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NCERT Solutions Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 8 The Hack Driver

NCERT Solutions Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 8 The Hack Driver

American author Sinclair Lewis is credited with writing the story. This is a funny story about a very naïve young lawyer. He travels to a village to serve Oliver Lutkins with a summons. He meets someone at the train station who introduces himself as Bill. Bill claimed to be familiar with everyone in the community and made a commitment to look for a lawyer in Lutkins. He travels with the attorney, visits numerous locations, and robs him of a sizable sum of money. They searched for a while, but they were unable to locate Lutkins. The lawyer learned that the hack driver was Lutkins the following day when he visited the village with a colleague. Everyone, except the lawyer, was laughing at him, and he felt ashamed of himself.

NCERT Solutions Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 8 The Hack Driver: Video Explanation

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NCERT Solutions Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 8 The Hack Driver

NCERT Solutions Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 8 The Hack Driver: Solved Textbook Questions

Question 1. Why is the lawyer sent to New Mullion? What does he first think about the place?

Answer: To serve Oliver Lutkins with a summons, the attorney is dispatched to New Mullion. Although he had disregarded all mailings from the law firm, Lutkins was required as a witness in a legal proceeding. New Mullion, in his opinion, would be a charming and uncomplicated rural community.

Question 2. Who befriends him? Where does he take him?

Answer: Bill Magnuson befriends the attorney and introduces himself as a station delivery worker. Bill informs him that Lutkins is incredibly challenging to apprehend. Then he suggests that they go to the locations where Lutkins frequently frequents in order to assist him. Before taking him to Lutkins’ mother’s farm, he first takes him to Fritz’s shop, where Lutkins is known to play poker, then to Gustaf’s shop, Gray’s shop, the poolroom, and many other locations.

Question 3. What does he say about Lutkins?

Answer: He claims that Lutkins is difficult to catch and is constantly up to mischief. Many people owed money to Lutkins, who never paid them back. Lutkins is an avid poker player. Bill also informs the attorney that Lutkins is an expert liar.

Read and Find Out (Page No. 50)

Question 1. What more does Bill say about Lutkins and his family?

Answer: Bill claims to be familiar with Lutkins’ mother. She is a terror, according to him. He related the story of the time he had delivered a trunk to her farm, and she nearly tore off his skin because he had not handled the trunk with the same care as he would have handled a box of eggs. She was roughly nine feet tall and four feet thick, according to him. She spoke a lot and spoke quite quickly.

He added that Lutkins must have heard that they were pursuing him and had come to hide behind his mother’s skirts as a result.

Question 2. Does the narrator serve the summons that day?

Answer: No, the narrator is not able to serve the summons that day.

Question 3. Who is Lutkins?

Answer: The hack driver, Bill Magnuson, himself is Lutkins. He deceives the lawyer the entire day so as to avoid receiving the summons from him to be a witness.

Think About It

Question 1. When the lawyer reached New Mullion, did ‘Bill’ know that he was looking for Lutkins? When do you think Bill came up with his plan for fooling the lawyer?

Answer: ‘Bill’ in New Mullion was unaware that the attorney was searching for Lutkins when he arrived there. By speaking with the attorney and confiding in him, he discovered it.

As soon as Bill realised the attorney was looking out for Lutkins and didn’t know Lutkins by name, he devised a scheme to fool the attorney.

Question 2. Lutkins openly takes the lawyer all over the village. How is it that no one lets out the secret? (Hint: Notice that the hack driver asks the lawyer to keep out of sight behind him when they go into Fritz’s.) Can you find other such subtle ways in which Lutkins manipulates the tour?

Answer: Nobody knows the secret as Lutkins publicly shows the lawyer around the village. At first, he forbids the lawyer from speaking with villagers. He is the one who approaches them every time. He continually warns the lawyer about Lutkins’ mother and exposes how dishonest Lutkins is. Along with his mother, the villagers help Lutkins fool the lawyer.

Question 3. Why do you think Lutkins’ neighbours were anxious to meet the lawyer?

Answer: Because they were the only ones who did not get to meet the lawyer after being duped by Lutkins for a full day, Lutkins’ neighbours were eager to meet him. Everyone else in the village had seen Lutkins trick the attorney.

Question 4. After his first day’s experience with the hack driver, the lawyer thinks of returning to New Mullion to practice law. Do you think he would have reconsidered this idea after his second visit?

Answer: No, I doubt he would have given this proposal much thought after his second visit. He had a favourable first impression of the residents of New Mullion. Bill, he reasoned, was so kind and helpful to a stranger, so surely the rest of the townspeople would be as well.

He learns that ‘Bill’ tricked him for the entire day on his second visit to New Mullion. He continued to look for Lutkins alongside Lutkins. He had become amusing to the villagers at this point. He would never consider returning to New Mullions.

Question 5. Do you think the lawyer was gullible? How could he have avoided being taken for a ride?

Answer: Yes, the lawyer was an inexperienced and credulous man. He had a number of options to prevent being played off of and taken for a ride. He could have made an effort to learn what Lutkins, the witness he was looking for, looks like. Instead of believing one individual who seemed unusually nice to be a complete stranger to the lawyer, he could have spoken to other persons at the station and questioned them about Lutkins. Additionally, he ought to have questioned Lutkins about his whereabouts while visiting the locations where Lutkins spends most of his time.

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