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CLAT Marks vs Rank 2024, Check CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor

CLAT 2024 aspirants must understand the dynamics of CLAT rank vs marks 2024 analysis. Candidates can estimate their ranks using the CLAT 2024 Marks Vs Rank technique based on their scores.  Students’ obtained marks will determine their ranks. And applicants’ ranks will determine admission to the top NLUs. The highest scorer of last year received 116.75 marks for undergraduate courses (UG) and 95.25 marks for postgraduate courses (LLM). 75–85 is a good CLAT 2024 score for general category admissions to top NLUs. And in CLAT 2024, a score of 60–70 is considered good for the SC and ST categories.

CLAT Marks vs Rank 2024

A prestigious National Law University (NLU) is the true reward for passing the CLAT Examination with higher marks. The CLAT Marks vs Rank 2024 analysis provides useful information about NLU cutoffs, which can help candidates prepare for the exam. Each year, a minimum score (CLAT cutoff) is required for the counselling and admission process. This cutoff varies depending on the category, such as general, SC, ST, and OBC. Candidates can also use this CLAT marks vs rank comparison to compare their mock test score before exam and estimate their chances of admission.

CLAT Marks vs Rank 2024: Highlights

It is beneficial for candidates to have some understanding of the CLAT marks vs rank 2024. It helps them determine the score they must achieve. Several important points have been highlighted in the CLAT marks vs rank 2024 analysis below. Read these things in detail in the rest of the article.

  • The CLAT exam is worth 120 marks, and the marks earned in CLAT 2024 will determine candidates’ merit ranks, which will be used to make admission.
  • CLAT cutoff 2024 is determined by factors such as a candidate’s score, rank, NLU preferences, category, and seat availability.
  • Top three NLUs – NLSIU Bengaluru, NALSAR Hyderabad, and WBNUJS Kolkata— are the top three NLUs. Candidates must score between 75 and 80 to be admitted to these universities.
  • CLAT cutoffs 2024 are expected to be 95-100 for general and 80-85 for SC/ST/OBC. It could be 80-90 for general and 70-80 for SC/ST/OBC under the new pattern.
  • For the vast majority of law students, NLSIU, Bangalore is the first choice. Last year, approximately 86 of the top 100 rank holders chose this university. CLAT cut-offs for NLSIU are expected to be in the 78-80 range. Therefore, a high score is required to guarantee a spot here.
  • A student must score higher than 68.75 to achieve a rank lower than 2596.
  • In CLAT PG, a score of more than 63 is required for a specific rank.
  • Minimum score required – applicants from the general category who score between 48 and 50% are able to gain admission to at least one of the 24 NLUs taking the CLAT exam.

How can students convert CLAT marks into ranks?-Marks Analysis

The Consortium of National Law Universities publishes detailed CLAT merit lists for both UG and CLAT LLM. This merit list indicates the candidates’ CLAT exam performance through ranks and marks. These rankings are important in selecting candidates for counselling and admission. So the results of the CLAT 2023 exam will be converted into merit ranks.

  • The CLAT Marks Vs Rank comparison investigates the relationship between your scores and the associated rank.
  • Candidates can estimate their ranks based on their scores using this technique.
  • The CLAT Marks Vs Rank analysis, which is based on previous years’ data, assists candidates in understanding how CLAT marks are related to ranks.
  • This analysis also provides useful information about NLU cutoffs, which is useful for candidates preparing for the exam.

Tie-breaker Rule of CLAT 2024

If two or more candidates get the same CLAT score, the rank is assigned in the order listed below.

Step 1: Candidates who score higher in CLAT legal reasoning will be ranked higher.
Step 2: If the tie remains, the candidate’s age will be taken into account, and older candidates will be given a higher rank.
Step 3: If the tie still cannot be broken, automated (by computer) lots will be used to rank the candidates.

CLAT 2024 Marks vs Rank: Cutoff

The CLAT 2024 expected cutoffs are based on a number of variables, including the candidates’ NLU preferences, category, availability of seats, and marks and ranks on the merit list. These expected cutoffs apply to UG and PG courses separately, as well as various categories such as Open, PwD, SC, ST, and OBC.

