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What’s your child’s learning style?

Various types of learning methods are seen in children. Parents must focus on their child’s learning and grabbing power, a regular check is a key to understand the learning style of their ward. There is four learning style which generally children adopts:

  • Visual: This learning style includes visual activities and children enjoy a book with illustrations, graphs, maps, and photos by which they can catch the concept fastly.
  • Reading/writing: Children often use this style for learning by writing and reading.
  • Kinesthetic: Physical activists, hand-on activities keep a child enthusiastic and fun learner and this helps them to learn numerous things.
  • Auditory: Auditory learning is an enhanced way of learning, children using this method of learning frequently sings or hums the lessons, poems and learns verbally.

Some children learn in a combination way but usually adopt one basic style which helps them. Parents should concentrate on their child’s understanding and remembering power by adopting this concept parents can know their child’s ability and learning style. Parents can choose effective study methods by which they can complement the strengths of their children rather than work against them.

How to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary

A survey has been conducted recently from almost 800 secondary schools which revealed a fact that states: Many children are leaving primary schools with a vocabulary that’s inadequate for their age.

Vocabularies play a vital role for many specific reasons either it’s in the study area, public speaking, and many more. Out of 10, there are only 4 people who have limited vocabulary which affects their learning according to a recent study. Parents should understand the concept that good vocabulary not only matters in the classroom but it also matters out of the classroom.  Children are empowered by words that make sense and help them to understand things around the world.

There are some important points that can help parents to equip their children with a vocabulary that will make their ward succeed:

  • Read together

Parents should make time for their children and ask them to read together for better understanding and fluency.

  • Play word games

Word games can help your children learn new words and they will eventually have great catching power.

  • Write for pleasure

Children are sometimes turned off writing by being made to write about things that don’t interest them at school.

Try to counter this by encouraging your child to write for pleasure on any subject that enthuses them. ‘Don’t correct their writing – just let them write for the sake of it,’ Alice says. ‘It’s been proven that children who enjoy writing are seven times more likely to write at the expected level for their age.’

  • Play together

Play together with your children this will be a fun learning session for them.

  • Introduce word blanks

Introducing word blanks will make them think about the word which is missing.

  • Make conversation a priority

How to Improve Your Child’s Verbal Communication

The basic requirement or the most important component in improving your child’s verbal communication is talking. Parents have to focus on their time management and make some spare time for their kids, they should talk to them about various topics, games, and many more activities. Parents are considered the first teacher of their child and we all know if roots are strong then the tree is stronger. The same goes for parents’ guidance for their children, they are their primary teachers!  There are some following points parents can adopt to improve their child’s verbal communication:


By this point, it is not only stuck at reading books to your children but you can read the back of child’s packet food, signs on the street, comics, storybooks, and many other contents. Your child will get more exposure to speech sounds, language modules, and structures and from this act, the impact on your child will be stronger which will help them.

Be a good model

You have to be your child’s role model as well as a good speaking model. You have to be attentive enough about your speaking and language skills to build your child’s strong speech and language skills. Parents must talk slightly above child’s level to implore their communication skills.

No Over Correction

Overcorrection will play a negative role in their learning period. You have to give freedom to your child as they will grasp based on their potential. Don’t be harsh towards them for not catching the things you’ve been teaching. It will put a great negative impact on their psychology.


You need to give time to your child to catch the things you’ve taught don’t just chimp before they complete their sentence or words. A good rule of thumb is to wait 5-10 seconds for your child to answer. It gives your child time to process what they want to say. This can also prevent or diminish

Less time on TV

You should be aware enough about your child’s TV time, you should reduce their tv time because it will help them expand their learning skills, imagination and constantly strengthen their language/communication skill.


You should repeat words often in front of your child as it will help them revise the word and they will learn via this method.


Try to draw conclusions from the words you teach or sentences so it will help your child to remember things through conclusions.

Various methods can be adopted to teach or improve your child’s communication skills, some are mentioned above that how you can improve a child’s skills and improve their habits.

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