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Ncert Solutions Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 7 | Download Free PDF

Ncert Solutions Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 7 in English

Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 7 NCERT Solutions: Adda247 provides NCERT Solutions for class 12 Chemistry chapter 7. These solutions will not only help students to boost their board exams and score brilliant marks but for competitive exams. The Solutions are according to the NCERT guidelines.

Complete 16 chapters wise solutions were provided for the benefit of students.12th class sets the base for higher education for every student. This makes it the most crucial class for any student who is aiming for his/her dream of quality education. Scoring good marks in the 12th class is equivalent to a quality high education. So, it becomes extremely important for students to give a boost to their class 12 Chemistry preparation with Adda247 NCERT solutions.

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Advantages of NCERT Solutions for class 12 Chemistry

  • In-depth explanation of all the questions with a logical reason.
  • Numericals are solved with step by step process.
  • Free PDF download option.
  • All the answers are given to the point of theoretical questions.

The detailed, explanative NCERT solutions are widely known for being extremely student-friendly and easy to digest. Solutions to relatively complex questions are always broken down into simpler one in order to help students focus on the ‘method to solve’ rather than the solution itself. This concept-centered approach is what enables students that use the Adda247 NCERT Solutions to solve all similar questions with ease.


NCERT Solution for class 12 Chemistry Chapter 7: the p-Block Elements

NCERT Solution Class 12 Chapter 7 is exclusively written for CBSE students of Class 12. These solutions provide an excellent approach to master the subject. These solutions assist you in understanding the concept deeply by giving P block elements Class 12 questions and answers in the textbook.

P block elements are in which the last electron enters any of the three p-orbitals of their respective shells. Since a p-subshell has three degenerate p-orbitals each of which can accommodate two electrons therefore in all there six groups of p-block elements.

The p-block elements contain groups 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 with the expectation of Helium. The principal quantum number ‘n’ fills the p-orbital.

Uses of p-block Elements

  • A compound of boron called borax is used in the glass making industry and pottery.
  • Boron is also used in the soap or detergent industry.
  • Boron is used in aircrafts and bullet proof vests.
  • Boron is used in steel to increase its hardness.

One of the most interesting facts about the p-block elements is that it contains both non-metals and metalloids.

Chapter 7 Chemistry class 12 is a continuation of class 11 syllabus. While the course of grade 11 deals with the first two groups of p-block, 13 and 14; class 12 syllabus deals with group 16 to 18 groups. Group 15 is no longer a part of the syllabus as per the latest changes made by CBSE.

With numerous subtopics, it is one of the lengthiest chapter5 in the book. Hence, a solution book becomes beneficial for a student to score well in their exams.