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CUET 2022- Last Minute Strategy to Prepare for CUET UG

Last Minute Strategy to Prepare for CUET 2022

The CUET 2022 Exams are going to begin within the next few days. Candidates are almost done with their preparation for the CUET 2022 Exams but there is also some anxiety about how the paper will be, and what type of questions might be arising in the candidate’s minds. Here in this article, we have listed some important last-minute tips and strategies which will help you to score more marks in your CUET 2022 Exams. Go through the whole article and follow all the tips given on this page to pass CUET 2022 exam with flying colours.

  1. Conceptual Clarity: Be it theory or practical subjects, make sure you are conceptually strong in the topics. You can watch some Youtube Videos on certain topics as they are available free of cost or consult your teacher. But make sure to understand the topic properly before the exams. If you just mug up and appear for the exams, things could turn out to be shaky for you.
  2. Revision: Make sure to revise all of your syllabus before appearing for the exams. At least revise each topic twice. The more you revise the more clear the topic gets in your head. And revising time and again will make sure that whatever you read is registered in your brain. So it is important to revise each and every topic you’ve read. Devote special time for revision, for example, you can set one hour every day for revision after you complete all your studies.
  3. Making a Schedule: The CUET 2022 Exams are just a few days ahead. You do not have a lot of time so it is better to make a timetable and follow it properly. Try to cover more than two subjects each day. There should be a proper balance between theory and practical. 
  4. Practice Questions: The more questions you practice the better chance you have of scoring more marks. Try solving the CUET 2022 Practice Papers available at the official website, as they are following the exact same pattern as CUET 2022 official exams. While practising the questions make sure you do not take a lot of time as you will have to answer all the questions within the stipulated time.
  5. Being Positive: You have to try and be calm and positive in your approach. You may find certain questions new or tough but you should not panic. Try answering the easy ones first and then appear for those which you find tricky.
  6. Go through your Notes: While studying for the exams you must have prepared your notes. It would be wise enough to read them thoroughly before the exams. In case you have not prepared your own notes you can refer to your class notes provided by your teacher.
  7. Taking Mock Test: The students must take the CUET 2022 mock test of Adda247 to assess their preparation for CUET 2022. In CUET 2022 mock test plays a very crucial role in preparation because after taking CUET 2022 mock test the students will be aware of their weak and strong areas. Therefore, the students must practice as much as CUET 2022 mock test they can. 
  8. Eat Healthy Food: The students must eat healthy food to get energetic all over the day. Avoid junk food, and try to avoid heavy food because junk food and high-calorie food will make you slow and you will feel sleepy the whole day. Healthy food is also a part of the preparation, which can make you energetic the whole day so you can focus on your studies.  

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FAQs on CUET 2022 Last-Minute Strategy to Crack Exam

Q1. Is it important to appear for the CUET 2022 Practice Paper?

Yes, it will be very helpful for the candidates if they go through all the questions in the practice paper released by NTA. The questions will help the candidates to get good exposure to the level of questions to be expected in CUET 2022.

Q2. When will the CUET 2022 Exams begin?

The CUET 2022 Exam is all set to begin from 15th July 2022 to 10th August 2022. 

Q3. What are the last-minute tips for CUET 2022?

In the last few days, the students must fully focus on revision and health. The candidates must have a proper schedule in the last few days where they can revise all the topics they have studied so far. 


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