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GSEB SSC Science Question Paper 2024 with Answer Key

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) held the public Class 10 Science examinations on March 18, 2024. The GSEB SSC Science paper 2024 was conducted for 80 marks. Students got a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes to solve the Gujarat Board Class 10 Science paper. The GSEB Science paper 2024 consisted of four sections – Section A, Section B, Section C, and Section D. The GSEB SSC science question paper 2024 was based on the model paper released earlier by the board.

GSEB SSC Science Question Paper 2024

Students of the Gujarat Board 10th Science Model Paper 2024 can download the GSEB SSC Science Question Paper 2024 immediately using the links given on this page. Along with the question paper, we are also providing the GSEB SSC Science Answer Key 2024. Gujarat Board SSC Science Question Paper PDF will be useful for students who plan to take the exam next year. All the relevant information regarding the test and the key SSC Science questions is available on this page.

GSEB Class 10 Science Paper 2024: Overview

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board Class 10 Science exam began at 10 a.m. The Science paper concluded at 1.15 p.m. Students were given an additional 15 minutes to read the GSEB SSC Science Question Paper 2024. In the state of Gujarat, the GSEB Board oversees and guides the SSC final exam. This table contains more information about the Unofficial GSEB SSC Science Answer Key 2024 and the question paper.

Gujarat Board SSC Science Paper 2024 – Overview
Particulars Details
Board Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board
Name of Exam Gujarat Board SSC/10th Class Examination 2024
Name of the Subject Science
Category GSEB 10th Class Science Question Paper & Science Answer Key 2024 PDF
Exam Date March 18, 2024,
Exam Timings 10 am – 1.15 PM
GSEB SSC Science Answer Key 2024 Release date 18th March (Unofficial)
Official Website www.gseb.org

CUET 2024 प्रतिज्ञा Commerce

Gujarat Board SSC Science Paper Pattern

Read information on the GSEB SSC Science paper pattern for sections A, B, C and D can be found below.

  • Answer the questions in Section A, as requested. There are 24 objective questions, each worth one mark. This section will require the completion of all questions.
  • This section consists of Objective Questions like MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MRQs (Multiple Answer MCQs), True-False Statements, Blank, Definition, Formula, Units, and Super Short Answer Questions.
  • Answer in one word or sentence. Give your full name. Among the given words, identify the incongruous, arrange in order, join, and so on. Questions can be asked.
  • In Section B, answer any nine (9) short questions from Exercises 25 to 36 (12 questions). Secondary questions are worth two points each.

GSEB SSC Science Question Paper 2024 with Answer Key_4.1

GSEB SSC Science Question Paper 2024 PDF

The board question paper PDF for the GSEB SSC Science exam 2024 is being provided below. The current board students can use this paper as a reference source to check their answers. The upcoming board students can use the paper to practice for the board exam. Stay tuned to get the question paper pdf soon.

GSEB SSC Science Exam Paper Analysis 2024

The GSEB SSC science paper was moderate with a good mixture of easy and thoughtful questions. The question was not too lengthy and students could complete the exam in the allocated time. Check out the students’ reaction and expert review for the exam paper below.

Students’ Reaction

As per the students, the question paper analysis is given below.

  • Question Types Asked: MCQs, Fill in the blanks, True/False, Very short answer type questions, Short answer type questions, long answer type questions
  • Tricky Part of the Paper: MCQs, long answer type questions
  • Section-wise Exam Review: Section A was easy but lengthy than the previous year while Section B and Section C were moderately challenging. The Section D was lengthy with some tough questions

Expert Review

The expert review have been shared for the Gujarat Board Class 10 Science paper 2024

  • Experts concur that the question paper will be classified as easy to easy-to-moderate based on input from students.
  • Any student can anticipate getting easy grades if they have completed all of the required readings and a few practice exams.
  • There was not one unusual or shocking question.
  • Every question was anticipated, drawn from the board-established curriculum and the textbook.
    There were both simple and difficult questions.

