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District Judge Salary Per Month in India- Check Perks, Allowances

Salary of District Judge in India: The salary of district judges is one the most inquired questions by law aspirants in India. Becoming a Judge in India is very competitive and one requires a very high level of logical and analytical skill for this purpose. Because of such a huge position and responsibility, district judges in India are paid handsomely so that they do not face any financial problems that might affect their judgment. As we know, judges are the watchdog of the constitution and play a crucial role in the functioning of a healthy democracy, they are entitled to various perks for this reason. In this article, we will look at the salaries offered to various district judges in India in 2023.

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Salary of District Judge in India

The salary of a district judge in India depends on different factors ranging from the location of the court to the experience of the Judge. The basic annual salary of district judge varies from Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 18 lakhs in India. In the Indian legal system, the district judge plays a crucial function. He or she is responsible for overseeing trial proceedings and making sure that justice is served at the district level. A district judge plays an important role in the functioning of the court at the district level.

Salary of District Judge in India 2023

A district judge’s pay in India might vary based on a number of criteria, such as the state or union territory in which they are appointed and the length of their tenure. Those aspiring to the judiciary often question how much money they will make once they pass the PCS J exam. The 2nd Judiciary Pay Commission states that a JMFC’s base salary falls between INR 77,840 and 1,36,520. All judges chosen through tests in 2023 will be paid based on this pay scale. A person becomes a district judge after getting promotion from the position of a civil judge.

Salary of District Judge in India per Month

The monthly salary of a district judge have been increased after the recommendation of the Supreme Court. One needs exceptional judgement skills and an hones service period to become a district judge at a district court. The latest salary of a district judge in India per month is stated below.

District Judge: Rs. 1,44,840 – Rs. 1,94,660 per month

District Judge-Selection Grade after 5 years of Entry Grade: Rs. 1,63,030 – Rs. 2,19,090 per month

District Judge Super Time Scale – 3yrs after Selection Grade: Rs. 1,99,100- Rs. 2,24,100 per month

Additional District Judge Salary in India

In administrative cases, the District Judge has precedence over the Additional District Judge. The District Judge may delegate to the Additional Judge any of his judicial duties. In India, an additional district judge receives around 12 lakhs to 14.5 lakhs per month. For the sake of law aspirants, the designation-wise salary of a judge in India are stated hereunder.

Designation-Wise Average Salary of Judges in India
Designations Average Annual Salary (INR)
Chief Justice of India 21.47 L – 23 L
Chief Justice of High Court 18.20 L – 20 L
District Judge 15 L – 18 L
Additional District Judge 12 L – 14.5 L
Civil Judge 6.70 L – 8.10 L
Metropolitan Magistrate 4.20 L – 6 L

Salary of a District Judge in India – Experience Wise Salary

It is often said that, with experience we learn new skills and master the art of our job. Well, this saying is true for the legal field too. The majority of the legal profession is experience-based. Since it’s a government position, state governments determine judges’ salaries in district courts, while the Indian government sets the salaries of judges on the High Court and Supreme Court. The number of years of experience also affects a judge’s pay. The experience-wise salary of a district judge in India is given hereunder.

Experience-Wise Average Salary of District Judges in India
Experience Years Average Annual Salary (INR)
0 to 5 years 10 lakhs to 13 lakhs
5 to 10 years 13 lakhs to 15 lakhs
10 to 15 years 15 lakhs to 17 lakhs
15 to 20 years 17 lakhs to 18 lakhs
20 years and above 18 lakhs to 20 lakhs

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Salary of High Court Judge

The high court judges are responsible for the judgement given in the high court of a state or a union territory. A high court is the highest judicial branch of the state. The judge of the High Court has the authority to decide any civil or criminal case in either original or appellate jurisdiction. In addition to supervising the lower court, the judges of the High Court provide advice when selecting District Judges. The salaries of high court judges per month is given below.

Chief Justice of High Court – Rs 2,50,000 per month

Other Judges of High Court – Rs 2,25,000 per month

Salary of District Judge in India – Location Wise Salary

As stated earlier, the salary of a district judge depends on the state or union territory in which the district court is located. When a district judge preside over a district court in a city that the state government has designated as a “Metropolitan area,” he or she is referred to as a “Metropolitan sessions judge.” In all cases, the district court has appellate jurisdiction over lower courts. The city/state-wise salary of a district judge in India is stated below.

