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Negative Marking in NEET, Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in NEET 2024

NEET UG examination is regarded as one of the most difficult in India. If a candidate gives a wrong answer, a mark is deducted in the NEET UG exam. Finally, one mark is subtracted from the final positive NEET score. This process is commonly recognized as a negative marking in the NEET exam. But losing on mark in this medical exam might reduce one’s chances of getting a better All India Rank. Read the full article to find calculate negative marking, how to attempt the NEET question paper, and Tips to reduce negative marking in NEET 2024.

Negative Marking in NEET

Students spend years in their NEET Preparation to acquire a seat in top medical colleges. As National Eligibility cum Entrance Test has a negative marking system. This can have a substantial impact on a student’s ultimate NEET UG score and determine whether or not they get a good rank. To avoid negative marking in NEET exam, a lot of hard work and thorough revision of the complete NEET syllabus is required. Aspirants must spend time on questions that cause them confusion after answering those on which they are completely confident to minimize the chances of negative marking.

NEET 2024 Exam Pattern

All applicants must be informed of the NEET 2024 exam pattern in order to avoid losing unnecessary marks. Check out a quick summary of the NEET-making scheme 2024.

  • Each accurate response is worth 4 points.
  • For each wrong response, one mark is deducted.
  • If a question is left unanswered, no mark is subtracted.

Check Full NEET 2024 Exam Pattern – NEET Exam Pattern 2024, Marking Scheme, Duration, Total Questions

How to calculate negative marking?

The NEET UG has a total score of 720. The NEET Biology – Botany & Zoology exam is worth 360 marks. Other subjects with 180 marks each include NEET Physics and Chemistry. The NEET entrance test calls for 200 questions on the question paper. Aspirants will be required to answer only 180 questions. The following points can be used to calculate negative marking in NEET.

Step 1 – Calculate the number of correct answers.
Step 2 – then multiply by 4.
Step 3 – Calculate the number of wrong answers.
Step 4 – multiply by one.
Step 5 – Your NEET score is determined by the difference between the above-mentioned points.

NEET score calculation formula –

NEET Score  = (Correct answers X 4) – (Number of incorrect answers X 1)

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Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in NEET 2024

It is critical to avoid negative markings if you want to enhance your NEET 2024 score. To prevent big negative markings, candidates must avoid making minor errors and guessing. Read the following tips and incorporate them into your NEET preparation 2024 to improve your score.

  • Know the Exam Pattern well before exam
    Most common tips to reducing negative marking is to grasp the NEET 2024 exam pattern well. This comprises the amount of questions, total time allowed, how much marks being awarded for correct answer & more. You can devise a plan to attempt the sure shot answer while minimizing the negative impact on total score.
  • Take your time reading the question
    Before marking the options, candidates must thoroughly study them. A little error can cost you marks. Aspirants should not rush through the responses in exam hall.
  • Practice is essential for success
    Practicing as many questions as possible is one of the best techniques to reduce negative marking. This will enhance speed and increase the number of correct answers.
  • Stay calm in the exam hall
    Aspirants should approach the NEET question paper 2024 with a clam mind.During the exam, candidates should maintain a calm and tranquil state of mind. Staying cool and composed can help you think logically and make more good decisions about which questions to try and which to skip. Anxiety and stress increase the likelihood of incorrectly marking responses.
  • If you are unsure about the answer, do not respond
    You become agitated if you attempt fewer questions and end up answering questions about which you are unsure and that will cause negative marking. Remember that attempting more does not guarantee higher score.
  • Correct the small mistakes you made in the mock tests
    You could be making a lot of silly mistakes, like as misunderstanding the question, darkening the wrong bubble and so on in NEET mock tests. These minor errors should not be repeated in the actual exam. Do not try to respond quickly and make dumb mistakes that can cause low score. So, consider before you answer.
  • Be updated with recent changes & read exam instruction properly
    First, thoroughly read the exam instructions. This will prepare you for any changes in the exam format and provide you with a clear grasp of what is anticipated in the exam. As a result, you will be able to reduce the negative impact of wrong answers.
  • Review Your Answer Sheet
    It is critical to carefully review your answers after completing question paper. This will assist you in identifying any errors you may have made. Before handing over the paper to the invigilator, aspirants must accurately analyze the question and answers.

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