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CLAT Books 2025: Check Subject-wise Best Books for CLAT

The CLAT exam is known for its cut-throat competition, the highest for any law entrance exam in the country. Looking at the level of competition, candidates are required to leave no stone unturned. CLAT 2025 applicants must make sure they are always on the right track during their preparation. It is ensured by the fact that they are studying form the standard resources and expert recommended books. If you do not have the list of best books for CLAT, then do not worry, we have got you covered. You can get the complete list for standard CLAT books below subject-wise.

CLAT Books 2025

Whenever you will search for the CLAT Books or Best books for C:AT exam, you will be flooded with multiple books for every subject. Even if you will ask from your friends or class mates, you will get recommended different books. The market is filled with so many CLAT exam preparation books. However, not all the books are good for CLAT exam. The CLAT exam book must be comprehensive that should cover all the key topics for the exam.

CLAT 2025 Books

The CLAT 2025 books should include topics from the five sections of the CLAT exam. One cannot afford to make too many blunders when preparing for an exam of this scale. However, errors do occur, particularly when choosing the appropriate study materials. Additionally, the candidate cannot expect to receive the intended results if the material is of a low quality. The CLAT 2025 books for UG and PG exam is provided below in the article to help applicants.

CLAT 2025 Complete Exam Kit

Best Books for CLAT Exam

Now the question arises, How to know which book is best for CLAT exam preparation? To find the answer to these questions, students should judge the books on the following parameters.

Published by renowned authors and publishers: Generally, books that are highly recommended are released by renowned authors and publishers. A book’s reviews can also tell you how the academic and student communities feel about it.

Provide examples and illustrations: Typical study materials will only use text to explain concepts; they will not include any visual aids to aid with comprehension. To clarify and emphasize a point, however, high-quality CLAT 2025 study books will include illustrations, graphs, pictures, and other such materials. These components aid in retention in addition to making comprehension even of complex concepts easier.

Few to no errors: Books in the best category will have few errors, whether they be conceptual, grammatical, or otherwise. As a result, the candidate won’t be duped and won’t have to waste time unlearning incorrect information.

Composed according to the syllabus: Many publications have the flaw of not adhering to the most recent CLAT syllabus, which was modified in the recent year. Thus, these books ultimately cause more harm than good. The recommended books for CLAT 2025 should be utilized as reference material because they will be written in accordance with the present CLAT Exam Syllabus 2025.

Consists of problem sets: At the conclusion of each chapter, or perhaps at the end of the book, these books will also have question banks. These questions are solvable by the CLAT 2025 candidate, who can also learn how to solve problems by applying the concepts covered in this chapter.

CLAT 2025 Books

To start the preparation with full dedication, one must need the correct source from where one can read. To help students with their CLAT preparation 2025, we have mentioned some important books to refer to for their preparation of the CLAT UG exam 2025. The subject-wise books for the CLAT exam 2025 are listed below.

Subjects Name of the Books

English Books

General Knowledge and Current Affairs Books
Logical Reasoning Books
Legal Reasoning Books
  • A Complete Book for CLAT Entrance Exam by Adda247
  • Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning by Pearson
  • Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning by AP Bhardwaj
  • Objective Legal Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal
  • Important Judgement That Transformed India by Alex Andrews George
Mathematics/Quantitative Aptitude Books
Reading Comprehension Books
  • A Complete Book of Reading Comprehension by Adda247
  • Lawman’s Passage Based Questions for CLAT
  • Wiley’s ExamXpert GMAT Reading Comprehension Grail
  • Decoding Reading Comprehension by Hemant Shrivastava
Critical Reasoning Books
Best Book for Practicing
  • A Complete Book for CLAT Entrance Exam by Adda247
  • Study Package for CLAT & LLB Entrance Examinations (English) by AP Bhardwaj
  • LST Books and Material (Set of 20 Books)
  • CLAT Solved and Practice Papers (English) by AP Bhardwaj
  • Chapter-wise Objective Question Bank (With Solution) Law (English) Author by Arihant Expert
  • CLAT & AILET Chapter-wise Solved Papers
  • Universal’s CLAT Solved Papers

Law Mahapack

Best Books for CLAT PG 2025 Preparation

The CLAT exam is also held for admission into the Postgraduate program, i.e., LLM course. Not only this, the CLAT exam score is used by the PSUs for granting jobs to the qualified candidates. That is why, students must refer the books recommended by experts during their CLAT PG exam preparation. The best books for the CLAT PG 2025 Exam is given hereunder.

Section/Subject Name for CLAT PG Exam Best Books for CLAT PG Exam 2025
LLM Entrance Exam Handbooks Singhal’s S. S. Hand Books
Indian Penal Code (IPC) PSA Pillai or Ratanlal & Dhirajlal
Company Law Avtar Singh
The Constitution of India P.M. Bakshi
LLM Entrance Exam Guide Universal Guide to LLM Entrance Exam
Contract Law Avtar Singh or R.K. Bangia
Public International Law Dr. Ashok K. Jain
Family and Property Law Poonam Pradhan
Constitution (Part I & II) K. Jain (Dukki)
Jurisprudence K. Jain or Salmond
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) AK Jain
Past Year Papers Universal’s Book on Past Year Papers

After completing the syllabus and solving previous year questions, during the last phase of their preparation, students should attempt full length mock tests and sample papers.

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How many sections there are in the CLAT exam?

The CLAT exam consists of 5 different sections.

Which books are best for the CLAT exam preparation?

The best books for preparing for the CLAT are those that are based on the most recent curriculum and offer practice questions and past year's exam questions.

Is there any complete study kit for the CLAT exam in the market?

Yes, the complete study kit for the CLAT exam prepared by the Adda247 exert faculty is the best in the market in which you can get all the important topics for the CLAT exam.

Which book should I refer to improve my vocabulary for the CLAT exam?

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis is the best book to prepare for the CLAT exam vocabulary.

Should I refer to multiple books during my CLAT exam preparation?

No, students are required to study from any one standard CLAT book as many times as possible.

Can I ignore the questions given in standard books at the end of each topic?

No, students must solve each and every question from the CLAT books to get a good rank in the exam.

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