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ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper 2024, with Answer Key

The ICSE Biology Question Paper 2024 for the theory exam is worth 80 marks and the total duration is two hours. The remaining 20 marks of the Biology Paper will be determined through internal assessment. The ICSE class 10 biology question paper is roughly divided into two sections – Section A and Section B.

ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper

The ICSE Biology paper 2024 has ended, so students are now finding the correct answers to ICSE Biology Question paper 2024. The Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) conducted the ICSE Biology Paper 2024 on March 18, 2024, Monday.  After taking the exam, students can access the ICSE Biology answer key 2024 for the ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper on this page. Students and teachers are saying that the ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper 2024 is of moderate level.

ICSE Biology Paper 2024

The Biology Answer Key 2024 for ICSE Class 10 is available on this page soon after the exam. The ICSE Board Biology Papers started at 11 a.m. The ICSE board Biology exam 2024 finished at 1:00 p.m. The ICSE Biology paper 2024 is worth 80 marks, and students have two hours to complete it. All questions in Part I were mandatory, 15 mcq questions will be asked in this section.

ICSE Biology Paper 2024 Details
Particulars Details/Dates
Exam Conducting Body Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)
Examination Name ICSE Class 10 Board Examination
Subject Biology
Session 2023-24
ICSE Biology answer key 2024 (Unofficial) March 18, 2024 (Available)
ICSE Class 10 Biology Exam date 18th March, 2024
Timings 11 AM to 1 PM
Mode Offline
Total Marks (Theory) 80
Official Website www.cisce.org.

ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper 2024, with Answer Key_3.1

ICSE Biology Paper 2024: Exam Pattern

ICSE Biology Paper Pattern includes information on the marking scheme, chapter weightage, exam duration, number of sections, and question types. Understanding the Class 10 Biology exam pattern allows students to plan effective exam preparations and improve their chances of scoring well. let’s review the patter pattern below.

ICSE Biology Paper 2024 Exam Pattern
Exam Duration 2 Hours
Total Marks 100
Marks for Theory Paper 80
Marks for Internal Assessment 20
Section A – Short answer questions for 40 marks
Section B – Long answer questions for 40 marks
Section A
Question 1 – MCQs (15 marks)
Question 2 – Very Short Answer Questions (25 marks)
All questions are compulsory.
Marks – 40
Section B
Questions 3 – 8
Each question has 5 sub-questions
Any four questions are to be attempted.
Marks – 40

ICSE Class 10 Biology Paper Analysis 2024

  1. The first response from students indicated that the ICSE Class 10 Biology Exam had a moderate degree of difficulty.
  2. The questions were well-balanced, while a few were a little challenging.
  3. The questions that used diagrams were easy.
  4. The exam was structured similarly to the most recent ICSE Biology specimen paper and was fully based on the approved syllabus.
  5. The paper’s easiest section was Section A, which had multiple-choice questions and objective-style questions.
  6. With only two or three problems requiring critical thinking, Section B was similarly doable.
  7. Students typically anticipate to receive 80% – 90% marks on exams.

ICSE Biology Answer Key 2024

The ICSE Biology Answer Key 2024 helps students identify correct and incorrect answers. The ICSE Biology Paper 2024 Solved Answers is now available on this page as the exam is completed. Correct answers validate knowledge and hard work, which boosts motivation and confidence. In addition to the ICSE answer key biology, we provided student and subject professional feedback on the paper.

ICSE Answer key biology 2024
Question No 1 Answer Code
i B. Centromere
C. Photophosphorylation
iii D. Guttation
iv B. Vasopressin
C. Magnesium ions
vi D. Boy
vii A. Stapes
viii D. P, Q, and R
C. Cilary Muscles
x B. R and S
C. A selective permeable membrane
xii 24
A. Both A and R are True
xiv A. 1 year
B. Peppered Math


ICSE 2024 Biology Answer Key
Question No 2 (i) Answer Code
a Root hairs
b Astigmatism
c Enemotropism
d Urea
e Implantation


