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25 Important Previous Year Q & A | HCA Study Material [29 September 2021]

25 Important Previous year Q & A | HCA Study Material [29 September 2021]: ഹൈകോർട്ട് പരീക്ഷകൾക്ക് വിജയം നേടാൻ ധാരാളം മുൻകാല ചോദ്യപേപ്പറുകൾ വിശകലനം ചെയ്യേണ്ടതുണ്ട്. ഹൈ കോർട്ടിലേക്ക് ഒരു ജോലി എന്ന സ്വപ്നം പൂവണിയാൻ ശ്രമിക്കുന്ന എല്ലാ ഉദ്യോഗാർത്ഥികൾക്കും ഇനി വരാൻ പോകുന്ന പരീക്ഷകളെ ധൈര്യത്തോടെ നേരിടാൻ ഞങ്ങളിതാ നിങ്ങൾക്കായി മുൻകാല വർഷങ്ങളിലെ ചോദ്യപേപ്പറുകളിൽ നിന്നും പ്രധാനപ്പെട്ട ചോദ്യങ്ങൾ തിരഞ്ഞെടുത്തു അവയുടെ ഉത്തരങ്ങളും വിശദീകരണത്തോടെ നൽകിയിരിക്കുന്നു. മുൻകാല വർഷങ്ങളിലെ 25 ചോദ്യങ്ങളും , അവയുടെ ഉത്തരങ്ങളും (25 Important Previous year Q & A )ചുവടെ കൊടുത്തിരിക്കുന്നു.

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HCA Study Material: 25 Important Previous year Questions (25 ചോദ്യങ്ങൾ)

1. Whose birth anniversary was celebrated on April 13, 2016 at the UN head the first time with focus on combating inequalities to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ?

(A) Dr. B R Ambedkar                                                                (B) Sardar Vallabhai Patel

(C) Jawaharlal Nehru                                                                   (D) Subash Chandra Bose

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2. What is the theme of 2016 World Health Day (WHD) ?

(A) Food Safety                                                                           (B) Small bite, Big Threat

(C) Beat Diabetes                                                                        (D) Healthy Blood pressure

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3. Name the smallest country in the world ?

(A) Monaco                                                                                 (B) Vatican City

(C) Nauru                                                                                   (D) Maldives

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4. Which is the only snake in the world that builds nest ?

(A) Python                                                                                (B) Viper

(C) Anaconda                                                                           (D) King Cobra

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5. Who received the US National Medal of Science award, 2016 ?

(A) C.R.Rao                                                                             (B) Dr. Rakesh Jain

(C) Saurav Saha                                                                       (D) Niraj Kumar

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6.. Which state is popular for the ‘Dandiya’ dance ?

(A) Gujarat                                                                             (B) Punjab

(C) Maharashtra                                                                      (D) Andhra Pradesh

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7. How many states are there in India ?

(A) 26                                                                                      (B) 28

(C) 29                                                                                      (D) 27


8. Who is re-appointed as ICC Cricket Committee Chairman, 2016 ?

(A) Rahul Dravid                                                                    (B) Anil Kumble

(C) Saurav Ganguly                                                                (D) David White


9. Name the Bollywood actor who was named goodwill ambassador of the Indian contingent for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro :

(A) Amir Khan                                                                      (B) Amitabh Bachchan

(C) Shah Rukh Khan                                                             (D) Salman Khan


10. Name of the first animal that went to space :

(A) Laika                                                                               (B) Enos

(C) Belka                                                                               (D) Strelka

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11. Name the vaccination which is given freely to all the children below the age of 5.

(A) Hepatitis B                                                                      (B) Influenza

(C) Tetanus                                                                           (D) Polio


12. Who invented the first electric bulb ?

(A) Humphry Davy                                                              (B) Thomas Alva Edison

(C) Benjamin Franklin                                                         (D) Galileo


13. Who is the first Indian woman to win an Olympic silver medal for Badminton ?

(A) Sakshi Malik                                                                  (B) Nitendra Singh

(C) P.V. Sindhu                                                                    (D) Parvenn Rana


14. How many bones do sharks have in their body ?

(A) 4                                                                                    (B) 5

(C) 15                                                                                  (D) None


15. Which country is known as the ‘Lady of Snow’ ?

(A) Switzerland                                                                  (B) Canada

(C) Australia                                                                      (D) Iceland


16. Who developed the World Wide Web (www) ?

(A) Tim Berners Lee                                                          (B) Mark Zuckerberg

(C) Steve Jobs                                                                    (D) Bill Gates


17. Which is the tallest grass in the world ?

(A) Fountain Grass                                                           (B) Maize

(C) Bamboo                                                                     (D) Needle Grass


18. Name the eminent singer who has entered the Guinness World Records for singing the highest number of songs in several languages.

