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New Education Policy – NEP 2020, Latest Updates

New Education Policy – NEP 2020

First Education policy came in 1968 under Indra Gandhi Government. The Second Education Policy in India was introduced in the year of 1986 under the surveillance of Rajiv Gandhi Government which was modified in 1992 by P.V, Narasimah Rao Government. After 34 years in India there comes a New Education Policy (NEP) in 2020. In India, looking onto education perspective, a huge ground breaking incident happened which was Right to Education where got incorporated in the Constitution of India under Article 21 A. After including this Fundamental Right into the Constitution , a lot of changes took place in the Education system. Article 21 A allows schools to be make mandatory to enroll students from the age group 6 to 14 where should get free education and it was actively regulated in India.

New Education Policy – NEP 2020 PDF

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