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List of STREAM NEUTRAL options after class 12th

STREAM NEUTRAL options after class 12th

1. LAW 

The three-year Bachelor of Legislative Law programme is also referred to as the Bachelor of Laws programme. People believe that this degree is required to work as a lawyer or advocate. However, it is untrue that people cannot progress to become policemen, judges, lawyers, barristers, criminal profilers, and other professions. Some legal courses include BA LLB, BSc LLB, BBA LLB, BCom, and LLB. It is a three-year programme funded under the 1961 BCI Advocate Act (Bar Council of India).

Best Universities For LLB Programs After 12th

  • Bangalore’s National Law School of India University
  • New Delhi’s National Law University
  • Indian Institute of Technology’s Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property
  • Jodhpur’s National Law University
  • Sonipat’s Jindal Global Law School
  • Gandhinagar’s Gujarat National Law University
  • University of Delhi’s School of Law in Delhi
  • Pune’s Symbiosis Law School
  • Varanasi’s Banaras Hindu University
  • Raipur’s Hidayatullah National Law University
  • Mohali Army Institute of Law

Future Prospects Of LAW Course

With a system of rules and regulations, the practice of law is a tough job worldwide. But as a career, it covers a wide range of areas. Students can experience lawsuits. However, the idea has evolved since then. They might pursue careers in business law, patent law, etc. A law degree not only provides access to the legal profession but also to other fields including corporate management, administrative services, and legal services.

2. Management

As a result of the large salaries available in this industry, management is one of the most popular career options after the 12th grade. After receiving their diplomas, many students choose to enrol in management courses. However, if you choose to follow management as a profession, there are several management courses available after the 12th grade that may help you become well-known in the industry far sooner than you would have been able to achieve through the more conventional post-graduation route. 

It’s not a requirement that only students studying business can enrol in a management course. Management courses are open to students in any discipline (business, the arts, the humanities, and the sciences).

List Of Courses

  • Bachelor of Business Administration- (BBA)
  • Business Management – (BBM)
  • Management Studies- (BMS)
  • Commerce (Management)- B.Com (Management)
  • Business Administration plus a Diploma in Business Administration- {BBA+DBA (Specialization)}
  • Bachelor of Computer Application + Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelors in Business Economics- (BBE)
  • Sc (Management)
  • Business Administration + Graduate Diploma in Business Management- (BBA+ GDBM)
  • Computer-Aided Management- (B.CAM)
  • Bachelor of Hospital Management- BHA
  • Bachelor in Sports Management- BSM
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management- BHM

Best Universities For Management Programs After 12th

  • Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce, NMIMS University, Mumbai
  • DeenDayal Upadhyay College, Delhi University
  • Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Delhi University.
  • Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Delhi University.
  • Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore.
  • Christ University, Bangalore.
  • Jai Hind College, Mumbai University.
  • Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida, Symbiosis International University.
  • Maharaja Surajmal Institute, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.
  • Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad.

Future Prospects Of Management Courses

Most management experts are successful in getting administrative jobs in businesses. The type of employment one is given relies on the specialisation they have undergone. Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Production, and Material Management are a few of these areas of speciality. Employers that frequently hire management experts include businesses, industries, the healthcare industry, banks, and financial institutions, among others.

3. Hotel Management

Due to the enormous need for fresh and qualified experts in this sector, hotel management is becoming more and more popular among students. Additionally, this profession offers outstanding advantages to newcomers because working in this field gives you the chance to explore the world.

List Of Courses

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)
  • BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration
  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BBA in Hospitality, travel & tourism
  • BBA in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management

Best Universities For Hotel Management Programs After 12th

  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Delhi
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore
  • Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Delhi
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Bangalore
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Gurdaspur, Punjab
  • SRM Institute of Hotel Management (SRMIHM), Chennai
  • M.M. Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Ambala
  • Oriental School of Hotel Management, Wayanad

Future Prospects Of Hotel Management Courses

In India and beyond, there is a substantial need for hotel management professionals. The business pays its specialists generously.

