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CA Salary in India Per Month

CA Salary in India: An initial CA salary in India is INR 5 Lakhs Per annum. The CA Salary in India is determined by his work profile and the organization that hires him. If you have an understanding of the basics of Commerce and a fondness for maths, as well as a thorough comprehension of courses such as Accountancy, Economics, Taxation, Law, Business Studies, and so on, you are in a great position to become a Chartered Accountant (CA). In order to qualify as a CA, individuals must first complete CA courses at one of India’s top CA colleges. CA Entrance Exams are used to determine admission to various top Indian colleges. In this post, Discover CA Salary in India based on experience, companies – private / Government & more.

CA Salary in India

With significant experience and yearly raises and promotions, a CA salary in India can reach INR 80 LPA – 2 Crores. A CA’s role is to perform audits, file taxes, and develop business plans for the companies for which they work. CAs are not just limited to private offices, but they also have the option to operate in a variety of public sector areas. If you work for the government, you will have set hours and less stress. However, if you are a CA working for a multinational corporation, you might make more. Even though government jobs may not pay well, the benefits of a CA are excellent. CAs are also employed by individuals to manage their own money.

CA Salary in India Per Month – Based on Company

CA Salary in India varies according to position and experience. Several global corporations, including Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG, Deloitte, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Google, and American Express, have their headquarters in India. Being hired by these companies gives a lot of weight to the résumé. Experienced individuals might earn a fantastic package that includes different perks in addition to their compensation.

CA Salary in India – Based on Company
Name of the Company
Reliance Industries Ltd
₹ 25 lakhs
Deloitte ₹15-36 lakhs
HUL ₹16-30 lakhs
KPMG ₹ 13-32 lakhs
Aditya Birla Sun Life
₹13-35 lakhs
ICICI ₹12-27 lakhs
ITC ₹14-25 lakhs
Tata ₹14-22lakhs
Bharti Airtel ₹ 11-22 lakhs
SBI ₹ 7-17lakhs

CA Salary in India Private / Government

A CA does not only work for private companies; they additionally operate for numerous government agencies. They can work for a variety of organizations, including ministries and banks. The average CA Salary in India in various public and private sector businesses is listed below.

CA salary in India Private Comapanies
Job Profile
Average Annual Salary (INR)
State Bank of India 7 L – 18 L
SAIL 8 L – 14 L
GAIL 7 L – 17 L
Ministry of Finance 6 L – 15 L


CA Salary in Government Companies
Job Profile
Average Annual Salary (INR)
KPMG 4 L – 7 L
ICICI Bank 6 L – 8 L
Reliance Industries 6.80 L – 9 L

CA Salary in India for Freshers

The ICAI offers employment to newly qualified CAs twice a year, immediately following the publication of the CA-Final Examination results. Given the current situation, it will be held virtually for the initial time in August-September 2020. The need for a CA increased by 37% in this recruitment, as did the CA Salary in India; 2.923 jobs were available, with an annual salary of INR 8.9 lakhs. It should be remembered that placement is given first to rank holders, those who passed the exam on the first try, and then to those who have not taken the exams many times.

The table below shows the increase in demand and CA salary in India from 2018 to 2020. The upward trend in demand for CA in India and an increase in CA salary may be easily understood with the aid of the table.

CA salary in India for Freshers
Year Month Aspirants Number of Jobs on Offer Number of Jobs allotted Lowest Salary
Highest Salary Domestic
2018 Feb-Mar 3442 1473 1368 1.8 22.3
2019 Feb-Mar 6646 3815 3180 8.4 22.5
2020 Feb-Mar 9272 2923 899 8.91 23.28

CA Salary – Based on Experience

The employing organizations place a high value on a CA’s years of experience. CA pay in India is INR 30 Lakhs per year for those with at least 10 years of experience. The CA Salary in India will be determined by the number of years he has worked, the type of work he performed in those years, and the companies he was employed for.

CA salary in India – Based on Experience
Years of Experience
Average Annual Salary (INR)
0-5 years 7 L
5-10 years 12 L
10-15 years 20 L
15-20 years 24 L
20 years & above 37 L & above

CA Salary in India- Based on Designation

CAs are assigned to different designations and employment tasks based on their expertise. The greater amount of expertise a CA has, the higher the designation that will be awarded to them. For your convenience, the CA Salary in India by designation is listed below.

CA Salary in India – Based on Designation
Job Profile of a CA
Average CA Salary per annum
Finance Officer
30-35 lakh
Account Executive
20-25 lakh
Accountant 20-25 lakh
Finance Controller
18-19 lakh
Finance Manager
9-10 lakh
Chartered Accountant
7-7.25 lakh
Financial Analyst
5-6 lakh
Assistant account manager
4-5 lakh
Senior Account Executive
3-4 lakh
Senior Accountant
3.5 lakh
Business Analyst
3-4 lakh
Account Assistant
1.75-2 lakh

CA Salary in India – Based on CA Skills

The CA Salary in India makes the employment of a CA more desirable. CA’s pay is determined by his abilities. A CA must have financial accounting, budget management, great communication skills, audit, risk administration, strategic management, analytical, and controlling abilities in order to have a high job profile and appealing remuneration.

CA Salary in India – Based on CA Skills
Average Annual Salary (INR)
Budget Management 9.5 L – 11 L
Strategic Accounts 8 L – 8.9 L
Evaluation and Management Auditing 8.5 L – 9 L
Financial Analysis 8 L – 8.9 L
Financial Advisor 8.5 L – 8.8 L
SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling 8.1 L – 8.3 L
Financial Reporting 8 L – 8.4 L
Auditing 7 L- 7.5 L
Account Management 7 L – 7.35 L
Internal Audit
7.25 L – 7.30 L

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