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Class 12 English Expected Test Paper 2024

English is a compulsory subject that is present in the curriculum of every student studying in the CBSE Class 12, either from the Arts stream or the Commerce Stream. So, it becomes even more important to score higher in this subject as it serves as a metric to assess the brilliance of students coming from diverse streams in Class 12. For mastering the English subject for the board exam, students must practice the expected questions that can be asked in the upcoming board exam.

To give students a fair idea about the expected questions that may appear in the Class 12 English board exam 2024, our English experts have made the Class 12 English Expected Test Paper 2024. By going through the questions and solutions given in the expected test paper, students will not only boots their confidence but will also ensure that they secure excellent marks in the English subject in the board exam 2024.

Class 12 English Expected Test Paper

The CBSE English Examination is going to take place on 22nd February 2024. So it is a very crucial time to maximize your score in the Class 12 English Exam by solving the expected board exam paper. Students must practice the Model question papers for English as much as they can, it will beneficiary to face the questions in the Examination hall.

CBSE Class 12 English Additional Practice Paper 2024

For the benefit of the class 12 candidates, Our Adda247 Expert faculty prepare the Class 12 English Expected Test paper 2024 which is based on the actual CBSE Class 12 English Exam pattern 2024. Candidates who are going to take class 12 board this year must go through the Class 12 English Expected Test paper 2024 provided in the article.  We have also provided you with detailed solutions for Class 12 English Expected Test paper 2024. So, after solving the Class 12 English Expected Test paper 2024, students can analyze their scores.

Class 12 English Expected Test Paper 2024_3.1

Class 12 English Expected Paper 2024

Like the actual CBSE Class 12 English sample paper, Adda247’s Class 12 English Expected Test paper has 3 sections. READING, WRITING, and LITERATURE. Check out the marks distribution of the Class 12 English Expected Test paper given below;

Sections Marks
READING 20 marks
WRITING 20 marks
Total 80 Marks



➢ 15-minute prior reading time allotted for Q-paper reading.
➢ The Question Paper contains THREE sections READING, GRAMMAR & WRITING and LITERATURE.
➢ Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.

Class 12 English Expected Test paper Pdf

Class 12 English Expected Test paper Click here
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Class 12 English Expected Test paper 2024: Section A

Section A – Reading Skills

Read the passage given below.

1. If you enjoy watching crime shows on TV, you know that fingerprints play a large role in
identifying people. But you might be surprised to find out that using fingerprints for
identification is not a new science. In fact, it is very old – dating back at least as far as 1885-
1913 B.C.E. In Babylon, when people agreed to a business contract, they pressed their
fingerprints into the clay in which the contract was written. Thumbprints have also been
found on clay seals from ancient China.

2. In 14th century Persia, which is now Iran, a government doctor recognized that all
fingerprints are different. In 1684, a British doctor, Nehemiah Grew, spoke about the
ridged surfaces of the fingers. In 1686, a professor of anatomy (the study of the
structure of the human body) named Marcello Malpighi wrote about the ridges and loops in
fingerprints. Malpighi’s work was considered so important that a layer of skin found on the
fingertips was named after him. This layer of skin is called the Malpighian layer. Although
scientists had studied fingerprints, the value of fingerprinting in the identification of individuals did not become clear until later.

3. Sir William James Herschel is generally thought to be the first European to realize that
fingerprints were unique to each person. In his work as chief magistrate in the Hoogly district in Jungipoor, India, Herschel asked people to put their handprints on contracts. Herschel believed that personal contact with the contracts made people more likely to honor their
commitments, or to keep their promises. As he looked at more and more handprints, he
began to see that all the handprints were different. He started to believe that fingerprints were unique, which means they are all different from each other, and permanent, which means that they do not ever change. To prove that they never change, Herschel kept track of
his own fingerprints over his entire lifetime.
4. Dr. Henry Faulds, a British surgeon at a Japanese hospital, began studying the furrows
(also called ridges) on fingertips in the 1870s. He published an article in a scientific journal about the use of fingerprints as a tool in identification. He also devised, or invented, a system of classifying fingerprints. He wrote Charles Darwin about his findings, but Darwin was getting too old to work on the findings. So, he promised to pass the information to his cousin, Sir Francis Galion. Using Henry Faulds’ findings, Galton published a major book on classifying
fingerprints based on arches, loops, and whirls. His work with Sir Edward R. Henry on
fingerprint classification was the basis of a classification system which is still used by law
enforcement agencies in English-speaking countries.
5. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) now uses a variation of the Galton- Henry system. Although the use of fingerprinting in identification originated in Britain, it has been
developed in the United States. In 1924, two large fingerprint collections were combined to
form the foundation of the Identification Division of the FBI. Within the Identification
Division, the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (IAFIS) can
search and find fingerprints anywhere in the United States within thirty minutes. The IAFIS
can compare results with automated fingerprint systems in countries around the world. The IAFIS has the fingerprints of more than 250 million people on file.
6. About one in six Americans has fingerprints on file with the FBI. But not all fingerprints are related to criminal investigations. People need to have their fingerprints taken for many other reasons. People have their fingerprints taken for employment, licenses, and adoption. For
example, when people want to work for the government in classified, secret jobs, their
fingerprints are checked to be sure they do not have a criminal background. When
prospective parents adopt a child, their fingerprints are matched against those of all
criminals for the safety of the child.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer the questions given below.
i. The science of using fingerprints dates back to
(a) 1684
(b) 1686
(c) 1870s
(d) 1885-1913 BCE
ii. A layer of skin is called __________ layer.
(a) Marcello
(b) Malpighi
(c) Malpighian
(d) Henry
iii. _________ spoke about ridged surfaces of fingers in 1684.
(a) Malpighi
(b) Nehemiah Grew
(c) James Herschel
(d) Henry Faulds
iv. In 14th century Persia, a government doctor found that _________.
(a) all fingerprints are different
(b) fingerprints change with time
(c) fingerprints are useful to check criminal record only
(d) fingerprints are never helpful in any kind of investigation
v. According to Galton-Henry, fingerprints’ classification varies into
1. shapes
2. sizes
3. arches
4. loops and whirls
(a) Both 1 and 2
(b) only 2
(c) Both 3 and 4
(d) only 4


