in terms of profitability. Additionally, the most renowned barristers’ chambers in London have been referred to by this title. The majority of the “Magic Circle” law firms’ and barristers’ practise areas is corporate law. Their clientele, revenue per attorney, revenue per partner, and the number of attorneys they employ are just a few of the criteria that contribute to their top standing in a cutthroat field. A-list corporate clients, sparkling names on their CVs, top grads, and good training are all promises made by the companies with this unique, informal moniker, according to Laura Paddison of The Guardian.

  • Allen & Overy

A&O has over 40 offices worldwide, making it a truly global company. It focuses on assisting successful companies to expand, innovate, and rule their sectors. It aspires to be the most innovative legal firm in the world and fosters a culture that values and encourages innovation. It tops the charts in a variety of practise areas but is renowned for its excellent transactional work. A career at A&O will undoubtedly result in exposure to and work abroad.

  • Clifford Chance

This company is for you if you’re interested in managing a multinational corporation. The company is renowned for its outstanding work in corporate, banking, and financial sectors worldwide. It positions itself as being at the top of the legal industry.

The company has demonstrated a high degree of adaptability to shifting business situations and has essentially set the bar in the legal sector. A career with this company will mould you into a next-generation attorney by giving you the abilities that are in great demand for the most complex and advanced legal work.

  • Freshfields

For hundreds of years, Freshfields, as it is commonly known, has influenced the growth of the legal sector and business. It supports the most effective and ethical business practises of the largest corporations in the world. While you explore the complexities of commercial law, a career at Freshfields will be difficult and gratifying. You will have many of opportunity to pursue jobs and legal specialties that interest you because the business is quite accommodating when it comes to teaching its junior employees.

  • Linklaters

Among global companies, this one may have one of the most recognisable brands. It is a massive transaction company with significant international operations that goes far beyond the UK. The company has a reputation for empowering its staff through enjoyable and mentally taxing work.

Through its global capabilities, Linklaters provides quality, enabling the company to have a wide range of devoted clients. The company places a strong emphasis on assisting its junior employees by fostering a welcoming environment. You will work in a flexible setting where you will be advised to succeed in the human resources field first.

  • Slaughter And May

The company presents itself as a major participant who strives for greatness through teamwork. The company has an elite international clientele despite having fewer offices than its rivals. All employee levels at Slaughter and May have access to expertise.

Everybody’s input is cherished, acknowledged, and honoured. Working for Slaughters’ will help you become a multi-jurisdictional attorney with a focus on cross-border transactions. Your forward-thinking and creative business attitude will advance you in the legal sector.

What Is The Origin Of The Term “Magic Circle”?

The “Club of Nine” gave rise to the Magic Circle companies in the late 1990s. Lovells, Herbert Smith, Norton Rose, and Stephenson Harwood were members of the Club of Nine. The Club of Nine, however, was dissolved in 2000.


The phrase “Magic Circle” was “coined by a legal journal and applied to firms which were exceptionally strong in corporate or international work,” according to Henry Raine, former investment banker and corporate partner at Herbert Smith Freehills.

What Abilities Do Magic Circle Companies Seek?

Whether your goal is to succeed Jessica Pearson or Harvey Specter or to land a position in one of the most renowned companies in the world, you should hone the following skills:


  • Develop your communication and teamwork abilities.
  • Display your determination, enthusiasm, and will to succeed.
  • possess commercial legal awareness
  • possess knowledge of the specific legal practice’s business aspects.
  • Show outstanding detail-orientation.
  • demonstrate effective time management.
  • possess a good academic record
  • Show that you are a person with ambition.

What Are the Magic Circle Law Firms?- Types Of Work

Although these organisations are undoubtedly at the top of the legal industry, they are not the most well-known in all industries. The primary areas of focus for each of these organisations is transactional work, with a particular emphasis on banking, capital markets, and corporate activity. Even their legal practise has a strong focus on such industries. Their employment, tax, real estate, and other teams assist the teams in charge of the transaction work.


Magic circle companies unquestionably predominate in their niche markets and frequently rank at the top. The companies take on high-profile projects and are firmly established as the major actors in the commercial world. As a result, the work done by the circle is of a very high calibre. They make global transactions worth billions of pounds possible, which is the stuff of dreams for some ambitious lawyers!

Magic Circle Law Firms: Salary

Law Firm Trainee Solicitor Salary Newly Qualified Lawyer Salary Equity Partner Salary Yearly Bonus
Allen & Overy £55,000 £107,500 Over £1.8m Yes
Clifford Chance £55,000 £107,500 Over £1.8m Yes
Freshfields £55,000 £100,000 Over £1.9m Yes
Linklaters £55,000 £107,500 Over £1.8m Yes
Slaughter and May £55,000 £107,500 Over £1.9m Yes


Connection To The Silver Circle

The Magic Circle’s major rivals in the UK are the Silver Circle, which is an informal moniker for the supposedly elite corporate legal firms with UK headquarters. The Lawyer magazine first used the phrase in 2005 as a rejoinder to the phrase Magic Circle. These companies routinely have average profits per equity partner (PEP) and average revenue per lawyer (RPL) that are substantially above the UK average while having a smaller turnover than the Magic Circle members (and, in some instances, higher than members of the Magic Circle). There is no Golden Circle, despite what the name Silver Circle may imply.

What Are the Magic Circle Law Firms?- FAQs

Ques 1. Do law firms from the Magic Circle consider levels?

Ans. They are looking for those who have proven they are willing to put in the time, put up with the tedious work, and are self-motivated. Thirdly, because there are so many applications, most employers search for simple filters like A level grades.


Ques 2. How many magic circle firms exist?

Ans. Five prestigious law firms in London have a collective name and specialise on corporate and financial activities.


Ques 3. Why is magic circle a name for law firms?

Ans. It appears to be a word used to describe the top City firms, and it contains some reality.


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