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ICSE Vs CBSE – Which is better?


CBSE Vs ICSE: The CBSE focuses on Science, Commerce and Mathematics. ICSE gives priority to English as a subject. Other subjects of importance are Arts and Science.

CBSE Vs ICSE: CBSE Stands For?

The NCERT serves as the foundation for the curriculum used by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The examinations for grades 10 and 12 typically take place in March. The study materials and workbooks are accessible in both Hindi and English since CBSE allows students to choose between the two media of instruction.


You must fully comprehend both boards if you want to determine which is better, CBSE or ICSE. Numerous important competitive examinations, including NEET, JEE, AIPMT, etc., are administered by CBSE. The CBSE provides interactive learning materials since its methodology is student-centered.


ICSE uses an application-based teaching approach and offers a broad curriculum. The subjects offered by the ICSE board may essentially be classified into three categories. Following the first list of required subjects are the second and third lists, which also let you select your own subjects. You must thoroughly comprehend both boards in order to determine if CBSE or ICSE is preferable for the future.


  • The curriculum for well-known competitive exams like JEE and NEET is based on the CBSE Board’s curriculum and uses the NCERT textbooks.
  • The ICSE syllabus is thought to be substantially more difficult than the CBSE Board syllabus.
  • There are fewer topics and a more condensed structure in the CBSE syllabus.
  • In the CBSE boards, secondary courses are not required.
  • Science classes include disciplines like chemistry, physics, and biology, whereas social science classes include classes like history, civics, and geography.
  • Approximately ten times as many ICSE schools exist as there are CBSE schools. Therefore, CBSE gives students additional options if they need to move from one town to another.
  • The CBSE curriculum places more emphasis on disciplines like science and mathematics.


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  • Although practical studies are encouraged by CBSE, practical knowledge is not the main focus.
  • The English Language has not been the major focus of the CBSE board, in contrast to ICSE.
  • The majority of CBSE courses are taught theoretically, with very little emphasis placed on real-world issues.
  • The CBSE Syllabus places less of a focus on in-depth understanding even if it is application-based.


  • The ICSE curriculum is thorough and full, and it gives each subject area equal weight.
  • The ICSE curriculum is more demanding and exciting at the same time for students who want to pursue careers in the humanities and management.
  • Unlike the CBSE, the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Board (ICSE board) credential is accepted all over the world, particularly by foreign institutions and colleges.
  • In scholarship exams that are based on English and more in accordance with global education norms, ICSE students typically score well.
  • Students who follow the ICSE curriculum typically succeed in literary and linguistic jobs.
  • Internal assessments are at the core of ICSE’s child development policy. And so the practical test results are given weightage in the overall scores for the student.
  • Students also have immense flexibility in terms of selecting specific subjects.


  • Students may believe that ICSE topics are challenging and burdensome since they are longer and begin in lower grades.
  • Despite the lengthy syllabus, which may be helpful for further education, the ICSE evaluation or checking is much more stringent, which may have an impact on final grades.


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ICSE Vs CBSE: Which Board Is Better For Your Child’s Overall Development

The conundrum of selecting an educational board is simply resolved by examining the distinctions between the ICSE and CBSE Boards that were previously highlighted. While ICSE can aid in your child’s personality development and skill improvement, CBSE can aid in his job aspirations. By comparing the differences between the education boards for CBSE and ICSE, parents may learn about additional considerations to take into account while selecting a school. These include educational institutions that support reading, performing arts, athletics, and a curriculum that is pertinent to your child’s learning goals. When selecting an education board, parents should exercise caution and pay close attention to the quality of the education provided.


Ques 1. Which school board is the best if parents have movable jobs?

Ans. Since the CBSE board is used by many schools nationwide, parents with transferable employment must decide on the CBSE board for their kids.


Ques 2. Which is more difficult, CBSE or ICSE?

Ans. Due to its extensive syllabus and score-based examination, ICSE is regarded as being more difficult. In opposition to this, the CBSE syllabus is detailed and uses an alphabetical grading system.


Ques 3. Which curriculum—ICSE or CBSE—is superior? Then why?

Ans. The curriculum for ICSE emphasizes practical and real-world components, whereas the curriculum for CBSE emphasizes theoretical notions of the subject topics. Therefore, each board has its unique combination of advantages and disadvantages.


Ques 4. Is the ICSE a global board?

Ans. A privately owned national-level board for school education in India is called the ICSE(CISCE) board. The board, however, maintains a close relationship with the University of Cambridge. ICSE is highly accepted in universities and schools abroad.


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