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 What is the aim of Physical Education?


What is the main aim of Physical Education?

The main aim of physical education is to spread awareness about the physical body. It enhances the knowledge of a student regarding physical safety. Physical Education is made compulsory in few schools so that students realize the importance of physical body. Physical education includes training, sports, and games, apart from the theoretical part. Read the article to know more about the aim of Physical Education..

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What is the aim of Physical education: Main Points

  • Father of Physical education is Friedrich Jahn.
  • Helps an individual to be fit and healthy in daily life.
  • Promotes leadership and team spirit
  • Teaches the basics of physical education

Let’s find out what is physical education and is it important only for students or adults as well? This is a detailed article that covers almost all aspects one can have in physical education.

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What is the aim of Physical Education: Father of Physical Education

Do you know who the father of physical education is? Without him, we wouldn’t know about physical education. The father of physical education is Friedrich Jahn. He was a teacher in the early 1800s, who began teaching physical education to the students in the school for which he was working.

He taught the importance of physical education to all the students and is thus known as the father of physical education. His immense contribution to the field of physical education can never be forgotten.
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What is Aim and Purpose of Physical Education

Physical education is training given to the students related to physical activities that help to keep the students fit. The students are trained for competitions and special practice sessions are arranged for students who want to compete in sports.

Physical Education develops a student’s ability and confidence to take part in physical activities. Central Board of Secondary Education included it as an integral part of the academic syllabus.


What is Aim of Physical education for Class 8-11?

The main goal of practicing and promoting physical education is to develop literate individuals who have the proper skills and knowledge to enjoy a lifetime of healthy activities physically. Once they complete the required training the individuals can continue doing the activities without the need for professional trainers.

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What is aim of Physical education?

The basic Concept of Physical education is to provide instructions regarding the development and self-care of the body which includes training ranging from basic hygiene to management of the diet. This leads an individual to know what exactly they are doing and why they are doing so. This enhances their knowledge in the field of physical education.

The importance of Physical Education for Class 12 can be summarized in four points. The points are

  • Physical Development
  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Mental development

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What is the aim of Physical Education: Areas

There are mainly their areas of Physical education. Three of them have been listed below.

  • Teaching necessary Body Management Skills will lead the students to inculcate the true values.
  • Promoting Physical Education as a fun activity that students will enjoy doing
  • The third and one of the most important points is to develop team spirit, sportsmanship attitude, and cooperating with the other members of a team in a sport.

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What is the aim and advantages of Physical Education?

There are a lot of advantages to physical education. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Improves the fitness level of an individual
  • Promotes self-discipline
  • Stress Reduction
  • Educates one to respect the opinions of the team members
  • Leadership skills are developed faster on sportsmen as compared to regular people.


What is aim and component of Physical education?

The five different components of physical education are:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance.
  • Muscular Strength.
  • Muscular endurance.
  • Emotional Development.
  • Body Composition.


FAQs on What is the aim of Physical Education?

Why is the advantage of physical education?

The main advantages of physical education are stated below.

  • Helps an individual to be fit and healthy in daily life.
  • Promotes leadership and team spirit

What are the 2 major components of physical education?

Two major components of physical education are specific fitness and general fitness.

Who was the first PE teacher?

Charles Beck was the first PE Teacher.

Why do we need physical education?

We need physical education to know the importance and safety of the physical body. It makes us aware of how our body functions and responds to different situations.

Is physical education a hard subject to score marks in?

No, physical education is not a hard subject to score marks in.

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