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Best PCMB Career Options After 12th Excert Medical

PCMB Career Options

Science careers after the 12th grade PCMB – After completing the 12th grade in science, a wide range of employment opportunities are available thanks to the subject combination of physics, chemistry, arithmetic, and biology. One of the most challenging and technically demanding courses in high school is unquestionably PCMB. Students may, however, wind up with profitable professional options that are in high demand depending on the courses they select.


Students with a natural love for the sciences are nearly spoilt for employment alternatives given the abundance of PCMB career options accessible to them after the 12th grade, and justifiably so. Here are some of the top professions that students with a scientific background can pursue.


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Best PCMB Career Options after 12th

Career Option Educational Requirement Starting salary (in rupees, per month, approximate)
Molecular Biologist 10+2 or equivalent; B.Sc + M.Sc 30,000
Physicist 10+2; B.Sc. or B.Tech+


Forensic Scientist 10+2 or equivalent;

B.Sc + M.Sc or any other relevant degree

Biochemical Engineer 10+2 or equivalent; B.Sc + M.Sc in Biology/ Biochemistry, or any other relevant subject 33,000
Biochemist 10+2 or equivalent; B.Sc/B.Pharm/B.Tech+ Master’s, or any other relevant degree 69,000
Pharmacist 10+2 or equivalent; B.Pharm/B.Sc (Pharmacy/ Pharmacology) + Master’s 42,000
Dentist 10+2 or equivalent;

BDS and/or MDS

Doctor 10+2 or equivalent; MBBS + MD, or any other relevant degree 2,29,000
Airline Pilot 10+2 or equivalent; Student Pilot License (SPL); Private Pilot License (PPL); Commercial Pilot License (CPL) 1,00,000


The list of prominent PCMB stream career possibilities shown above is solely meant as a quick reference. Here is a closer look at what these professions have to offer.

Career options after 12th science PCMB

Career Options After 12th Science PCMB – Physicist

Investigators of the physical world are physicists. Their research focuses on the fundamental ideas that underpin the composition and behaviour of matter, the interaction of matter and energy, and the transfer of energy. In order to explore natural forces, physicists must be highly skilled in their chosen subdomains and creative and inquisitive in how they use their knowledge.


The job of a physicist is one of the more intriguing PCMB career options after 12th grade, and it is full with potential and mind-blowing discoveries about the cosmos we live in. Depending on their area of expertise, physicists may be required to investigate incidents, plan operations’ preventive measures, stay current with scientific research and advancements, design and build new technologies, and write technical and scientific reports to anticipate incidents and enhance decision-making.


A physicist’s career is highly specialised. A student can choose to become a nuclear physicist, a photonics engineer, a mechanical engineer, or a material scientist depending on their talent, willingness, and interests. People who enjoy solving problems, are strong in mathematics, and are effective communicators should choose a career as a physicist.


Educational Requirement: Students must study either a B.Sc in physics or a B.Tech in photonics, optics, or electronics engineering to fulfil the educational requirement. Continue with an M.Sc. or M.Tech. in the same field after that.

Career Options After 12th Science PCMB – Forensic Scientist

When it comes to criminal investigations, forensic scientists are superstars. Their area of expertise is in reviewing the evidence from the crime scene and presenting their findings after conducting tests. Although they often operate in laboratories, forensic scientists can be asked to testify as an expert in both civil and criminal cases. Forensic scientists must, therefore, be exact in their scientific technique, knowledgeable about the role of forensics in the legal system, and skilled in verbal and written communication of their results. Students that are analytical thinkers and have keen eyes have a tonne of post-PCMB stream employment opportunities in the field of forensic science.


Educational Requirement: Students must pursue a B.Sc. in either forensic science, biology, genetics, or another comparable field of study, followed by a master’s.


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Career Options After 12th Science PCMB – Biochemical Engineer

Studying viruses, cells, proteins, and other chemical components found in the body allows biochemical engineers to create goods and medications that will enhance biological processes. These people study how raw materials interact in various settings and use what they learn to create new compounds or modify those that already exist. Biochemical engineers need to be highly trained, well-organized, and curious with a penchant for solving complex problems.

Students at PCMB have a wide range of career opportunities in the field of biochemical engineering, including the ability to focus on becoming tissue, metabolic, or enzyme engineers.


Educational Requiremnet: Students must pursue a B.Sc. in chemistry, biochemistry, or another appropriate field, followed by a master’s degree, if possible.

Career Options After 12th Science PCMB – Biochemist

Biochemists are experts at deciphering the molecular and cellular functions of living things. To create the best medications and vaccines to prevent diseases from spreading and to treat them, scientists investigate biological processes such as DNA, heredity, the ‘cell,’ which is the fundamental building block of the human body. The fundamental goal of a biochemist is to enhance quality of life through comprehending tissue processes, pharmacological interactions, and dietary effects. Therefore, as part of their education, 

they research several environmental, medicinal, and agricultural applications.


Educational Requirement: Students must complete a B.Sc. in microbiology or botany, molecular biology, a B. Tech in biochemical engineering or biomedical engineering, or any other comparable study, followed, if necessary, by a master’s degree.

Career Options After 12th Science PCMB – Pharmacist

One of the few employment alternatives after completing a 12th-grade science PCMB without taking the NEET is becoming a pharmacist. These people are equally crucial to the care of a patient as doctors because they are in charge of a drug’s development, laboratory testing, and analysis of its possible effects on various patients. Pharmacists work to improve people’s lives and end pain. Their work include interacting with medical professionals, conducting surveys, researching and monitoring pharmaceuticals, and creating drugs that have undergone extensive clinical studies. Additionally, a pharmacist may assume a number of specialised jobs, such as chemist, medical sales representative, drug inspector, clinical research associate, or regulatory affairs officer.


Educational Requirement: Students must complete a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, pharmacology, or a related field, followed by a master’s degree.


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Best PCMB Career Options After 12th- FAQs

Question 1. What can I do after 12th pcmb?

Ans. Numerous PCMB careers are available after the 12th grade. Engineering and medical courses are a few of the usual courses chosen by students.


Question 2. Which field is the best after 12th pcmb?

Ans.You have a wide range of alternatives after completing the 12th PCMB. The best field for you is one that you have a tendency toward, a talent for, and feel a natural fit in. Objectively, there is no one field that is the “best.” Your tastes and skills will determine everything.


Question 3. Which is the best career option after 12th science?

Ans. After taking 12th grade science, there are many job opportunities. The most popular jobs in the past have typically been those in engineering and medicine, but you shouldn’t follow trends merely for their own sake. Make sure you consider all of your options before choosing the one you like most.


Question 4. Which job is best for PCB students?

Ans. PCB students frequently have a stronger preference for careers in the life sciences. Biochemists, pharmacists, molecular biologists, physicians, and other professionals fall under this category. Doctors fare the best if you solely consider average annual pay.

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