Location-Wise Salary of District Judge in India
Location Average Annual Salary (INR)
Delhi 16 lakhs to 19 lakhs
Maharashtra 14.8 lakhs to 17.8 lakhs
West Bengal 14.7 lakhs to 17.7 lakhs
Karnataka 14 lakhs to 17 lakhs
Bihar 13.5 lakhs to 16 lakhs
Telangana 14.2 lakhs to 17.2 lakhs
Haryana 14 lakhs to 17 lakhs
Uttar Pradesh 15.5 lakhs to 17.5 lakhs

Salary of Supreme Court Judge in India

Supreme court is the final court of appeal and every court in the country is subordinate to it. The functioning of the supreme court is supervised by the judges of the supreme court. The supreme court is headed by the Chief Justice of India. The salary of a supreme court judge in India is given below.

Chief Justice of Supreme Court – Rs 2,80,000 per month

Other Judges of Supreme Court – Rs 2,50,000 per month

Salary of a District Judge in India – Perks

Apart from the salary, judges in India gets various perks from the government. Some of the perks available for judges in India, including the district judge, are given below.

Government Residence

A district judge in India gets 2,500 sq. ft. as the plinth area for the residential accommodation.  Every five years, these judicial officers receives a furniture grant of ₹1.25 lakhs, providing they can show proof of purchase. Each year, the state government provides an appropriate amount of money to each judicial officer based on their rank for housing maintenance. Every year, an additional ₹10 lakhs is allotted to the District Judge (DJ) for the general upkeep of the court and the dwellings of officials and personnel. Specialized bungalows (6BHK typically) are given for the Principal DJ (District Judge), Family Judge, and CJMs. However, 5BHK apartments are the minimum if they are unavailable for some reason.


All judicial personnel, from J. Division to DJ level (apart from probationers), are assigned home guards who are not armed. Gunmen and home guards available around-the-clock for judicial officers supervising criminal proceedings, such as ADJs or Family Judge cases. Two gunmen and four or five house armed guards are provided for PDJs and CJM at their residences. When the PDJs and CJMs travel to different locations within their districts for inspections or other official business, the District / Area Police Headquarters also provides escort cars for them.

Personal Assistance

Each judicial officer has an office clerk and a bench clerk assigned to them.
Additionally, one of these two clerks will serve as the judicial officer’s personal assistant (PA). Extra clerks assigned as PA are given to the PDJs, CJMs, and some important judges.


Independent sedan cars are first given to PDJ, Family Judge, CJM, and ADJ.
PDJs are given three cars, while some states specify four: an SUV for official off-road travel, a sedan for the PDJ office, and a fourth automobile for additional official duties. Independent sedan cars are first given to PDJ, Family Judge, CJM, and ADJ.

Water and Electricity Charges

On government expense, the District Judge cadre receives 8000 units of electricity and 420 kiloliters of water annually.

Salary of a District Judge in India – Allowances

A district judge in India are entitled to receive the following allowances.

Telephone and Gadget Allowances

For District Judges, the maximum landline and broadband amount is ₹1500, whereas for Civil Judges, it is ₹1000. District judges may purchase a mobile phone for up to ₹30,000, while civil judges may purchase one for up to ₹20,000. Both can be replaced once every three years.

Medical Allowances

For every judicial official (including district judges), a fixed monthly medical allowance of ₹3,000 is provided. Judicial Officers, including retirees and family pensioners, are entitled to consultations and treatment at private hospitals and pathology labs that have been notified by the government or accredited. They must request reimbursement by presenting their bills in accordance with standard procedure.

Education Allowance

Judicial Officers (including district judges) will receive a Children Education Allowance of ₹2250/-per month and a Hostel Subsidy of ₹6750/-per month, whichever is less. There will be two children up to class XII who can use this service. Judicial Officers are eligible for three advance increments upon obtaining a higher qualification, such as a law degree, and an additional advance increment upon obtaining a doctorate in law.

Special Location Allowance

District Judges posted in Hill areas or Hard Terrains will get a monthly allowance of ₹5,000 . District Judges operating in the insurgency-affected Northeast and the States of Jammu & Kashmir are granted risk allowance at the same amount as Civilian Government personnel stationed there.

Newspaper Allowance

District Judges will receive reimbursement of ₹1000/-for two newspapers and two magazines, while Civil Judges will receive reimbursement of ₹700/-for two newspapers and one magazine.

Other Allowances

District Judges are also eligible for transfer grants, dearness allowances, and robe allowances in addition to the ones already listed above.

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What is known by a District Judge?

A district judge is the person who administers justice at the district level in India. He/she presides over the matter concerning the district court.

What is the average monthly salary of a district judge in India?

After the approval of the 2nd Judiciary Pay Commission, the average monthly salary of a district judge in India is Rs. 1,44,840 – Rs. 1,94,660 per month.

Who receives the highest salary in Judiciary?

The highest salary is received by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India.

Do District Judges receive perks and allowances?

Yes, District Judges, just like any other government officials, receive different perks and allowances like dearness allowance, education allowance, security, etc.

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