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Bhagat Singh- Photo, Birthday, Image

Bhagat Singh

In May 1927, Bhagat Singh was arrested by the British Police, as it was assumed that Bhagat Singh was the one involved in the Bombings that took place in the city of Lahore. But Later on, he was released from prison on a surety. Bhagat Singh was also the editor/writer of the Kirti, the official journal of the Kirti Kisan Party. The Kirti Kisan Party was created majorly by the Laborers and Farmers during the Pre-Independence Era. Bhagat Singh was hanged by the British on 23 March 1931, at the age of 23. He is given the title of Shaheed, for his contribution to the fight for an Independent India. Also, Shaheed Bhagat Singh is credited with popularizing “Inquilab Zindabad ” which was very famous during the Pre Independence Days. The Dream that Bhagat Singh and other Freedom Fighters had seen, that of an Independent India has now come true.  

Bhagat Singh Birthday 

Bhagat Singh’s Birthday is on 27th September 1907. Bhagat Singh was born in the village of Bhangra in the Lyallpur district of Punjab in British India, which is modern-day Pakistan. He was born to Vidyavati and Kishan Singh Sandu. Bhagat Singh had lived his childhood and completed his studies in Lahore, Punjab. Bhagat Singh was a highly influential figure in his college days, he was famous among the youth. Bhagat Singh also wrote for newspapers in the Punjabi and Urdu Language. Bhagat Singh was a Revolutionary leader in the Freedom Struggle of India. Bhagat Singh was hanged by the Britishers when he was just 23 years of age, as he was convicted of the Murder of John Saunders. Bhagat Singh is often referred to as the Shaheed-e-Azam, which means a Great Martyr. Bhagat Singh’s Birthday is also celebrated widely across the nation. Bhagat Singh’s Birthday is special as on this day years ago India got one of its revolutionary freedom fighters.

Bhagat Singh Photo

The above picture is Bhagat Singh Photo. Bhagat Singh ran away from his house when he was asked by his parents to marry. He instead said that if he was married in British India as a slave his wife would only be Death. He then went on to join the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association. Bhagat Singh Photo was also used by many young freedom fighters as a source of inspiration. Not many Bhagat Singh photos are available as during those days cameras were not normal as are now. As Bhagat Singh had a great following amongst the youth he made this catchphrase quite popular among them. Bhagat Singh’s heroics in the fight for an Independent India can never be forgotten. He will go down in the History Books as one of the most influential Revolutionary Leaders to ever have participated in the Struggle for Freedom.

Bhagat Singh- Photo, Birthday, Image_40.1

Bhagat Singh Image

On 7th October 1930, The tribunal where the case Bhagat Singh was being tried on, being accused of Murder of John Saunders and Chanan Singh delivered its verdict in a 300 pages judgement containing all the evidence, thus holding Bhagat Singh and his counterparts guilty of the murder of John Saunders. All the Accused were sentenced to Death by Hanging. Bhagat Singh Image was not available so a lot of paintings show the Bhagat Singh Image.

During the Pre Independence Era, the Bhagat Singh Image was used by many as a source of inspiration. On the 24th of March 1931, Bhagat Singh was set to be hanged to death. The Schedule was however changed and some of the accused were hanged on 24th March at 7;30 pm in the Lahore Jail. The Bhagat Singh Image can nowadays be found at many government offices and Public Department and Police Station. Along with Images of other Freedom Fighters, Bhagat Singh Image is also present in various government offices.

There was a lot of Criticism of the Hanging of Bhagat Singh. The Supreme Court described it as contrary to the fundamental doctrine of Criminal Jurisprudence. It is also learnt that he had asked the Britishers to shoot him instead of Hanging him. However, this was not accepted by the Britishers who had hanged him. While he was being hanged he had a smile on his face. Bhagat Singh Image is also printed in various books.

Bhagat Singh- Photo, Birthday, Image_50.1

Shaheed Bhargat Singh (भगत सिंह)

To avenge Lala Lajpat Rai’s Death, Shaheed  Bhagat Singh along with his counterparts from the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association, Shivaram Rajguru, Sukhdev Thapar and Chandrasekhar Azad planned to kill the Superintendent of Police, Mr Scott. However, due to mistaken identity instead of Mr Scott, They killed John Saunders. After killing Jon Saunders,  Shaheed Bhagat Singh and his counterparts were escaping from the DAV College Entrance Gate, where a Police Constable by the name of Chanan Singh was chasing them. And he was shot dead by him. 

Shaheed Bhagat Singh had also depicted the heroics of Auguste Valliant, by bombing the Central Legislative Assembly, The reason for the bombings was to protest against the Public Safety Bill and Trade Dispute Bill. In April of 1929, two bombs were thrown in the Central Assembly while it was still in session. The intention of throwing these bombs was not to kill those in the Central Assembly, however, some members did get injured. There was smoke all around in the Central Assembly which could have been helpful for  Shaheed Bhagat Singh to escape but he stayed there instead shouting “Inquilab Zindabad”. 

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Shaheed Bhagat Singh (भगत सिंह)- Birthday, Photo, Image- FAQs

Q 1. When and where was Bhagat Singh born?

Bhagat Singh was born on 27th September 1907 in the Banga Village of Lyallpur District of Punjab, which is now in Pakistan. He was born to Vidyavati and Kishan Singh Sandhu.

Q 2. Who made the ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ slogan famous?

Shaheed Bhagat Singh was the one who made the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad” famous, he was a popular name amongst the Youth. Shaheed Bhagat Singh was the one who made this slogan quite famous. Even after combating the Central Assembly, he raised the slogan Inquilab Zindabad.

Q 3. When was Bhagat Singh hanged?

Bhagat Singh was hanged by the British Government in the Lahore Jail on the 24th of March,1931 at a small age of 23 years. When he was hanged he had a smile on his face. He is often called Shaheed Bhagat Singh and after his death, many young people decided to join the freedom struggle against the British Government.

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