A talented and astute hotel management graduate may expect to make between Rs 30,000 and Rs 50,000 at the entry-level. As soon as the new management trainee is hired for a better job in the hospitality management sector, their pay is increased.

Careers in hotel management are truly glamorous and fascinating since they provide a wealth of benefits specific to the business and the chance to travel extensively while employed. The icing on the cake is that someone with a hotel management degree in hand can start their own business.

4. Mass Communication

The field of mass communication is highly varied and is stacked with several significant media elements. Essentially, it is a method of study or technique used to convey a message to a person or a group through a certain media or channel.

Bachelor of Mass Communication

List Of Courses

  • BA in Media Communication
  • Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Media and Communication
  • Bachelors in Journalism
  • Bachelors in Visual Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Convergent Journalism
  • Bachelor of Multimedia Communication
  • Bachelor in Electronic Media

Best Universities For Mass Communication Programs After 12th

  • Doon Business School, Dehradun
  • Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, Dehradun
  • Himgiri Zee University
  • Uttaranchal University, Dehradun
  • Quantum University Roorkee
  • Sadhna Academy for Media Studies, Noida
  • Shaheed Bhagat Singh College of Management and Technology, Faridabad
  • Xavier Institute of Communications
  • Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi
  • Sai Institute of Paramedical & Allied Science, Dehradun
  • A.J.K. Mass Communication Research Centre, New Delhi
  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (SIMC), Pune
  • Bennett University, Greater Noida
  • Institute of Mass Communication and Media Technology, Kurukshetra
  • Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa
  • International Institute of Management, Media and IT, Delhi
  • Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences, Rohini, Delhi
  • Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
  • DAV College for Girls, Yamunanagar

Future Prospects Of Mass Communication Courses

After earning a degree in mass communication, you can find employment in a variety of fields, including reporting, writing, editing, photography, broadcasting or cable casting news stories, among many other work profiles. You can work in either print journalism or electronic (audio/visual) journalism, which are the two forms of journalism available.

You can get employment in print journalism as an editor, reporter, columnist, correspondent, etc. in newspapers, magazines, and journals. You can work for radio, television, and the web in electronic journalism. Journalism is a prestigious and well-paying career path that you can pursue.

5. Defence Courses

In India, the field of defence is the most admired. The Selection Authority has made a number of openings available for the recruitment of individuals into the Indian Armed Forces. One is qualified to apply for nearly all openings as soon as they graduate the 12th grade.

List Of Courses

  • National Defense Academy (NDA) Entry
  • IAF: Indian Air force X and Y group Airmen Entry
  • Navy: Navy Entry after 12th
  • Navy: Indian Navy Sailor’s Entry after 12th
  • Army: Army TES entry after 12th

Best Universities For Defence Programs After 12th

  • National Defence College (NDC)
  • College of Combat/Army War College
  • Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC)
  • Indian Military Academy (IMA)
  • Officers Training Academy (OTA)
  • Army Air Defence College (AADC)

Future Prospects Of Defence Courses

Candidates who have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree in this discipline may choose to work as professors or pursue research in areas such as international relations, geostrategic affairs, geopolitical socioeconomic issues, and military tactics. The Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Education Corps, Defense Journalism, and many more professions all provide employment opportunities.

Defence studies students can also work as research associates, research fellows, or research officers at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA), New Delhi.

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Ques 1. Which management programme is the best?

Ans. The most popular management courses after 12th grade are BBS, BSM, BBA+MBA, BHM, and BMS.

Ques 2. What career options are open to those who complete a course in mass communication?

Ans: The area of mass communication is broad, and individuals can pursue careers as journalists, reporters, fashion photographers, newscasters, film directors, radio emcees, editors, public relations officers, columnists, media consultants, web editors, freelancers, advertising sales agents, etc.

Ques 3. Which academic streams allow students to choose hotel management courses?

Ans. Hotel management courses are available to students in different streams.

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