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Plus One Geography Paper 2024, Kerala 11th Geography Answer Key

The Department of Higher Secondary Education, Kerala, famously known as DHSE Kerala, conducted the +1 Geography annual exam paper on 19 March 2024. To score good marks in this Plus One Geography Question Paper 2024, students were to practice the +1 Geography model question paper 2024 made by the experts. Students can get the Plus One Geography Paper 2024 and Kerala class 11 Geography answer key in this article for free.

Plus One Geography Paper 2024

The Plus One Geography Paper 2024 is the most important exam preparation material for the students who will take the exam next year. The Kerala +1 Geography paper 2024 contains questions from the standard syllabus prescribed by the DHSE Kerala. The Kerala Plus One Geography paper is formulated in two languages: Malayalam and English.

Kerala Plus One Geography Paper 2024

The Kerala Plus One Paper 2024 has been made by the board members who are also given the task of formulating the final exam paper. So, the papers created by these board members resemble exactly the Model exam paper. In the past too, the questions have directly been asked in the board exam from the mode exam paper. This makes the Kerala Plus One Geography model paper 2024 extremely important for all the students who will take the DHSE +1 geography Final Examination in next year.

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Plus One Geography Exam 2024 Pattern

The Pattern of the +1  exam 2024 is identical to the actual exam. That is why, students must know the exam pattern in order to understand the final exam pattern. The Kerala Plus One Geography paper consists of a total of 31 questions of different types. Students are given 2 hours to solve the 60 mark question paper. There is no negative marking applicable for the +1 Geography question paper 2024. The pattern for the whole paper is given below in detail.

  • The geography exam paper class 11 2024 question paper contains 31 questions.
  • Students are given abundant choices among the questions
  • The question paper is divided into four sections depending on the nature of the questions.
  • The first section consists of Questions number 1 to 5. These questions are are Multiple Choice type questions carrying 1 mark each.
  • The second section comprises Questions number 6 to 15. The questions in this section are short-answer type questions carrying 2 marks each. Students are required to solve any 8 questions from this section.
  • The third section consists of Questions number 16 to 26 which are Short Answer type questions carrying 3 marks each. Students are required to solve any 8 questions from this section.
  • The final section of the Geography paper consists of Question numbers 27 to 31. These questions are Long Answer type questions carrying 4 marks each. Students are required to solve any 4 questions from this section.

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Question Paper 2024 PDF DHSE Kerala +1 Geography

Students should download the Kerala +1 Geography model question paper 2024 PDF and practice it to score good marks in the exam.

Kerala Plus One Geography Question Paper 2024 PDF

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Kerala +1 Geography Final Exam Paper Answer Key 2024

The Kerala +1 Geography final exam paper answer key 2024 will be provided by our experts in a few minutes. The Kerala +1 Final exam answer key for the geography subject will consist of answers for all the questions asked in the actual board paper. The official answer key for the Geography March Final exam is expected to be released in the last week of April 2024. The official answer key will also be uploaded once it is released by the DHSE Kerala.

Kerala HSE First Year Geography Question Paper 2024

The HSE first-year Geography question paper is released in the public domain after the exam is over. As the exam is being conducted on March 19, 2024, students can get the final exam paper for the geography subject on that day. The question paper 2024 will be provided in the PDF form.

Plus One Exam Answer Key 2024 Geography with Important Questions

The important questions for the Kerala Class 11 Geography exam paper with answers is provided below.

Q) The wind that blows parallel to isobars
a) hurricanes
b) typhoons
c) geostrophic
d) Jet stream

Ans: c) geostrophic

Q) Mountain building process is known as
a) orogenic
b) mass movement
c) epeirogenic
d) exfoliation

Ans: a) orogenic

Q) Mention the factors controlling temperature distribution.

Ans: Some important factors controlling the temperature distribution are:

  • The altitude of the place
  • Distance from the sea
  • the air-mass circulation
  • The presence of warm and cold ocean currents
  • Local aspects

Q) Point out the important reasons of the declining of wildlife in India.

Ans: There are many reasons for the decline of wildlife in India. Some of the important reasons for this are given below.

  • Habitat destruction.
  • Hunting.
  • Poaching.
  • Over-exploitation.
  • Environmental pollution.
  • Poisoning.
  • Forest fires.

Q) Why Big bang theory is the most popular argument regarding the origin of universe.

Ans: According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe started out as a single point, then it stretched and expanded to reach its current size. It is the most straightforward theory for the universe’s beginning, which scientists assert is continually growing.

Q) Write the stages considered in the development of the universe in Big Bang theory.

Ans: According to the Big Bang theory, everything started out as simply energy. These energy waves were converted into little particles, such as photons. Because there were earlier free electrons, early electrons scattered these early photographs. Then, when electrons were combined with protons and neutrons (atomic nuclei), atoms were created. There are four phases of the Big Bang Theory:

  1. Heavy Particle Era
  2. Light Particle Era
  3. Radiation Era
  4. Matter Era

Q) There are five basic factors control the formation of soils, write any three.

Ans: All the five basic factors that control the formation of soils is given below. Students can write any three factors of their choice.

  •  Parent material
  • Climate
  • Biota (organisms)
  • Topography
  • Time.

Q) Mention the three major groups of weathering processes.

Ans: There are three types of weathering: biological, chemical, and mechanical.


Plus One Geography Model Exam Answer Key 2024

The Kerala Plus One Geography Mode Exam Answer key 2024 will be provided for the paper given above shortly to help students. Students are first encouraged to solve the Geography Plus One Model question paper 2024 provided above to boost their confidence. Stay tuned to this page to the answer key for the model exam paper soon.

Plus One Geography Previous Year Questions PDF

The previous year questions that have been asked in the Kerala +1 Geography exam can be can be seen in the previous year Geography question paper PDF given below. Make sure to solve the questions provided in the question paper.

Kerala +1 Geography Question Paper 2021


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What is the score allocated for the Kerala Plus One Geography Question Paper 2024?

Students are given 2 hours to solve the Kerala Plus One Geography Question Paper 2024.

What is the maximum marks for the +1 Geography theory exam 2024?

The Kerala +1 Theory paper for the geography subject is held for 60 marks.

How many MCQs are given in the DHSE +1 Geography question paper 2024?

The DHSE Kerala +1 Geography question paper 2024 consists of 5 multiple choice questions.

In which languages the Kerala HSE first year Final Exam for Geography subject is conducted?

The Kerala HSE first year final exam for the Geography subject is held in English and Malayalam languages.

What is the total number of questions in the Plus One Geography exam paper?

The Plus One Geography exam paper consists of a total of 31 questions.

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