i. Ans : (d) 1885-1913 BCE
ii. Ans : (c) Malpighian
iii. Ans : (b) Nehemiah Grew
iv. Ans : (a) all fingerprints are different
v. Ans : (c) Both 3 and 4

vi. “Usage of fingerprints for identification is not a new science.” What does the above expression mean?
Ans: It is in use since a very long time.

vii. How were fingerprints used in ancient era?
Ans : When people agreed to a business contract, they pressed their fingerprints in to
the clay.

viii. Who wrote about ridges and loops?
Ans: Marcello Malpighi wrote about ridges and loops.

ix. What did Sir William James Herschel realise?
Ans: Sir William James Herschel realized that fingerprints were unique to each person.
x. Who didn’t take up the research of fingerprints?
Ans: Charles Darwin didn’t take research on fingerprints.

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II. Read the passage given below.

1. Among the natural resources which can be called upon in national plans for development,
possibly the most important is human labour. Since the English language suffers from a
certain weakness in its ability to describe groups composed of both male and female
members, this is usually described as “manpower”.

2. Without a productive labour force, including effective leadership and intelligent middle
management, no amount of foreign assistance or of natural wealth can ensure successful
development and modernization.

3. The manpower for development during the next quarter of century will come from the
world’s present population of infants, children and adolescents. But we are not sure that they
will be equal to task. Will they have the health, the education, the skills, the sociocultural
attitudes essential for the responsibilities of development?

4. For far too many of them the answer is no. The reason is basic. A child’s most critical years,
with regard to physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development, are those before he reaches five years of age. During those critical formative years, he is cared for almost exclusively by his mother and in many parts of the world the mother may not have the capacity to raise a superior child. She is incapable of doing so by reason of her own poor health, her ignorance and her lack of status and recognition of social and legal rights, of economic party of independence. One essential factor has been overlooked and ignored. The forgotten factor is the role of women. Development will be handicapped as long as women remain second class citizen, uneducated without any voice in family or community, decisions without legal or
economic status, married when they are still practically children, and henceforth producing
one baby after another, often to see half of them die before they are of school age.
5. We can enhance development by improving ‘women power, by giving women the
opportunity to develop themselves. Statistics show that the average family size increases in
inverse ratio to the mother’s years of education- is lowest among college graduates,
highest among those with only primary school training, or no education. Malnutrition is most
frequent in large families, and increases in frequency with each additional sibling. The
principle seems established that an educated mother has healthier and more intelligent
children, and that is related to the fact that she has fewer children. The tendency of
educated, upper class mothers to have fewer children operates even without access to
contraceptive services.
6. The educational level of women is significant also because it has a direct influence upon
their chances of employment, and the number of employed women in country’s total labour
force has a direct bearing on both the gross national product and disposable income of the
individual family. Disposable income,especially in the hands of women, influences
food purchasing and therefore the nutritional status of the family. The fact that the
additional income derives from the paid employment of women provides a logical
incentive to restrict the size of the family.
Based on your understanding of the passage, answer the questions given below.
i. According to the passage, the development can be enhanced by improving __________.
ii. Human labour is usually described as ‘manpower’ because __________.
iii. According to the passage, which are the most critical years for a child’s development?

