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Law as a career for Science Stream Students

Law as a career for Science Stream

The growing competition around the world has made it very important to make the right career choice. Over the years, our society has given a lot of importance to marks. Society has a social norm that if a student has scored well marks then he/she has to do science. The Science stream is considered good for an intelligent lot of students. As a science student, one always runs after conventional courses like

  1. Engineering
  2. Medicine

This choice over the time period has changed. Science students are always overburdened with a lot of expectations and constantly expected to perform.  The students are now taking unconventional careers from different fields like

  1. Mass Communication
  2. Management
  3. BCA
  4. NDA

Every student aspires for a fruitful career and a luxurious life, and a science student is also sailing in the same boat.  In today’s scenario, there are a lot of options that can be looked upon for a successful career. A science stream student should ask questions like: 

  1. Did I score good marks in Class X and took admission in science stream as an obvious choice?
  2. Most of my friends opted for science with the same percentage, so I also joined the HERD.
  3. It was not a necessary question I seek the answer to when someone asked me “Why Science”
  4. I never felt fascinated by conventional career options like Medicine or Engineering, and graduation in pure science is a “No-No” for you.

If the answer is yes, and you belong to the above-mentioned category, LAW is a career option you should definitely consider. It is a known fact that to do well in any career path, the two most important things are “aptitude” and “attitude”

Law, as a career, is not as colourless as it appears to be but it is now providing a plethora of opportunities. During the global recession, we witnessed companies losing pace and adapting retrenchment strategies. It became difficult for graduates to find employment in that tuff scenario. Law as a profession was a safe choice. 

What makes LAW a lucrative Career for a Science Stream Student?

  • LAW is more than just Litigation: It is widely known that a career in LAW is not limited to litigation. Post Liberalisation, the complexities of business have opened up quite a few exciting career dimensions. Some of the most promising and lucrative careers can be:
  1. Cyber Security Lawyer
  2. Armed Forces 
  3. Environmental Law
  4. Trade and Intellectual Property Lawyers
  5. Legal Consultancy
  6. Judiciary, Taxation, Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Science students make good Lawyers: The link between LAW and Science may not be an obvious one, but science students have many skills that can be transferred into the legal profession. Their ability to
  1. Communicate and Present
  2. Problem Solve
  3. Write detailed and factual Reports, and
  4. Ability to extensively research and issue

All the above-mentioned points help the science student to come up with evidence-based recommendations. These qualities go in handy with what lawyers do on a daily basis. 

  • The lifestyle and the status enjoyed by any professional in the science arena are similar to what a lawyer enjoys these days. In fact, law professionals are on every pedestrian and are gaining social status. 
  • If we go by the statistics, more than 45% of students in leading NLUs happen to be from the science stream.

Law as a career is rewarding to everyone and provides ample opportunities to everyone who aspires to be a lawyer. A Science student; a boy or a girl; all are competent enough and welcomed to be part of this great career choice. To become a successful, lawyer one needs to clear the much-coveted CLAT exam. It checks you on your APTITUDE. The exam comprises:

  1. Legal Aptitude 
  2. General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  3. Mathematics
  4. English
  5. Logical reasoning

Admission to this course is through an aptitude test called CLAT. ADDA247 specializes in CLAT preparation and allied entrance exams like AILET, SLET, MHCET and LSAT. 

The topics and structure of the paper make it a stream-neutral option. It is possible for Science, Commerce and Humanities students to crack it and get a rewarding career for them future. The sections that comprise the entrance exam for the law are 

  1. Quantitative Techniques, 
  2. Logical Reasoning, 
  3. English Language, 
  4. General Awareness, and 
  5. Legal Aptitude. 


LAW as a profession offers a platform and immense opportunities and so do the LAW Colleges. They offer an intellectual journey to the students. Life at a LAW COLLEGE provides everything that you expect from any other college. 

  1. It has Moot Courts, Drama, Debates, Discussions, Fests, Competitions and Presentations and yes STUDIES………..!
  2. Another reason why LAW becomes the most sought-after choice, which is rewarding, is that the course curriculum followed at a LAW college is neutral irrespective of which stream you are from Science, Commerce or Humanities.

Every student is downtrodden by tremendous pressure and expectation from all over. The constant competition amongst the students to get into a good college or university makes them vulnerable. We all make a list of good colleges which includes IITs, NITs, AIIMS, SRCC, HANSRAJ, MIRANDA house, St. Stephen’s and so on………. Similarly are NLS and NLUs of our country. 

A few years down the line, one would like oneself to be known as a successful law professional, an alumnus of a prestigious law school, to establish one’s own credibility and a rewarding career. It will hardly matter whether you spent your two years after class Xth to study Humanities, Commerce or the much coveted Science. What will matter is your career, which you can say, is governed by your choice and not compulsion.

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