GSEB SSC Science Answer Key 2024

Students who are taking the SSC exam this year need to know the correct answers to analyze their Science papers and predict their scores properly. The GSEB SSC Science answer key 2024 table below contains answers to objective questions from various paper sets. Our expert teachers prepared the Science answer key, and the answers are completely correct. The following is a list of answers to the different GSEB SSC Science Questions 2024 for Gujarat Board Board Class 10. This table will be updated on exam day.

GSEB SSC Science Answer Key 2024
Question No 1 Answer Code
i Will be updated here.
ii Will be updated here
iii Will be updated here
iv Will be updated here
v Will be updated here
vi Will be updated here
vii Will be updated here
viii Will be updated here
ix Will be updated here
x Will be updated here

SSC Science Model Question Paper 2024

Get all of the details and pdf of the Gujarat SSC Science Model Paper 2024 for 10th grade here. Most of the important questions from the model paper are asked every year in the real exam. As a result, students have a better understanding of which questions to practice for the Secondary Standard Examination 2024.

GSEB SSC Science Model Paper 2024 PDF

GSEB SSC Science Important Questions 2024

Write the answer to the question as per instructions.
(1 mark for each question)

  • For the following statements choose the correct option from the options given below them
    What color does turmeric give with the base substance?
    (A) Yellow
    (B) Brownish yellow
    (C) reddish brown
    (D) Black
  • Which of the following compounds contains -OH functional group?
    (A) Butanone
    (B) Butanol
    (C) Butenoic acid
  • In which part of digestive tract food is completely digested?
    (A) Stomach
    (B) Mukhaguha
    (C) Large intestine
    (D) Butenal
    (D) Small intestine
  • Write the unit of current.
    (A) Coulomb
    (B) Ampere
    (C) Volt
    (D) Ohm
  • Which of the following would you choose to read small letters found in a dictionary?
    (A) Concentric lens
    (C) Inverted mirror
    (B) Concentric lens
    (D) Convex mirror
  • Write whether the following statements are true or false –
  1. Metals like lead, copper, and silver do not react with water at all.
  2. Reproduction in Leishmania is by fission.
  3. The pupil does not regulate the amount of light entering the eye.
  4. Sour yogurt contains acetic acid.
  • Answer the following questions as requested.

Blood sugar levels are regulated by which endocrine system?
Find and write the mismatched pair from the following.
(A) Retina – light-sensitive membrane
(B) Corneal – crystalline lens

  • In the closed Mendel’s pea experiment, the offspring structure during the second generation is TT, Tt, tt. Distinguish between the dominant structure and the passive structure.
  • During a program, a doctor guided the students regarding sexual education. He said that since sexual intercourse establishes a physical relationship. Bacterial and viral diseases such as gonorrhea, AIDS, syphilis, and warts can sometimes be transmitted. The program explained that population control can be done through mechanical and chemical methods. Methods such as the use of contraception, use of figures, use of copper-tee, female sterilization, and male sterilization were given information. So answer the following question from the above discussion.
    (a) Classify sexually transmitted diseases into bacterial and viral diseases.
    (b) Name any two tools for mechanical methods of population control
  • The color of light is kept red in danger signals Give scientific reason.
  • If a current of 0.5 A flows through the filament wire of an electric bulb for 10 minutes, calculate the charge carried in the circuit.
  • Write Fleming’s left hand rule. Name any two electrical devices that work on this principle.
  • Give the difference: Biodegradable substances – Non-biodegradable substances
  • What is housing system? State its components.

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When will the GSEB SSC Science exam 2024 happen?

GSEB will held the Science exam in both government and private schools across Gujarat on March 18, 2024.

How to get GSEB SSC Science Question Paper 2024?

Unofficial GSEB SSC Science Answer Key 2024 and the Science question paper will be given here on 18th March 2024.

Can I get the full solution of the GSEB SSC Science Paper 2024?

Yes we will try to give your all the correct answers of GSEB Science paper of class 10.

How to download GSEB SSC Science Answer key 2024?

Our expert teachers will prepare the GSEB Class 10 Science answer key pdf here.

What is the full marks of GSEB SSC Science Question Paper?

The paper will be worth 80 marks.

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