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When We Should Start Preparing for Law?

When We Should Start Preparing for Law

Preparation plays a very important role in each examination. To prepare for any competitive exam you need at least 6 months. If your preparation is strong and you have prepared for few months then chances are you will do well in the Exam. As regards preparation for Law, let us assume you are preparing for CLAT which is the entrance exam for law Universities in India. A number of law schools and National Law School provide admission to candidates on the basis of their CLAT Scores. CLAT is held once every year. Students who have cleared Class 12 are eligible to appear for CLAT Exams.

Preparing for Law Along with Board Exams

As the Law Entrance Exam happens soon after the Class 12 Board Exams you have to prepare for the Board Exams as well as the Law Entrance Exam. You need to prepare a schedule and make sure you follow it properly so as to study both for Boards and Law Entrance Exams at the same time. 

  1. Understand your syllabus: You need to understand the syllabus of your Class 12 and Law Entrance Exam well. It is possible that some of the chapters of Class 12 and Law Entrance Exam are similar. You can study them earlier. Getting a better understanding of the syllabus will help you study and plan well
  2. Understanding the Exam Pattern: Have a look at the exam pattern, what kind of questions are asked, the weightage of each question, and whether multiple Choice Questions or Subjective question answers. Going through past questions will help you understand the paper pattern well.
  3. Prepare a Schedule: Make a timetable for everyday studies. Divide your time between Class 12 Boards and your law entrance exam studies. When the class 12 exams are near focus entirely on them and do not study for Law Entrance exams. Spend at least 2-3 hours on Law Preparations during normal time. During exam time avoid studying for the Law Entrance exam. 
  4. Take regular tests: You should try taking regular tests and evaluate your performance. Taking tests will help you check how well prepared you are.
  5. Take Coaching Classes: You should go for the best faculty/coaching classes for your preparation. Having a good and experienced mentor will help you crack exams easily. The coaching staff will help you with difficult topics and cover important questions and topics easily.

Law Preparation After Class 12

Once you have appeared for class 12 exams you will have to focus only on Law Entrance exams. You should try to devote at least 6-8 hours on a daily basis to your Law Entrance exam preparation. You should make a timetable and follow it on a daily basis. After completing each chapter you should take a small test to evaluate your preparation. The more you practice the better it will be. After completing your course it is advisable that you revise it at least twice. The more you revise a topic the more beneficial it is. 

Appearing for the Mock test is also beneficial. CLAT is the entrance exam which can help you get admission into top colleges. CLAT covers questions on topics such as Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Logical Reasoning, Legal Awareness and Legal Aptitude.

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FAQs on CLAT Exam 

Q1. When to start for the Law Entrance Exam?

To prepare for the Law Entrance Exam, a time period of at least 6 months is necessary. Students can study for the Law Entrance test along with Class 12 Studies. 

Q2. What are some important tips to keep in mind while preparing for Law Entrance Exam?

Make sure to refer to the right materials and consult the best faculties, they will make your job easy. Revising daily is also important. Try solving past year’s papers to understand the paper pattern well. Practising more questions will also prove beneficial.

Q3. How long does it take to prepare for the law exam?

It depends on the preparation of students for their board exams. Although some subjects are different in the entrance exam, the board-level questions are asked in the English, maths, and gk section. If the candidates start from scratch, it can take 6 to 7 months to prepare for law entrance exams.

Q4. Is studying law hard?

It all depends on the interest of students. If students are interested in studying the constitution and laws of India then they won’t find it hard. Although the law is not that hard, average students or below-average students can also ace law exams if they will study with proper planning and full determination.

Q5. Is law a good career in India?

A profession in law, which is highly valued in society, might be an excellent alternative for people who enjoy doing charitable work.

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