(A) P. Susheela                                                                 (B) Lata Mangeshwar

(C) Mohammad Rafi                                                        (D) Asha Bhosle


19. Which river is known as the “Sorrow of Bihar” ?

(A) Ganges                                                                      (B) Koshi

(C) Phalgu                                                                       (D) Mahananda


20. Name the child actor best known for playing Mowgli in Disney’s 2016 live action “The Jungle book”.

(A) Neel Sethi                                                                  (B) Jason Scott Lee

(C) Sabu Dastagir                                                            (D) Jamie Williams


21. Who is the present Chief Justice of India ?

(A) Hon’ble Justice H.L. Dattu                                        (B) Hon’ble Justice R.M. Lodha

(C) Hon’ble Justice T.S. Thakur                                       (D) Hon’ble Justice S.H. Kapadia


22. Who is the winner of Italian Open 2016 tennis tournament Men’s singles title ?

(A) Roger Federer                                                           (B) Andy Murray

(C) Novak Djokovic                                                       (D) Rafael Nadal


23. Which planet is known as “The Red Planet” ?

(A) Jupiter                                                                      (B) Uranus

(C) Mercury                                                                   (D) Mars


24. Name the tropical cyclone which caused widespread rains in Srilanka, India and later Bangladesh in May 2016 ?

(A) Hudhud                                                                   (B) Alia

(C) Roanu                                                                      (D) Komen


25. When is Earth Day celebrated every year?

(A) April 22                                                                   (B) June 5

(C) July 22                                                                     (D) October 5


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HCA Study Material: 25 Important Previous year Solutions (25 പരിഹാരങ്ങൾ)

1. Correct Choice : (A) Dr. B R Ambedkar

Solutions :

The birth anniversary of B.R. Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian Constitution and Dalit rights activist, would be observed at the United Nations for the first time with focus on combating inequalities to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The Permanent Mission of India to the U.N. in association with the Kalpana Saroj Foundation and Foundation For Human Horizon will commemorate the 125th birth anniversary of the Dalit icon on April 13 at the U.N. headquarters here, a day before his birthday.


  1. Correct Choice : (C) Beat Diabetes

Solutions : The World Health Day (WHD) is observed every year on April 7 to raise awareness on different health topics.The 2016 theme is “Beat Diabetes” to scale up diabetes prevention, strengthen care and enhance surveillance.

The goals of the World Health Day 2016 are:

  • Scale up prevention
    • Strengthen care
    • Enhance surveillance

The day is celebrated every year since it was first celebrated in 1950 to mark the anniversary of the World Health Organisation (WHO) formation in 1948.

The theme of the WHD 2015 was Food safety.


  1. Correct Choice : (B) Vatican City

Solutions : The smallest country in the world is Vatican City, with a landmass of just 0.49 square kilometers (0.19 square miles). Vatican City is an independent state surrounded by Rome. Vatican City is not the only small country located inside Italy. San Marino is another microstate, with a land area of 60 square kilometers, making it the fifth smallest country in the world. Situated on the western bank of the Tiber River, Vatican City’s 2-mile border is landlocked by Italy. The official seat of the pope of the Catholic Church since 1377, Vatican City was not declared an independent state until the Lateran Treaty of 1929.


  1. Correct Choice : (D) King Cobra

Solutions : The King Cobra is the only snake in the world that builds a nest. While king cobras generally take shelter in animal burrows, under fallen trees and among rock formations, the females make specialized nests for their eggs. King cobras are the only snakes known to build and guard their nests. The mounded nest of forest litter is composed of two parts: a lower chamber where the eggs are warmed by the decomposing leaves and vegetation, and the upper portion where the female lives while she guards her eggs. The male king cobra also guards the nest and female. In 60 to 90 days, just before the eggs hatch, both the king cobras abandon the nest, leaving the baby cobras to hatch alone.


  1. Correct Choice : (B) Dr. Rakesh Jain

Solutions : Rakesh K Jain, a professor of tumor biology at Massachusetts General Hospital in the Harvard Medical School, will receive the award from Obama along with 16 other recipients of the ‘National Medals of Science and National Medals of Technology and Innovation’ on May 19. Jain, an IIT-Kanpur alumnus, has received numerous awards for his work on tumor biology, particularly research on the link between tumor blood vessels and improving the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. He received his B Tech degree from the IIT-Kanpur in Chemical Engineering in 1972. The National Medal of Science was created by statute in 1959 and is administered for the White House by the National Science Foundation.

