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Different Career Options After Law- Check Best Jobs after Law Degree in India

Different Career Options After Law: Law is one of the oldest and most attractive fields of education that offers diverse career options. Even while the stereotype of a lawyer as someone who works only in courts is still widely held, the legal field has changed dramatically, providing access to a wide range of specializations and career options. Since a law degree is highly valued, it can be used to pursue various fulfilling employment options outside of traditional legal practice. If you have a background in law and are wondering what to do with your degree, what should you do? After the LLB course, what? Then it would help if you read this article. The greatest careers after law school will be discussed here, along with a guide to the LLB opportunities in India.

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Different Career Options After Law

Law is the field of education that deals with the legislative aspects of the society. With the evolution of human civilization and just society, the concept of law evolved in proportion. The concept of equality before the law and the introduction of civil rights and liberties ensured that the legal practitioners will function as the watchdog of democracy. With time, the interpretation and jurisdiction of law has widened into new arena like patent law, cyber law, etc. Now law graduates can opt for different career paths apart from the conventional path of becoming a lawyer. Some of the diverse career options after law are Litigation Lawyer, Corporate Counselor, Cyber Law Expert, Criminal Lawyer, etc. Let us know about the diverse career opportunities for law graduates in the subsequent sections.

Importance of Law Degree

Gaining a legal degree gives you a thorough understanding of the rules, regulations, and practical applications of the law. Many professions, such as those in law, business, government, and public policy, require this understanding. A law degree strengthens your analytical and critical thinking abilities. These abilities are necessary for comprehending complicated legal matters, locating pertinent information, and creating persuasive arguments. Effective communication skills with clients, judges, and other legal professionals become a key skill of law graduates. They also develop the ability to carry out in-depth legal studies and clearly and succinctly present their findings. Due to these multiple skills, a candidate with law degree is well respected.

Different Career Options after Law in India

In India nowadays, choosing a legal career has become the most popular option. Over time, it has greatly expanded and changed. Students can choose to enroll in a five-year LLB program after the 12th grade or a three-year LLB program after graduation, depending on their preferences. Though chances have expanded, it was once thought that studying law restricted one to the courtroom. Careers as judges, litigators, corporate or commercial lawyers, and patent attorneys are increasingly available to law graduates. In India, universities and law colleges offer LLB (undergraduate law course), LLM (post graduate law course) and PhD law courses. The top 10 job opportunities and their details available after Law degree are given below.

1) Litigation Attorney

This is one of the most conventional career path that a law graduate in India prefers. The majority of legal professionals chose this as one of the greatest careers after earning their LLBs. You must have completed a 3-year LLB program or a 5-year BBA LLB Integrated degree in order to be eligible to practice law as an advocate in court. This is a highly sought-after LLB and BA LLB employment opportunity that will qualify you to become an advocate in India.

2) Cyber Lawyer

In information technology, breaches, hostile attacks, and other fraudulent acts are widespread. As a result, among the most sought-after careers after LLBs are cyber lawyers. Cyber lawyers are in high demand worldwide from both public and private elite organizations. Intellectual property, data security and privacy, cybercrimes, and electronic and digital signatures are all issues that need to be addressed by a cyber law specialist.

Computers, networks, and mobile devices are the three primary categories that comprise the cyber domains. You can become an expert in the topic of cyber law by choosing any certification program, degree, or diploma. Cyberlaw graduates can find employment as legal consultants, cyber assistants, cyber attorneys, or cybersecurity forensic specialists.

3) Human Rights Lawyer

A human rights lawyer is among the greatest careers after LLB for both professionals and recent graduates. A lawyer with expertise in human rights advocacy and defense is known as a human rights lawyer. He is qualified to operate in non-governmental, intergovernmental, and governmental settings. Human rights attorneys have numerous options both domestically in India and internationally in numerous human rights organizations including the United Nations.

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4) Legal Author/Writer

One of the sectors that provides LLB graduates with a variety of professional options is publishing and media. As writers and publishers for print media like newspapers and magazines as well as electronic media like news channels, lawyers and legal advisors operate in these fields. They are essential in educating the people about the law.

The average person cannot understand things like annual government bills, the money that the government distributes to various sectors, the investments made by large corporations in various sectors, and the effects these actions would have on the economy. A media-savvy lawyer breaks down these complex legal concepts into easily digestible language for the general public. Thus, one of the most rewarding careers is that of a legal writer or novelist.

5) Company Secretary

After LLB, company secretary is one of the most lucrative corporate positions. You can enroll in the best company secretary courses after earning an LLB degree. The LLB+CS combination has gained a lot of popularity recently, and many organizations are actively seeking candidates with these credentials. Salary after LLB will be high, and career advancement and excellent positions will follow obtaining a law degree.

6) Magistrate

The position of magistrate is without a doubt one of the greatest after LLB if you want to work your way up to the top of the legal system. You can enter the judiciary after completing your LLB or BA LLB program, and you can dedicate a significant amount of time to studying for competitive exams. Once you pass the test, you can start your career as a magistrate and advance up the ranks to become a district and session judge or, after a few years of experience, a public prosecutor. Following law school, this is one of the most sought-after job paths because of the government-set salary requirements.

7) Business Lawyer

One of the best career paths for recent law graduates is business law, and becoming a business lawyer is one of the most sought-after corporate positions following graduation. If you’d like to expand your knowledge, you can become a specialist in business law. Professionals with experience in management are needed in every business. You can pursue an MBA (master of business administration) after earning your law degree. Candidates looking for LLB employment choices will have an advantage if they have an MBA.
Those who pursue an MBA after earning an LLB typically earn significantly more than other management professionals.

