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Kerala Plus Two Maths Question Paper 2024, DHSE 12th Answer Key

The Department of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE) Kerala organized the Mathematics exam paper for both the science and commerce stream students on 7th March 2024 in a single shift in offline mode. Students can get the Kerala Plus Two Maths Question Paper 2024 along with the answer key on this page. The board releases the question paper in the public domain after the conclusion of the exam paper. The model papers are already released online and candidates can download the sample paper with solutions PDF here.

Kerala Plus Two Maths Question Paper 2024

The Kerala Plus Two Maths Question paper 2024 contains a variety of questions, ranging from objective type questions to long answer-type questions. The Kerala Plus Two question paper 2024 must be solved within 2 hours with an additional 15 minutes allotted for reading the questions, known as the cool-off time. The Kerala +2 Mathematics board paper contains questions from the standard syllabus prescribed by the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE).

The Kerala Board Class 12 Mathematics Question Paper 2024 has the weightage of 60 marks, the rest of the 40 marks are awarded based on the internal assessment and practical examination Exams for the Kerala Board Plus Two, are very important for the future of students. To get admitted to a higher education program, students must pass the exam and receive satisfactory grades. So, students must prepare with full dedication and practice from the PYQ papers and model papers provided below.

Kerala Plus Two Maths Question Paper 2024: Highlights

The Kerala plus two Maths question paper 2024 is important for every science, commerce, and arts stream students, who took Mathematics as their subject. There is no negative marking in +2 Maths exam, so students should utilize this marking scheme and try to attempt as many questions as they can. The highlights of the Kerala plus two Maths question paper 2024 are given below.

Parameters Details
Exam Name Kerala +2 final exam
Academic Year 2023-24
Subject Mathematics
Exam Authority Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE)
Exam Date 7 March 2024
Exam Duration 2 hours (extra 15 minutes for reading questions)
Exam Paper Marks 60
Exam Mode Offline (Pen and Paper-based Exam)
Exam Medium English and Malayalam
Plus two Maths question paper 2024 Release date 7 March 2024
Mathematics +2 sample paper 2024 release status Released
Negative Marking No
Official Website www.dhsekerala.gov.in

Kerala 12th Maths Paper Download 2024

The Kerala 12th Maths board exam paper PDF 2024 is being provided by us below. The board paper provided below is the actual board exam paper asked on the 7th of March 2024. The question paper PDF has been made available after the conclusion of the exam.

Kerala Plus Two Maths Question Paper 2024 PDF

Kerala Plus Two Maths Paper Analysis 2024

As per the subject experts and students, the Kerala Plus Two Maths exam paper 2024 was of the easy level. Some questions were of the moderate level. But the overall paper was easy and students who prepaped diligently for the exam can score full marks. The questions were easy than the Maths model paper released by the DHE Kerala. Some of the questions were directly asked from the model paper.

Plus Two Mathematics Model Question Paper 2024

The +2 Mathematics model question paper 2024 has been released by the DHSE Kerala for the March final examination. The Plus Two Mathematics model question paper 2024 is based on the latest exam pattern that contains questions of the modern nature. The students can download the +2 Maths model question paper 2024 PDF free of cost in this article below. The actual exam paper is very similar with the model paper, so students should master all types of questions present in the model paper.

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Plus Two Maths Model Questions 2024

The important questions for the Kerala +2 Mathematics paper is provided below for students going to take the board exam in the second week of March.

Q. (i) Find the vector equation of the plane
3x + 4y – z + 5 = 0 (1)
(ii) Find the equation of the plane passing through the points (1, 2, 3), (0, 0, –5) and (2, –1, – 4).

Q. Show that the function defined by y = cos(x²) is a continuous function. 

Q. Find the interval at which f(x) = 10 – 6x – 2x² is increasing or decreasing.

Q. Verify Rolle’s theorem for the function

f(x) = x² + 4x – 3, in the interval [–5, 1].  

Q. (i) Find slope of the tangent to the curve y = x² + 1 at x = 1.
(ii) Find the equation of the normal to the curve y = x² + 1 at (1, 2).

Q. Consider the vectors

a = 3^i + ^j + 4^k and b = ^i – ^j + ^k

(i) Find a x b. 
(ii) Find the area of the parallelogram whose adjacent sides are a and b. 
(iii) Find a vector perpendicular to both a and b.

Q. If E and F are two events with P(E) = 3/5, P(F) = 1/3 and P(E∩F) = 1/5. Are E and F independent?

Q. Let A and B be independent events with P(A) = 0.3 and P(B) = 0.4. Find
(a) P(A∩B)
(b) P(A/B)
(c) P(A∪B) 

Q. Solve the system of equations using Matrix Method.
x + 2z = 2
y + 2z = 1
4y + 9z = 3 

Q. Solve the Linear programming problem graphically
Maximize, z = 3x + 2y
Subject to, x + 2y ≤ 10
3x + y ≤ 15
x, y ≥ 0 

+2 Kerala Maths Model Question Paper 2024 PDF

The Kerala Plus two Mathematics model question papers 2024 were made available on the board’s official website in February 2024. This page also contains the Kerala 12th sample question papers in PDF format for students to download along with the answer key. For better preparation, students studying for the Kerala DHSE second year final examination should download the Kerala +2 model question paper for Mathematics subject. The PDF of the +2 Maths model question paper 2024 is given hereunder.

Kerala Plus Two Maths Model Paper 2024 PDF

Kerala Plus Two Maths Model Paper

CUET 2024

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DHSE +2 Maths Sample Paper 2024 with Solutions

The sample paper 2024 for the DHSE +2 Mathematics exam 2024 in Kerala has been formulated by the subject experts along with the answer key. The answer key contains step by step solutions that students must write to score full marks in the exam. By going through the sample paper and its solutions, students will surely be able to grasp all the important concepts and score high marks in the exam. The sample paper 2024 pdf and the answer key is provided herein.

Kerala Plus Tow Maths Sample Paper 2024 with Solutions PDF

Kerala HSE +2 Mathematics Previous Year Question Paper

The previous year paper is the closest resource that resembles the actual exam paper. So, it is highly important for students to go through the Kerala HSE +2 Mathematics Previous year question paper provided below.

Kerala HSC Plus Two Board Exam 2023 Maths Question Paper

Kerala HSE +2 Maths Previous Year Paper 2021

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HSC Plus Two Math Answer Key 2024 Kerala

The HSC Plus Two Math answer key for the Kerala Board has been made available by our experts. The answer to the objective questions asked in the Plus Two Maths exam paper on the 7the of March will be provided below. Students should match their responses with the provided answer options to predict their score. Students should stay in touch with this page to get the latest exam papers shortly.

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What is the maximum marks for the Kerala +2 Mathematics board paper?

The Kerala +2 Maths board exam paper 2024 is held for 60 marks.

What is the time given to solve the DHSE +2 Math final examination paper?

Students are given 2 hours to write the Kerala HSE Maths final exam paper 2024. Apart from that, students are given an extra cool-off time of 15 minutes in the beginning to read the question paper.

Is there any graph-based question in the +2 Mathematics exam paper?

Yes, the Kerala +2 Mathematics exam paper contains a graph-based question on the topic of linear programming.

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