HCK Exam
HCK Exam
  1. Correct Choice : (A) Gujarat

Solutions : A folk dance of Gujarat, the dandiya raas has become immensely popular outside Gujarat too. A group dance, it takes its name from the ‘dandiya’ or the two sticks used during dancing, and is held after the evening aarti. Men and women, wearing traditional clothes and jewellery, spend hours performing this merry dance. Raas or Dandiya Raas is the socio-religious folk dance originating from Indian state of Gujarat and popularly performed in the festival of Navaratri. The dance is performed in the Marwar region of Rajasthan too. The etymology of Dandiya-Raas is in Sanskrit. Dandiya-raas exists in the different forms, including the collegiate competitive form. The dance style is now in a competitive format and a traditional format.


  1. Correct Choice : (C) 29

Solutions : India is seventh-largest country in the world and also the second populous. It lies in southern Asia. It is officially known as the Republic of India. It is governed by a parliamentary form of government. It gets very difficult to manage a large country from one place. So Indian Constitution gives the right to the central government to make states feels suitable. There are a total of 28 states and 8 union territories in India at present. Each state of India has an administrative, legislative and judicial capital some state all three functions are conducted in one capital. Every state is ruled by a Chief Minister.


  1. Correct Choice : (B) Anil Kumble

Solutions : Former India captain Anil Kumble has been re-appointed ICC (International Cricket Council) Cricket Committee chairman for a second term of three years. Earlier he was appointed as the chairman for his first term in 2012 and now he will continue to head the panel until 2018. Anil Kumble is all-time highest wicket-taker for India. Besides, former Indian Rahul Dravid was also named member of the ICC Cricket Committee. Anil Kumble featured in 132 Tests for India and scalping 619 wickets that include 35 five-wicket hauls. The spin stalwart also played in 271 ODIs for Team India with 337 wickets to his name. Anil Kumble is third in the all-time top wicket-takers in Test matches. He is behind Sri Lankan legend Muttiah Muralitharan and Australian icon Shane Warne.


  1. Correct Choice : (D) Salman Khan

Solutions : Bollywood actor Salman Khan was named goodwill ambassador of the Indian contingent for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro — an unprecedented appointment in the run-up to the quadrennial extravaganza.

The announcement was made in the presence of Olympic medallists and Rio star athletes such as boxer MC Mary Kom, hockey captain Sardar Singh, and shooter Apurvi Chandela, among others.

The association between Salman Khan and the Indian Olympic Association was facilitated by IOA’s official marketing agency IOS Sports & Entertainment.


  1. Correct Choice : (A) Laika

Solutions : The first animal to make an orbital spaceflight around the Earth was the dog Laika, aboard the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2 on 3 November 1957. Laika was a young, part-Samoyed terrier found as a stray in Moscow. She was chosen as the Soviet scientists believed a homeless animal would be better equipped to endure the cold, hunger and harsh conditions of space travel. However, with inadequate oxygen and food supplies, Laika’s death in space was expected from the outset of the mission.Laika and two other dogs (Albina and Mushka) were placed in increasingly smaller cages over several weeks. With her calm temperament and grace under pressure, Laika was chosen. Vladimir Yazdovsky, the leader of the Soviet space mission, described Laika as “quiet and charming.”


  1. Correct Choice : (D) Polio

Solutions : Polio, or poliomyelitis, is a crippling and potentially deadly disease. It is caused by the poliovirus. The virus spreads from person to person and can invade an infected person’s brain and spinal cord, causing paralysis (can’t move parts of the body). Polio can be prevented with vaccine. Inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) is the only polio vaccine that has been given in the United States since 2000. It is given by shot in the arm or leg, depending on the person’s age. Oral polio vaccine (OPV) is used in other countries. CDC recommends that children get four doses of polio vaccine. They should get one dose at each of the following ages:

  • 2 months old
  • 4 months old
  • 6 through 18 months old
  • 4 through 6 years old


  1. Correct Choice : (B) Thomas Alva Edison

Solutions : The electric light, one of the everyday conveniences that most affects our lives, was not “invented” in the traditional sense in 1879 by Thomas Alva Edison, although he could be said to have created the first commercially practical incandescent light. He was neither the first nor the only person trying to invent an incandescent light bulb. In fact, some historians claim there were over 20 inventors of incandescent lamps prior to Edison’s version. However, Edison is often credited with the invention because his version was able to outstrip the earlier versions because of a combination of three factors: an effective incandescent material, a higher vacuum than others were able to achieve and a high resistance that made power distribution from a centralized source economically viable.