ICSE Biology Answer Key 2024
Question No 2 (ii) Answer Code
Australopithecus, Neanderthal man, Homo erectus, Cro-Magnon
Pupil, Aqueius humour, Vitreious humour, Retina
Receptor, Sensory neuron, Motor neuron, Effector
Bowman’s Capsule, Proximal convoluted tubule, Loop of Henle, Distal convoluted tubule
Soil water, Ascent of Sap, Leaves, Water vapour


ICSE Biology Answer Key Class 10
Question No 2 (iii)
Answer Code
a Photosynthesis
b Destarch
c CO2
d Brown
e Blue-black


ICSE Biology Answer Key 2024
Question No 2 (iv)
Answer Code
Albumin: Clotting factors
Glomerulus: Lymphatic system
Monocytes: Granulocytes
Styrofoam: Biodegradable waste
Pulmonary artery: Carry deoxygenated blood


ICSE Biology Answer Key
Question No 2 (v)
Answer Code
Leydig Cell: Testosterone
Stoma: Diffusion of respiratory gases
Ova: Haploid cells
Cranial nerves: 12 pairs
Cretinism: Lack of in thyroxine children

ICSE Biology Answer Key 2024 with Solution

Here students can view the full Biology questions and answers together. Check whether your answer is right or wrong and calculate your score.

ICSE Biology Answer Key 2024: SECTION A (40 Marks)

Attenget all questions from this Section
Question 1
Select the correct answers to the questions from the given optiona
(Do not copy the questions, write the correct answer only)

(1) Duplicated chromosomes are joined at a point termed
(a) Centrosome
(b) Centromere (ANSWER)
(c) Centriole
(d) Chromatid

ii) The process of conversion of ADP to ATP during photosynthesis is called
(a) Photolysis
(b) Phagocytosis
C)Photophosphorylation (ANSWER)

iii) In the process water is lost from the margins of strawberry leaves is
d) Guttation (ANSWER)

iv)The hormone that affects urination is
(a) Adrenaline
b) Vasopremin (ANSWER)
c) Destrogen
(d) Thyronine

v) Which one of the following helps is the opening of stomata:
(a)Cebalt lens
b)Potassisim ions
(c) Magnesium ions
(d) Aluminium lors

vi) A zygote that has Y chromosome inherited from the father will develop in
(a) Will depend on the chromosome inherited from the mother
(b) Girl
(c) Either boy or a girl
d) Boy (ANSWER)

vii) The ear osaicle that traruports sound vibrations to the inner ear
A. Stapes (ANSWER)
(b) Malleus

vii)  If a person has a heart attack, what mat be done immediately?
P. Lessen his/her clothing
Q. Make him/her lie down in an airy room
R. Rush him/her to the hospital
8. Engage hits her in a conversation
a) P and Q
(b) P and S
(c) R and S
(d) P, Q and R (ANSWER)

(viii) Adjusting the focal length of the eye lens to view objects at different distances done by
(b) Iris
c) Ciliary muscles (ANSWER)
(d) Sclera

ix) Four friends P, Q, R and S were discussing the examples of genetic disorders examples they quoted wore as follows:
P. Colour blindness and Malana
Q. Albinism and Cholers
R. Haemophilia and Colour blindness
S. Haemophilia and Albinism
Who gave the correct examples
(a) P and Q
b) R and S (ANSWER)
(c) P and R
d) Q and S

x)Osmosis takes place when there is
(a) a freely permeable membrane
b) A selectively permeable membrane (ANSWER)
(c) An impermeable mendeane

xi) A male gorilla has 48 chromosomes in each of its body cells. How chromosomes will each of the sperms have?
a) 24 (ANSWER)
(0) 48
(2) 12
(4) 16

(xiii) Assertion (A): The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for vielen against abnormal conditions.
Reason (R): The sympathetic nervous system accelerates heartbeat. Which of the following is correct?
a) Both A and R are True (ANSWER)
(b) A is True, Ris False
(c) A is False but R is True
(d) Both A and Rare False

