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Formal Letter Format, Example, For Class 10 in School

Format of Formal Letter

A formal letter is one that is written in an organized and standard manner that adheres to a certain structure. The formal letters are exclusively written for official purposes only we can’t use formal letters for family and friends. The formal letter can be written to managers, employees, teachers, HR, schools, and colleges. To write a formal letter one must follow the rules, the format of formal letter, and conventions. Furthermore, the language used in the letters should be quite professional and easily understandable, one must not use jargon words while writing formal letters. The structure provided will aid in conveying the letter’s content in a formal manner. Writing a resignation letter to the company’s management and mentioning the cause for quitting the job in a formal letter is an example of a format of formal letter.

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Formal Letters Format Types

Here we have discussed the different types of formal letters Formats in detail:

  1. Experience Letter
  2. Offer Letter
  3. Business Letters
  4. Official Letters
  5. Appointment Letters
  6. Social letter
  7. Circular letter
  8. Invitation letter
  9. Leave Letter
  10. Resignation letter
  11. Complaint Letter
  12. Letters of Application
  13. Letters to Newspapers

Formal Letter Format: How to Write a Formal Letter?

The detailed steps to write a formal letter are given below. Make use you use all the tips listed below to make your formal letter effective. 

Address of Sender: The address of the sender is often displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the letter. If the recipient of the letter intends to contact the sender for future communication, the address should be complete and precise.

Date: The address of the sender must be followed by the date, which is located directly below it, on the right side of the letter. The sender must write the date on the day when the letter is being written. 

Address of Reciever: Write the address of the receiver on the left side of the letter. Starting address with “To” above the address completely depends upon the preference of the writer. The first line of the receiver’s address must include the receiver’s official title/name/position, etc.

The subject of the letter: Write colon just after the subject then write the complete subject in a single line. This allows the recipient to focus on the subject in a single glance.

Salutation: The salutations are Sir and Madam. Remember that this is an official letter, so the salutation should be respectful and not overly personal. In formal letters, the typical salutation is “Sir” or “Maam.”If you know the person’s name, you can write their name after Sir or Madam but keep in mind that you cannot address them just by their first name. It must be their whole name or just their surname.

Body of the letter: The body of the formal letter is its major part. The body of the letter can be divided into three paragraphs and if it’s shorter you can write in two paragraphs. The purpose of the letter should be stated in the opening paragraph. The content’s tone should be official. Make no use of fancy words. Another thing to remember is that the letter should be brief and to the point. And, regardless of the content of your letter, always use professional language.

Closing of the letter: We write a complimentary closing at the end of your letter. As a complimentary closing, we can write phrases like “Yours Faithfully” or “Yours Sincerely” on the right side of the letter. 

Signature: Your name (in block letters) and designation should be below your signature. 

Formal Letter Format Class 10 Example

Letter to the Editor of News Paper 

Geeta Bhavan

Ramtekari Road,

Indore 458220

10th June 2021

The Editor

Economics Times  


Subject: Fill the potholes on LIG Nagar.


I would like to bring to your notice that the people in and around LIG Nagar are facing issues while travelling on two-wheeler and four-wheeler. There are many potholes on the road of LIG Nagar which can be the reason for future accidents. We have requested to Municipality but did not get a positive response so far. 

To save people from road accidents, we need to government to pay attention to this issue. I request you to highlight this issue in your newspaper so people will get aware of it and also the municipality of the local area will take strict action against this issue. 

Thank You

Yours sincerely,


Ranveer Gupta


Letter Format or Format of Letter

Standard letter format in English Letter is given below.

[Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State, ZIP Code] [Date]

[Recipient’s Name] [Recipient’s Address] [City, State, ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

[Opening Paragraph] In this section, you can start the letter with a greeting and a brief introduction or purpose of the letter. For example, if it’s a formal letter, you might say, “I am writing to inquire about…” or “I am writing to express my gratitude for…”

[Body Paragraphs] This is where you provide the main content of your letter. You can have multiple paragraphs to explain your message, provide details, or make your case. Be clear and concise in your writing. Use paragraphs to separate different points or ideas.