8) Corporate Counsellor

Among all legal sectors, corporate businesses are among the largest employers of young lawyers. Every year, thousands of appealing jobs become available to candidates, and LLB graduates are first in line to seize these incredible opportunities. A law degree (LLB) opens you to a wide range of professional choices. One of the best employment paths after earning an LLB is becoming a corporate counsellor, which offers many opportunities. Professionals with experience in management are needed in every business. Gaining an MBA after LLB (BA LLB / B. Com LLB) will open up several employment options for you and improve your comprehension of business rules.

9) Judicial Services

If you want to get to the top of the justice delivery system, this is without a doubt one of the best jobs you can get with a law degree. You can therefore enter the judiciary after earning your law degree if you are a strong student and have the time to dedicate to studying for competitive tests. Once you pass the test, you can become a magistrate, district and session judges, or public prosecutor. Government guidelines set the salary for these specialists. Without a doubt, becoming a lawyer is one of the most sought-after careers.

10) Legal Researcher

One of the top employment after an LLB degree can be found in the respectable education sector. Following your LLB degree, you can enroll in an LLM (Master of Legislative Law) program, which enables you to select a specialization that will enable you to gain expertise in a certain area. It provides access to obtaining a Ph.D. in the field of your choice. Most people who want to become teachers go for an LLM. It’s one of the greatest LLB career chances because the pay will rise dramatically with experience. Other opportunities in academia after a law degree include academics, PhD researchers, and researchers, among others.

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Government Jobs after LLB in India

Government jobs are the key to a successful and prosper life for a common India. Therefore most Indians prefer to get a government job. Below we have mentioned some of the best government job opportunities after a law degree (LLB) in India.

  • ILS Officers: The core of the government’s legal system is made up of ILS (Indian Legal Service) officers. They develop laws, handle lawsuits, counsel various government ministries and departments on legal topics, and provide legal advice on administrative and policy issues. They play a critical role in guaranteeing that the government acts by the law.
  • IAS/IPS/IRS Officers: These are some of the best administrative officers post available in the government sector. A law graduate can use his degree in understanding the complex administrative and revenue laws to solve real-life issues of administration. These jobs are one of the most prestigious in India.
  • Indian Customs and Central Excise: This department’s officers are in charge of upholding trade regulations, stopping smuggling, and enforcing laws pertaining to customs and excise. Their employment is demanding and satisfying because they are employed at different ports, airports, and border crossings.
  • Indian Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) Branch: The Indian Army receives legal advice from JAG personnel. They are in charge of offering legal advice on a range of subjects, including as court martials, disciplinary proceedings, and commercial agreements. In military tribunals, they also act as defense lawyers and prosecutors.
  • Legal Advisors in Bank: Bank legal advisors are in charge of making sure that the bank’s activities adhere to the law. In court, they defend the bank, and they offer legal advice on a range of topics, such as mergers and contracts.
  • Public Prosecutor: In criminal proceedings, public prosecutors act as the government’s representative. They construct and present cases in court in close collaboration with law enforcement organizations. They play a vital role in making sure that justice is done.

Different Career Options After Law – Specialization Courses after LLB

Higher education in the law field is provided in India through post-graduation LLM programs that offer legal specializations. Remarkably, the range of legal specializations in India is growing at a rapid pace. For instance, students are increasingly interested in the relatively new Cyberlaw and International Space Laws specializations. Some of the specialization courses after LLB are given below.

  • Criminal Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Civil Law
  • Labour Law
  • Cyber Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Environmental Law

Different Career Options After Law – After LLB Jobs in Bank

Banking is one sector which involves high risk and complex legal procedures. To understand the complexities of law and formulate perfect legal documents for different banking purposes, law graduates are required by the banks. Some of the job options available for LLB graduates in Bank are listed hereunder.

  • Specialist Officer (SO) Law
  • Legal Counsel
  • Company Secretary
  • Bank Law Officer
  • Legal Analyst

Different Career Options after Law – After LLB Jobs and Salary

One of the driving factors for any person to choose a particular career path is its rewarding salary. Due to high demand of legal practitioners in India, law graduates are offered handsome right after their college. The job and their respective salary for fresh law graduates are tabulated hereunder.

After LLB Jobs and Salary
Job Position Salary (Annual) in INR
Litigation Attorney 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Corporate Counsellor 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Cyber Lawyer 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs
Business Lawyer 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs
Company Secretary 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Administrative Officers (IAS/IPS/ICLS) 6 lakhs to 9 lakhs
Magistrate 6 lakhs to 9 lakhs
Researcher and Academician 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs
Legal Author/Writer 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs
Human Rights Lawyer 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs

Best Career Options After Law Video

Our Law expert at Adda 247 has given a detailed explanation regarding different career options after LLB in the following video. Every Law aspirant must go through the video.

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Name different career options after law in India.

There are different career options after law in India. Some notable ones are Litigation Lawyer, Corporate Counsellor, Legal Researcher, Business Lawyer, Cyber Lawyer, etc.

What is the freshers salary after completing their Law Degree in India?

The salary of a fresh law graduate will vary according to their potential. However, the fresh law graduates earn around INR 3 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs on an average in India.

Can I pursue an MBA after LLB?

It would be the best choice for a post-LLB profession. Even if there are many positions available after earning an LLB, you will stand out from the competition if you have an MBA in business law. After completing a BA LLB, one can follow a variety of careers or immediately pursue an MBA with a legal specialization.

What are the two types of LLB programs offered in India?

The two types of LLB programs offered in India are 5-year LLB program that students can pursue right after their 12th class and 3-year LLB degree that one can pursue after graduation.

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