(xiv) Birth rate is the number of live births per thousand persons in
a) 1 year (ANSWER)
(b) 2 years
c) 10 year
d) 20 year

xv) Industrial Melanism was observed in:
(a) Mice
(b) Peppered Moth (ANSWER)
(c) House Flies
(d) Crow

ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper 2024, with Answer Key_4.1

ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper 2024, with Answer Key_5.1

ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper 2024, with Answer Key_6.1

Specimen Paper for ICSE 2024 with Answers Biology

Class 10 students must go over this Biology Specimen Paper 2024 ICSE multiple times before the test if they hope to do well academically. The ICSE Specimen Paper 2024 for Biology allows them to thoroughly understand the most recent ICSE paper pattern and the types of questions they will be asked. Candidates can download the specimen paper for icse 2024 with answers biology PDF by clicking the link provided below.

Specimen Paper Download Link
ICSE Class 10 Biology Specimen Paper 2024 PDF

ICSE Class 10 Biology Important Questions Chapter Wise 2024

  1. While playing with his friends, Peter inserted a stick into his ear. He lost his hearing due to the rupture of:
    (a) Ear drum
    (b) Pericardium
    (c) Cornea
    (d) Pinna
  2. Oxygenated blood to heart is supplied by:
    (a) Hepatic artery
    (b) Coronary artery
    (c) Renal artery
    (d) Pulmonary artery
  3. A sequence of DNA has 200 nitrogenous base pairs, of which 100 are ThymineAdenine pairs. What is the number of Cytosine-Guanine pairs in this sequence:
    (a) 50
    (b) 200
    (c) 100
    (d) 25
  4. The age restrictions for marriage for boys and girls by law in India is:
    (a) Boys 18 years, Girls 21 years
    (b) Boys 17 years, Girls 16 years
    (c) Boys 21 years, Girls 18 years
    (d) Boys 20 years, Girls 17 years
  5. Lata wanted to cross the road. She looked on either side of the road and then walked across to the other side of the road.
    Which of the following is/are involved in the process described above?
    1. Cerebrum
    2. Cerebellum
    3. Skeletal muscles
    4. Medulla Oblongata
    (a) Only 3
    (b) Only 1 and 3
    (c) Only 1, 3 and 4
    (d) Only 1, 2 and 3
  6. The solvent used for dissolving chlorophyll while testing a leaf for starch is:
    (a) Sodium hydroxide
    (b) Lime water
    (c) Water
    (d) Ethyl alcohol
  7. The ground substance present in chloroplast is:
    (a) Stoma
    (b) Stroma
    (c) Grana
    (d) Thylakoids
  8. Arrange and rewrite the terms in each group in the correct order so as to be in a logical sequence beginning with the term that is underlined.
    (a) Snake, Grass, Frog, Grasshopper
    (b) Cochlea, Malleus, Pinna, Stapes
    (c) Fibrin, Thrombin, Fibrinogen, Platelets
    (d) Endodermis, Cortex, Xylem, Epidermis
    (e) Embryo, Foetus, Blastocyst, Morula
  9. State Mendel’s Law of Dominance
  10. Differentiate between Karyokinesis and Cytokinesis. [2]
  11. (i) Define – Osmosis. [1]
    (ii) Name the two sensory cells in retina meant for light adaptation. [2]
    (iii) Mention one function each for – Cerebrum and Cerebellum. [2]
    (iv) State any two objectives of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. [2]
  12. What is the significance of placenta in the growth of foetus? [2]
  13. (v) Given below is the diagram of human blood smear. Answer the questions that follow:

ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper 2024, with Answer Key_7.1
(a) Mention one structural difference between 1 and 2.
(b) What is the function of part 3?
(c) Name the part labelled 4.

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What will be the difficulty level of ICSE Biology Question Paper 2024?

The class 10 Biology question paper was moderate level according to educators.

What are the total marks of the ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper 2024

The ICSE Biology question paper 2024 is of total 80 marks. It is divided into two sections: Section A of 40 marks and Section B of 40 marks.

How can I get the ICSE Class 10 Biology questions with answers?

Our team posts the unofficial ICSE Biology Answer Key 2024 on this website immediately following the exam.

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