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Career In Robotics in India 2022

Step Into The Future With A Career In Robotics

Have you ever appreciated films like Iron Man and Robot for reasons other than pure entertainment value? Did you leave those movies wanting to build your own incredibly fantastic machines? If so, you might want to think about pursuing a career in robotics! Robotics requires a strong interest in mathematics and physics, but you must also improve your programming, analytical, and creative thinking skills. These abilities would be necessary if you wanted to design and build systems that streamline operations and minimize human participation. Many new opportunities exist in robotics nowadays due to the development of technology and automation in practically every sector of the economy.

Career In Robotics: What Do You Mean By Robotics?

The science of building robots is called robotics. It is a multidisciplinary discipline where technology, engineering, and computer science all come together. Robotics professionals concentrate on creating, maintaining, using, and applying robots in a wide range of contexts.


The field of robotics has traditionally focused on developing machines that can carry out routine or simple operations at scale or operate in dangerous environments where people would be unable to.


Career In Robotics: India’s Importance And The Potential Of Robotics

In India, robots have a broad and diverse use. Most critically, though, it is expanding. Electronics, nuclear physics, medical science, biomedicine, and other fields use robotics technology. Robotics are also in high demand in the manufacturing sector since they can speed up operations and cut down on human error. Robotics has uses in the manufacturing (including ceramics, chemicals, rubber, and plastic), automotive, mechanical, communication, food, and home appliances sectors.

Career In Robotics: Why Do Robotics?

In addition to interest or curiosity, there must be something extremely captivating and engaging in choosing this field. Robotics is ideal for engineers who want to work in a non-traditional industry. The difficulties present the need for constant creativity and mental wracking. This could look quite captivating to a select few people on edge. Robotics opens up a lot of doors because it is interdisciplinary. Robotics engineers and scientists are both possible professions. Even data analytics can be selected as a career if one has the right skill set for the field of robotics.


Despite being a big and complicated field, robotics occasionally inspires curiosity. It will keep surprising you and introduce new technology that will make our lives easier thanks to robots. However, it is also comparable to a career that requires a steady flow of new information.


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Career In Robotics: Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s Programme

  • To be eligible to apply for this course, a candidate must have passed the equivalent of the 10+2 exam in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • Additionally, through lateral entry, students who have earned a diploma in robotics technology or automation technology may apply for this course.
  • Candidates will be eligible if they received a minimum of a 55 percent overall score in PCM/PCB.
  • To be admitted to the robotics engineering programme, students must meet these requirements in addition to appearing in entrance exams.


Master’s Programme

  • Candidates for master’s degree programmes (ME/M.Tech) must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering (B.E./B.Tech) or a related field.
  • You can enrol in the M.Tech programme if you have a B.Tech or BE in electronics, mechanical, electrical, computer science and engineering, instrumentation and control engineering, or electrical and electronics engineering.


Career In Robotics: Admission Process

The enrollment process varies from college to college and/or state to state for this subject. To be admitted to a B.Tech Robotics Engineering programme, the majority of universities demand that applicants pass an entrance exam.


Candidates who are taking or have finished the 10+2 exam or an equivalent test are eligible to take these admission exams.

 Admission Tests

  • JEE Main 
  • JEE Advanced 
  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)
  • Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Exam (UPSEE)

Career In Robotics: Top Colleges Offering Robotics Course

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai
  • Bharath University, Tamil Nadu
  • Desh Bhagat Singh Engineering College 
  • Aurora Group of Institutions, Hyderabad
  • The Neotia University, Kolkata
  • Chandigarh University
  • BITS, Hyderabad 


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Career In Robotics: Job Prospects

1. Programmer Of Robotics

The primary responsibilities of a robotics programmer include developing and validating the automation process, configuring the software, and integrating it with robotics technology. Artificial intelligence specialists with experience in robotic programming are in great demand since automated robotic systems are considered the future of robotics technology.

2. Robotics Engineer

Engineers specializing in robotics create, assemble, and program robots using their electrical and mechanical engineering knowledge. They use computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems to develop and build robotic systems.

3. Robotics Technician

A robotics technician locates and resolves any problems with the equipment’s functionality. They support robotics engineers and are in charge of testing and programming the systems to get the most out of them. Maintenance of the robotic systems and instruction of others in using and managing robotic equipment may be additional work responsibilities.


Other job profiles include those for software developers, sales engineers, and robot operations. Robotics is the future of work and has a lot to offer.

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Career In Robotics: FAQs

Ques 1. What educational opportunities are there to study robotics?

Ans. Numerous colleges and universities throughout the world offer undergraduate robotics engineering B. Tech or BS courses, and postgraduate M.Tech or M.S. robotics engineering courses. In addition, there are several prospects in the field of robotics for graduates in mechanical, electrical, and computer science.


Ques 2. Are robot engineers wealthy?

Ans. Yes, being a robotics engineer pays well. The typical compensation for a robotics engineer in India is between 1.8 and 7.2 lakh rupees per year.


Ques 3. What do you mean by Robotics?

Ans. Electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering are all used in robotics, an interdisciplinary field of science, to design, build, configure, and operate robots.


Ques 4. Why will robotics be crucial in the future?

Ans. Humans no longer need to perform hazardous jobs because robots can work in those conditions.

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