iv. Pick out the option that is not true with reference to the above passage.
1. In many parts of the world, a woman is not capable to raise a superior child due to her
poor health.
2. Mother plays an important role in over all development of a child.
3. Development can never be improved till the time women are considered second class citizen.
4. The larger a family is, the healthier it will be since it has more members to work and
earn money.
(a) Both 1 and 2
(b) only 4
(c) only 3
(d) Both 2 and 3
v. According to the passage, malnutrition is most common in
(a) small families
(b) large families
(c) nuclear families
(d) joint families

vi. As per the principle mentioned in the above passage, it seems that a/an __________
mother has healthier and more intelligent children.
vii. What factor is there that weakens a woman’s identity as an individual?
1. Consideration of women as a second class citizen.
2. Responsibilities that are laid on a woman’s shoulder.
3. Marriage at a very young age.
4. Ignorance in her social and legal rights.
5. Being financially independent.
(a) 1, 2 and 3
(b) 2, 3 and 4
(c) 1, 3, and 4
(d) 2, 4 and 5
viii. The educational level of women is significant and it also has a direct bearing on
1. her personal statue
2. the gross national product
3. disposable income of the individual
4. the marketing of local products
(a) 1 and 2
(b) 2 and 3
(c) 3 and 4
(d) 2 and 4

ix. The above passage gives stress on __________.
x. Disposable income, in the hands of a woman ensures the __________ status of a family.
(a) emotional
(b) nutritional
(c) financial
(d) none of these


Si. Ans : Women power
Sii. Ans : of the weakness and inability of the English language to describe group composed
of both male and female member.
Siii. Ans : First five years
Siv. Ans : (b) only 4
Sv. Ans : (b) large families
Svi. Ans : educated
Svii. Ans : (c) 1, 3, and 4
Sviii. Ans : (b) 2 and 3
Six. Ans : the need of women empowerment
Sx. Ans : (b) nutritional

Class 12 English Expected Test Paper 2024_5.1

Class 12 English Expected Test paper 2024: Section B


1. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below.
A. Water supply will be suspended for eight hours (10 am to 6 pm) on 6th of March for
cleaning of the water tank. Write a notice in about 50 words advising the residents to store
water for a day. You are Karan Kumar/Karuna Bajaj, Secretary, Janata Group
Housing Society, Palam Vihar, Kurnool.


B. You are Mahender, Sports Captain, St. John’s School, Lucknow. Write a notice in 50 words
for the school notice board informing students about an Inter School Football match to be played in your school. Invite them to watch and cheer the teams.
2. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below.
A. The literary club of your society is putting up the play ‘Macbeth. As secretary of the club,
draft an invitation inviting the famous writer Rohit Sharma to be the guest of honour at the
function. Write the invitation in about 50 words. You are Gaurav/Garima.


B. You have been invited as a judge for a debate competition by New Hope public School. Draft a formal refusal in about 50 words.

3. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below.
A. Write a letter to Editor of local daily, New Delhi about water scarcity in you locality
suggesting ways to improve the condition of water supply. You are Bobby/Babita of Ghaziabad.


B. As a regular commuter by bus from Noida to Delhi, you have been witnessing rash driving
by the bus drivers daily without an exception. Write a letter to the Editor, ‘The Times of
India’ drawing the attention of the General Manager, Delhi Transport
Corporation to this problem. You are Priti/Prakash, 15, Udyog Vihar, Noida.

4. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below.
A. Incessant rain has caused irrecoverable damage in your area. As an active participant
in the flood relief programme, write a report in 125-150 words on the different flood relief measures carried out. You are Krishan/ Krishna.


B. Accidents happen when people violate traffic rules. Careless drivers cause suffering to
themselves and to others. Write an article in 120-150 words on “Safe Driving”.

Class 12 English Expected Test paper 2024: Section C


Read the given extracts to attempt the questions with reference to context.

CLAT 2025 Foundation BAtch

Class 12 English Expected Test paper 2024 with Solutions

English is a major subject whose mark can decide the admission prospect of the candidate from every stream. Due to its compulsion for students studying in every stream, it becomes important to focus on this subject. For this purpose, below we have provided students with the expected board paper for the English subject along with its solutions.

Class 12 English Expected Board Paper 2024 with solutions

Class 12 English Expected Test paper 2024: Most Important PYQs

Class 12 English Sample paper 2024 Solutions

The solutions of the official sample paper 2024 of the English subject is given below in the video. Students must solve the sample paper, expected board exam paper, and additional question paper 2024 for the English board exam 2024. This will help students in gaining excellent marks in the board exam 2024.

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What is the subject code of Class 12 English Core?

The subject code of Class 12 English Core is 301.

When will CBSE Class 12 English exam takes place?

The CBSE English Examination is going to take place on 22 February 2024.

How many sections are the in the CBSE English Question Paper?

CBSE English Question Paper contains THREE sections READING, GRAMMAR & WRITING and LITERATURE.

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