[Closing Paragraph] In the closing paragraph, you can summarize the main points of your letter and reiterate your purpose. You might also express appreciation or offer further assistance if applicable.

[Complimentary Close] End the letter with a polite closing such as “Sincerely,” “Yours faithfully,” or “Best regards,” followed by a comma.

[Your Name (again)] Below the closing, leave some space and then type your name. If it’s a formal letter, you can also include your job title or affiliation.

[Enclosures] If you are including any additional documents with the letter, mention them here.

[CC: (if applicable)] If you are sending copies of the letter to other individuals, list their names below “CC:.”

Formal letter Format for Appointment letter

An appointment letter is a document issued by an employer to tell selected candidates that they have been hired for a certain job in their organisation. It legally binds the candidate to the corporation and confirms that he agrees to the company’s conditions in return for a specified sum. An ’employment letter’ is another name for this sort of appointment letter. This is the one about business. Furthermore, you may have seen another form of appointment, the doctor’s appointment. The doctor’s appointment letter consists of a schedule of meetings, it may have written about your disease and some basic details.  

Formal letter Format for Business Letters

Business letters should be brief, to the point, and concise. There must be no place to form any story in business letters. There are a few things you must consider before beginning to create a business letter. These tips are listed below:

  1. When responding to a business letter, always include the date of the letter. 
  2. Instead of complicated words, use basic and ordinary language to express the information effectively. 
  3. When writing a letter to order products, be sure to provide clear and specific descriptions of the items needed, as well as the desired quality and quantity.
  4.  Avoid using abbreviations while writing business letters. 
  5. The manners of address differ depending on the type of letter and the recipient.

Formal Letter Format in Hindi

एक औपचारिक पत्र वह होता है जो एक संगठित और मानक तरीके से लिखा जाता है जो एक निश्चित संरचना का पालन करता है। औपचारिक पत्र विशेष रूप से आधिकारिक उद्देश्यों के लिए लिखे जाते हैं केवल हम परिवार और दोस्तों के लिए औपचारिक पत्रों का उपयोग नहीं कर सकते हैं। औपचारिक पत्र प्रबंधकों, कर्मचारियों, शिक्षकों, मानव संसाधन, स्कूलों और कॉलेजों को लिखा जा सकता है। औपचारिक पत्र लिखने के लिए नियमों और परंपराओं का पालन करना चाहिए। इसके अलावा, अक्षरों में इस्तेमाल की जाने वाली भाषा काफी पेशेवर और आसानी से समझ में आने वाली होनी चाहिए, औपचारिक पत्र लिखते समय शब्दजाल शब्दों का प्रयोग नहीं करना चाहिए। प्रदान की गई संरचना औपचारिक तरीके से पत्र की सामग्री को संप्रेषित करने में सहायता करेगी। कंपनी के प्रबंधन को इस्तीफा पत्र लिखना और औपचारिक पत्र में नौकरी छोड़ने के कारण का उल्लेख करना औपचारिक पत्र का एक उदाहरण है।

यहां हमने विभिन्न प्रकार के औपचारिक पत्रों पर विस्तार से चर्चा की है:

*अनुभव पत्र
*प्रस्ताव पत्र
*व्यावसायिक पत्र
*आधिकारिक पत्र
*नियुक्ति पत्र
*सामाजिक पत्र
*घुमावदार पत्र
*निमंत्रण पत्र
*पत्र छोड़ दो
*इस्तीफा पत्र
*शिकायती पत्र
*आवेदन के शब्द
*समाचार पत्रों को पत्र

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How do I write a formal letter?

We have given a structure and discussed these structures in brief. The writer can write an effective formal letter using the structure and tips given on this page.

What is the formal letter?

A formal letter is one that is written in an organized and standard manner that adheres to a certain structure. The formal letters are exclusively written for official purposes only we can’t use formal letters for family and friends.

What are the types of formal letters?

The types of formal letters are listed below:

Experience Letter
Offer Letter
Business Letters
Official Letters
Appointment Letters
Social letter
Circular letter
Invitation letter
Leave Letter
Resignation letter
Complaint Letter
Letters of Application
Letters to Newspapers