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How to Score 320+ in Biology in NEET 2024 Exam

How to Score 320+ in Biology in NEET 2024 Exam: One section that is a make-or-break section in the NEET UG exam is the Biology section. The biology section has the highest weightage in the NEET UG exam. It is the core section that is the heart of the medical field. So, it is not only important to master this subject from the NEET exam point of view, but it is also extremely important to understand its concepts to complete your medical degree. NEET Biology, hence, is the key to scoring 640+ marks in the NEET UG exam so that students can get a good government MBBS college. In this article, we will answer an important query related to the NEET exam about how to score 320+ in Biology in the NEET 2024 exam.

How to Score 320+ in Biology in NEET 2024 Exam

All the NEET aspirants who will be going to take the NEET UG 2024 in a few months time desire to know the full proof answer to the question: How to score 320+ in Biology in NEET 2024 exam? Achieving an exceptional rank overall in the highly difficult National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) requires getting a perfect mark in the Biology segment. Botany and Zoology are the two parts that make up NEET Biology. Getting 320+ in NEET Biology 2024 calls for a methodical and targeted strategy. This article contains the golden tips and strategies that will help students cross the 320 mark milestone in the NEET Biology section in 2024. The article also includes some important books that students must refer to in order to maximize their NEET score.

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Tips to Score 320+ in NEET Biology 2024

The biology section has the highest weightage in the NEET UG 2024 exam. The biology section accounts for 50% of the total questions asked in the NEET UG 2024. That is, by preparing the Biology subject, one can secure half the total NEET marks. That is, it is the most important section that has the highest influence on the NEET marks. So, mastering this subject should be the first priority of students. As Biology is a theoretical subject, one needs many revisions in order to remember its core concepts and data. For this, one need to have a better strategy so that they can cover and memorize the entire syllabus with ease. Below we have mentioned the strategies followed by the toppers and students who have scored high marks (more than 320 marks) in the NEET Biology exam.

Here are the perfect tips and strategies to score 320+ marks in the Biology section of the NEET exam.

Understand the Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The first step in your journey to aim for a score of 320+ includes understanding the full syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly. Start preparing by familiarizing yourself with the NEET Biology syllabus in its entirety. The comprehensive syllabus includes material from biology textbooks for classes 11 and 12. As we know, the biology subject is divided into 2 branches: Botany and Zoology, so go through their chapters to streamline your preparation. Apart from that, be familiar with the exam pattern of the NEET Biology section. It will help you know the type of questions asked and the marking scheme.

Plan Your Study Schedule

After going through the detailed syllabus and exam pattern, students must formulate a study schedule. This includes preparing the time table and setting deadlines for different topics. Make sure you allot at least 4 to 5 hours each day to preparing for the Biology section of the NEET exam. It is advised that students should prepare one chapter each from botany and zoology simultaneously rather than preparing just one sub-domain at a time. Students must stick to the schedule made by them.

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Study From Standard Books

After making your schedule, you must start preparing as early as possible. For that, one must study from the standard book from where the question are asked in the NEET exam. In this case, NCERT text book is your Bhagavad Gita. Study the NCERT biology book religiously and do not miss any single point of it. Almost all the questions are sked directly or indirectly from the NCERT book in the biology section of the NEET exam. It’s a fact that you don’t really need a ton of books—fat ones that look like phone directories, expensive ones, eye-catching ones—any of them. NCERT has to be your one and only source of basic information. The value of NCERT texts has not been emphasized adequately time and time again. For those preparing for the NEET, it is a bible.

Literally every line in the textbook can be used to frame a question. The ideal method for achieving conceptual clarity is this. First and foremost, one needs to be completely proficient with NCERT books—so proficient that one should know every detail off by heart. Move on to other reference books only after taking tests on a regular basis and achieving a score of 600 or higher. Do not start studying for tests before then. You can see how crucial NCERT is to passing NEET from this. After being consistent with all the concepts studied in the NCERT text book, students can take reference from the books mentioned below.

  • Objective NCERT at your fingertips – MTG
  • NCERT Exemplar
  • Trueman’s biology
  • Arihant Biology
  • Cengage Biology

Make Notes

Making notes of the topics that you have studied is very important. Making notes not only help you understand the chapters more easily, but it also helps a lot during the revision. Notes help students in compiling important information or details gathered from different sources in simple words at a single place. Personal notes are a boon during the last time revision.


Prioritize Important Topics

Understanding key topics is the most crucial factor, followed by having the appropriate plan and reading selection. You are wasting your time if all you do is read from everything. Instead, it would be wise to know from where the majority of questions are asked in the biology section of the NEET exam. By doing so, you can put heavy focus on preparing those topics leading to increased efficiency. Below we have provided a compilation of chapters based on the amount of information covered and the number of questions that were asked in previous years’ question papers in the NEET UG.

Thus, the “normal” section has an equal balance between the amount of content and the number of questions asked, the “low” section has a large syllabus and relatively few questions asked, and the “critical” section has chapters with less information but more questions. But it is important to remember that you must read through every chapter. Don’t omit any topic. The table merely gives you a general sense of the order in which you should study the chapters. Furthermore, these are headings, and every chapter falling under them needs to be covered.

Critical (High Priority) Normal (Moderate Priority) Low (Low Priority)
Human physiology Biology in Human Welfare Plant Kingdom
Biotechnology Living World Animal kingdom
Reproduction Structural Organization in Plants and Animals Plant Physiology
Genetics & Evolution Biological Classification
Cell Biology

Study Smartly

Students must study smartly in order to maximize their output. Use mnemonics to memorize the vast amount of syllabus. Use flowcharts, bullet points, and summary to cover complex details and concepts in few lines. Draw and name biological diagrams as you practice. NEET Biology questions frequently call for a visual comprehension of the material. Accurately interpreting and drawing diagrams can help you get higher scores.

Solve Previous Year Question papers

To get a feel for the exam format, students must solve NEET Biology question papers from previous years. This will enable you to comprehend the questions that are posed and their degree of difficulty. Examine your performance to see what needs to be improved.


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Practice Mock Tests

If you do not solve mock tests, you will not be able to score good marks in the exam. To score 320+ in the biology section of the NEET exam, students will have to practice mock tests. By taking mock tests frequently, you can mimic exam conditions. To effectively manage your time during the exam, you must practice on a timed schedule. Mock exams are another useful tool for creating a winning exam plan.

Revise Regularly

As Biology is a heavily theory-based subject, timely revision is the key here. To memorize the key details, one must revise the entire syllabus 4 to 5 times. Revise previously studied biology concepts and topics on a regular basis to solidify your understanding. Make a revision plan so you can go over the material from Classes 11 and 12 on a regular basis. Better recall and retention will result from this during the test.

In NEET Biology 2024, a score of 320+ requires commitment, preparation, and a sincere love of the subject. You may simplify your study, concentrate on the most important topics, and face the test with confidence if you adhere to the thorough advice given in this article.

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What is the weightage of the Biology section in the NEET exam?

The Biology section accounts for 50% of the total marks and questions in the NEET exam.

Name some high priority topics for the NEET biology section.

Some of the high priority topics for the NEET Biology section are Ecology, Cell Biology, Evolution, Genetics, etc.

How many questions one need to answer correctly to score 320 marks in the biology section of the NEET?

Students must answer at least 80 questions correctly out of 90 questions to score 320 marks in the NEET exam.


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