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How to Approach CUET Question Paper 2024, Check Expert Tips

All the hardships and rigorous effort that a student preparing for the CUET exam does is for the exam day. No matter how hard you studied or how much your toiled, if you ruin those decisive exam hours on the exam day, your chances of admission will go in vain. That is why, it is very important to attempt the CUET question paper 2024 cautiously and avoid strategic and silly mistakes.

How to Approach CUET Question Paper 2024

The manner in which a student approach the CUET UG question paper can play a significant role during the exam. The pattern in which the sections and questions must be attempted can prove to be a game changer. As the CUET UG exam is generally conducted in online mode, students must know the online computer interface of the test to avoid any mishap at the last minute. To help students understand every facet of the exam hours, we are providing the detailed account of how to approach CUET question paper 2024.

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How to Attempt CUET UG Question Paper 2024

Many students struggle greatly when taking computer-based tests, or CBTs, because they are not very adept at using computers. Students are accustomed to using the computer system, but they are also susceptible to the deceptive buttons. It’s possible that you read all of the instructions given to you at the start of the test. If not, make sure you thoroughly read them before starting the test. To find out how to maximize your scores on the CUET question paper, continue reading.

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How to Approach CUET(UG) 2024 Question Paper

To be familiar with the exam and the question paper interface, students are advised to solve the mock tests provided by the NTA. If you are someone who has not done this yet, then no need to worry as we are providing all the technical aspects of the CBT of the CUET UG for students below.

CUET UG Instruction Interface 2024

The instruction interface of the CUET UG exam will look like the following. This is the official interface released or CUET exam. Students must read all the instructions carefully and must follow these instruction during their exam time.

CUET UG 2024 Instructions

Know All The Buttons

Candidates must know all the types of buttons given in the CUET UG online question paper. There are four types of buttons in the CUET UG exam. These are shown below.

CUET UG Buttons

The functions of these buttons is given hereunder.

Save and Next: Click “Save and next” when you have the answer and don’t want to miss it again. Your response will be instantly saved, and you will be able to continue on to the next question.

Clear Response: This is one approach to modify your response answer or uncheck it. The tick marking will immediately move to the new response if you choose to click on it again or if you choose to just click on another response to untick it.

Save and Mark for Review: This button comes in handy when engaging on subjects that have numerical questions; utilize it if you’re not confident of the answers and want to check them again. You won’t have as much time to complete numerical-based problems as other types, so even if you don’t check your answers at the end, you’ll still benefit from marking and storing your answers.

Mark for Review and Next: When trying theory-based questions, use this button. If you are unclear about the options, do not answer and go on to the next question. You will have enough time in a theory-based test to go over the questions that were missed and effectively answer them at the end.

CUET 2024 प्रतिज्ञा Arts

How to Attempt CUET Questions 2024: Use Buttons Properly

With questions focused on numbers, try to use ‘Save and mark for Review’ more often than with questions based on theory. Similarly, apply ‘Mark for Review and Next’ more to questions based on theory and less to ones based on numbers.

CUET UG 2024 Response Buttons Functions

The questions show on the left panel of the screen; this will alter as you attempt the exam and store your answers for later review. However, all of the question’s serial numbers will be shown in a panel to the right. Any number can be clicked to take you straight to the related question. This is how the panel on the right will appear:

CUET UG Right Panel 2024

Even though you have read every instruction, you may have observed that the exam page for the CUET Mock Test lacks some specific instructions. These are the guidelines that were supplied but not included in the document for your convenience:

CUET UG 2024 Instructions

The “>” and “<” arrows that were meant to be on the fixed Question Palette are now visible in the first one, but they were absent from the mock test. It will, nevertheless, be available in the real CUET 2024 exam and be utilized to conceal the Question Palette so that the questions may be seen more clearly. Using the other arrow, you can undock the Question Palette to accomplish the reverse.

If the current language is not working well for you, the second one allows you to switch to a different one. Your profile will appear as an icon in the upper-right corner. Clicking on it will bring up the language selection menu. In the final one, there are two navigation buttons: one on the upper right corner and another on the lower right corner. If a question is longer than the allowed number of pages, you can use these buttons to scroll up or down.

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How to Approach CUET 2024 Question Paper: Expert Tips

As the CUET UG 2024 draws near, candidates are searching for methods and advice that can help them succeed. In addition to hard effort, one of the most important things to do well on this competitive exam is smart work, particularly in terms of how to approach the question paper. This is a thorough guide that will help you prepare for CUET UG 2024, with an emphasis on the best way to approach the question paper.

Study the Instructions and Questions Properly

Reading all instructions and questions very carefully is the first and most important step in answering the CUET UG question paper. Exam anxiety can occasionally result in hurried reading, which might lead to a misinterpretation of the questions. By taking the time to read the questions carefully, one can easily avoid the typical mistake of misinterpreting the questions. Knowing what is being asked is half the fight won.

Manage Time Efficiently

Time management skills are essential for success in any exam, and CUET UG 2024 is no different. Give each area of the paper a specific amount of time before you start replying, taking into account your skills and shortcomings. This tailored approach makes sure you focus more of your time on areas where you may need it and makes the most of your advantages. Starting with the areas you feel most comfortable with can help you gain confidence and momentum, which will help you perform well for the duration of the test.

Sort questions in order of priority

Selecting and attempting the questions you are most confident in answering first will help you answer the CUET question paper efficiently. By securing marks early in the exam, this strategy helps you feel less stressed and more confident as you move through the process. Marking questions you are doubtful of for future review is also a wise move, assuming you have the time. This tactic guarantees that you don’t skip any questions that you are familiar with while also optimizing your score.

CUET 2024 प्रतिज्ञा Commerce

Do not Waste Too Much Time on One Question

A common mistake many aspirants make is dwelling too long on a single question. If you find yourself stuck, it’s advisable to move on to the next question. Time is of the essence in the CUET UG 2024, and it’s wiser to return to challenging questions later, rather than sacrificing valuable minutes. This approach prevents bottlenecks in your exam flow and helps maintain a steady pace throughout.

Preparation Strategy

Although knowing how to approach the question paper is important, thorough preparation entails much more. You can greatly improve your preparedness by regularly reviewing your material, working through previous years’ question papers, and completing CUET UG mock exams. To achieve optimal performance on exam day, it’s also crucial to keep up with the CUET material and exam pattern and to prioritize your health and wellbeing.

In addition to knowledge, the CUET UG 2024 assesses exam temperament, time management, and strategy. Using an intelligent strategy when answering the question paper can have a big impact on your score. You set yourself up for success by paying close attention to what you read, prioritizing your questions, using your time wisely, and recognizing when to give up. These techniques, when combined with thorough preparation and an optimistic outlook, will enable you to pass the CUET UG 2024 with assurance and meet your academic objectives.

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Is CUET exam held in online or offline mode?

The CUET UG exam is held in online mode for most of the papers. From 2024 onwards, the paper which has received the most number of registrations will be held in offline mode.

What are the question types in CUET UG exam?

In the CUET 2024 exam, multiple choice questions will be asked. The number of questions varies for every topic, section, and paper. On the CUET UG 2024, there are no descriptive type questions.

What is the total marks for the CUET UG exam?

The CUET UG exam is held for 800 marks.

What is the CUET 2024 exam patttern?

The four sections of CUET 2024 will be Languages, Domain-specific, and General awareness. Section IA: Thirteen Languages and Section IB: Twenty Languages comprise the two subparts of the language section.

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