  • The expected cutoff scores for the CLAT 2024 are 80-90 for general category.
  • CLAT cut off of  70-80 can be expected for SC/ST and OBC categories.
  • The cutoffs for the top five National Law Universities (NLUs) are projected to be higher, ranging from 95-100 in the general category and 80-85 in the SC/ST and OBC categories.

clat 2024 cut off

As the CLAT total marks has changed, It is important to note that, while the NLU rank cutoffs will likely to remain the same, the actual marks will change. The table below demonstrate the CLAT last year’s opening, closing rank and expected cut off of this year.

CLAT marks vs rank 2024 (EXPECTED)
Name of NLU
Last Year’s cut off rank
Expected CLAT marks
Opening rank Closing rank
National Law School of India University 1 114 80+
NALSAR University of Law 25 177 78+
The West Bengal National University of Juridicial Sciences 136 260 75+
NLU Jodhpur 70 383 72+
National Law Institute University, Bhopal 186 463 71+
Gujarat National Law University 147 462 71+
MNLU Mumbai 432 749 70+
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow 325 590 68+
HNLU Raipur 481 805 68+
National Law University, Odisha 504 1207 64+

CLAT Marks vs Rank 2024: Previous Years Trend

CLAT reveals cutoff scores every year for admission to National Law Universities (NLUs). CLAT Marks vs rank of previous years is very useful to know what can be the possible rank of a student. Here we have analysed some previous year’s trends.

  • Many students score less than 100, but those who score 100 or higher are admitted to top NLUs.
  • In recent years, only a few candidates have scored 80% or higher on the CLAT exam. CLAT topper last year received the highest marks of 116.75 out of 150.
  • In previous years, only one or two students received more than 120 points. The best UG CLAT score was 121 out of 150, and the best LLM score was 94.
  • A student must have more than 68.75 points to rank lower than 2596.
  • A CLAT-PG score of more than 63 is required for any particular rank.
  • CLAT cutoffs for 2024 are expected to be 95-100 for general and 80-85 for SC/ST/OBC.
    New 2024 pattern cutoffs: 80-90 for general, 70-80 for SC/ST/OBC.

CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor: Past Years’ Trend of CLAT Rank vs Marks

Previous trends in CLAT Rank vs Marks
Number of Candidates
Score Range Rank Range
1 125-130 1
2 120-125 2-3
2 115-120 4-5
1 110-115 6
3 105-110 7-9
10 100-105 10-19
38 95-100 20-57
116 90-95 58-173
189 85-90 174-362
381 80-85 363-743
668 75-80 744-1411
907 70-75 1412-2318
1254 65-70 2319-3572
1628 60-65 3573-5200
2084 55-60 5201-7284
2557 50-55 7285-9841
3153 45-50 9842-12994
3752 40-45 1299-16746
4389 35-40 16747-21135
5307 30-35 21136-26442
5746 25-30 26443-32188
6132 20-25 32189-38320
5746 15-20 38321-44066
4818 10-15 44067-48884
2799 5-10 48885-51683
1273 0-5 51684-52956
252 -0.25 to -5 52957-53208
18 -5.25 to -9.5 53209-53226

CLAT LLM Marks vs Rank 2024

LLM is a two-year course at the post-graduation level. Understanding CLAT LLM marks vs rank 2024 is critical for CLAT PG candidates. Candidates can estimate their ranks using the CLAT Marks Vs Rank technique. CLAT LLM marks are converted into ranks, which aid in admission. The CLAT top scorer from last year received 95.25 points. Most students receive less than a 100, but those who receive 100 or higher are admitted to the top NLUs. This analysis uses data from previous years to demonstrate the relationship between CLAT LLM marks and ranks.

CLAT LLM marks vs rank
Score Range Rank Range
Number of Candidates
70-72 1-2 2
65-70 3-9 7
60-65 10-32 23
55-60 33-75 43
50-55 76-167 92
45-50 168-370 203
40-45 371-675 305
35-40 676-1137 462
30-35 1138-1760 623
25-30 1761-2567 807
20-25 2568-3567 1000
15-20 3568-4591 1024
10-15 4592-5452 861
5-10 5453-5951 499
0-5 5952-6217 266

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