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Top 5 Career Options After Class 10th

Top 5 Best Career Options After Class 10th


“Do you prefer science, business, or the arts?” — This is a frequent misunderstanding that most pupils have after receiving their class 10th results. Because of peer pressure or family pressure, many students make blunders while deciding on a career route.


Few pupils are certain about their life goals. However, many students are perplexed and uninformed when it comes to deciding on a professional path following class ten. It is critical to choose the right course. Every area nowadays provides a plethora of options, but one should always select based on their personal preferences.

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Top 5 Career Options After Class 10th Grade

1. Commerce:

After science, commerce is the second most popular professional option. Business thrives on commerce. If statistics, finances, and economics intrigue you,


Then commerce is for you. It provides a larger range of carrier possibilities, including


Chartered Accountant, MBA, and banking investment. You must be acquainted with


Accountancy, Finance, and Economics are some of the subjects covered.


Commerce students have the following career options:


  1. Certified Public Accountant


  1. Business Administration


  1. Management of advertising and sales


  1. Internet Marketing


  1. Development of human resources

2. Science:

Engineering, medical, and research careers are all available in science. It is the most popular choice among parents and students. The main advantage of science is that you may transition from science to business or science to the arts after 12th grade. After graduating from high school, science students have a variety of job opportunities. The primary disciplines in the Science stream include physics, chemistry, math, and biology. However, many students dislike or lack interest in math; however, if you want to pursue a career in medical, you can forgo math and focus on other topics.


Science students have the following career options:


  1. BTech/BE


  1. 2. Medical and surgical bachelor’s degrees ( MBBS)

3. Arts/Humanities:

Those engaged in academic study are drawn to the arts and humanities. Arts is the route for you if you are creative and want to learn more about humanity. The primary disciplines for Arts students are history, political science, and geography. Arts today provides a variety of employment options that are just as gratifying as those in Science and Commerce.


Art students have the following career options:


  1. Product Development


  1. Journalism / Media


  1. Technology in Fashion


  1. Video editing and creation


  1. Human resources training, school teaching, and so on

4. ITI (Industrial Training Institute):

These are training facilities that provide courses to pupils looking for quick work when they finish school. ITI courses are excellent options for students who want to complete any technical degree in a short amount of time. After finishing an ITI course, the student is now trained in industrial skills and may work in the same industry for a living.


Options for a career after ITI:


  1. opportunities in the public sector, such as for people with disabilities and others.


  1. Private sector employment


  1. Independent Contractor


  1. International Employment


  1. Additional studies in their field of expertise


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5. Polytechnic courses:

Students can pursue polytechnic courses such as mechanical, civil, chemical, computer, and automobile after finishing class ten. These schools offer three-year, two-year, and one-year diploma programmes. Diploma courses beyond 10th grade offer cost-effectiveness and career opportunities in a short amount of time.



Possibilities after completing a polytechnic course include:


  1. Employment in the private sector


  1. Jobs in the public sector


  1. Postgraduate studies


  1. Independent contractor


  1. Own a Company


One of the most crucial decisions you will make in your life is what career to pursue. Making the right option at the appropriate moment will help you achieve big achievement in a short amount of time.


As a result, it’s critical for a student to select a field that matches their talents, interests, and abilities.

Mistakes students make while deciding on Career Options After Class 10th

  1. Lack of information – There are several employment alternatives available after the tenth grade. If we look back 10-20 years, there were far fewer professional alternatives available. The situation is now radically different. There are numerous job possibilities accessible, and you may see the light at the end of the tunnel with the right career assistance and counselling.


  1. Following in the footsteps of others or friends – This is one of the most prevalent errors that most students do without even realising it. Many students enrol in any stream just because their peers have done so. This might be their worst mistake.


Rather of doing what the majority of students are doing, you must choose the path in which you are most enthusiastic.


  1. Parental/Social Pressure – Consider the following scenario:

You: Dad, I’d want to enrol in the Arts programme.

Dad: The Arts programme has no future prospects. You must pursue science. Take a look at Sharma Ji’s child. He majored in science and is doing exceptionally well in life. Many pupils, I’m sure, have been in similar predicament. Many parents, I am sure, would have used the examples of some Sharma or Gupta to sway their child’s decision. This might lead to a poor professional choice. It may appear that the scientific stream is the most important.

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