  1. Correct Choice : (C) P.V. Sindhu

Solutions : PV Sindhu, who became the first Indian woman to win two Olympic medals. The 27-year-old scripted history at the Tokyo Olympics; she became only the second Indian and the country’s first woman to win two Olympic medals. Sindhu won bronze after a straight-game win over the world no 9 He Bing Jiao of China in the badminton women’s singles third-place play-off. Sindhu won the match 21-13, 21-15 in straight games.

The ace shuttler now has seven medals at the World Championships and Olympics combined, the joint-most for a woman’s singles player. She is tied with China’s Zhang Ning. Apart from her two Olympic medals, Sindhu has one gold, two silvers, and two bronzes at the World Championships.



  1. Correct Choice : (D) None

Solutions : Sharks have no bones. As they do not have any of the characteristics that describe a mammal, sharks are not mammals. For example they are not warm-blooded. Sharks are known a species of fish, but the skeleton of a shark is made of cartilage, unlike most fish. Cartilage is softer tissue, more flexible than bone, but still strong enough to hold muscle and skin in place. It’s the same stuff that you find in your ears and nose. However, the grooves caused by the denticles also make sharks more aquadynamic. They can move through the water without disturbing it and therefore can sneak up on prey. They are also arranged in an interlocking pattern that surrounds the body like a helix


  1. Correct Choice : (B) Canada

Solutions : Canada is known as the lady of snow by the poem of Rudyard Kipling. A note about “‘Our Lady of the Snows’: the Canadian context and reactions to Kipling’s poem of 1897”. In April 1897, Rudyard Kipling was so impressed by the Laurier government’s decision to reduce tariffs on imports from Britain that he crafted a poem of six verses hailing the generosity of the Dominion that he described as ‘Our Lady of the Snows’. The poem contains the usual exuberant blemishes that make Kipling difficult to read today – Canadians were described as “white men” and parliament at Ottawa became a “council” of “chiefs”. His literary strength lay in his ability to coin striking phrases.


  1. Correct Choice : (A) Tim Berners Lee

Solutions : Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989. Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist. He was born in London, and his parents were early computer scientists, working on one of the earliest computers. After graduating from Oxford University, Berners-Lee became a software engineer at CERN, the large particle physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland. Scientists come from all over the world to use its accelerators, but Sir Tim noticed that they were having difficulty sharing information. The basic idea of the WWW was to merge the evolving technologies of computers, data networks and hypertext into a powerful and easy to use global information system.


  1. Correct Choice : (C) Bamboo

Solutions : The Dragon bamboo also known as Giant Bamboo or Giant Burmese Bamboo- Dendrocalamus giganteus is the tallest known Grass in the world. In Favorable Condition, it can grow maximum up to 40-45 m height- Average height 20-25 m. The tallest recorded Dendrocalamus giganteus was 42 m (137.9 feet) high was recorded in Arunachal Pradesh, India. All the species of Bamboo is a type of Grass. In fact, Bamboo is the tallest grass in the earth. Bamboo is a perennial plant in the family Poaceae. There are almost 91 genera where more than 1000 species of bamboo are currently known and recorded.


  1. Correct Choice : (A) P. Susheela

Solutions :

Legendary playback singer of South Indian languages, P Susheela, celebrated for her versatility, has entered the Guinness World Records for recording highest number of songs in several languages in a career spanning over half a century. “Pulapaka Susheela Mohan (born 1935) has reportedly recorded up to 17,695 solo, duet and chorus backed songs in over six Indian languages since the 1960s, as verified on 28 January 2016,” said a citation of the Guinness World Records. She has sung songs in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and other Indian languages.


  1. Correct Choice : (B) Koshi

Solutions : Kosi, the sorrow of Bihar, has remained an enigma for engineers and policymakers for the number of avulsions it has had till date causing huge floods every time. Kosi is a transboundary river. It flows through Tibet, Nepal and India. After being joined by several tributaries it starts to be called as Saptakoshi by the time it enters India. It is 720 km long and drains an area of about 28,800 sq miles. The river Kosi is said to be very unstable, very often changing course and causing devastating floods. The instability is attributed to the large amounts of silt it carries during the monsoon season. Soil erosion and landslide in the upper course of the river produce one of the highest silt yields in the world. This is the reason it is referred to as the “Sorrow of Bihar”.


  1. Correct Choice : (A) Neel Sethi

Solutions : The Jungle Book is a 2016 American adventure film directed and produced by Jon Favreau, written by Justin Marks and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Based on Rudyard Kipling’s eponymous collective works, the film is a live-action/CGI remake of Walt Disney’s 1967 animated film of the same name. Neel Sethi plays Mowgli, an orphaned human boy who, guided by his animal guardians, sets out on a journey of self-discovery while evading the threatening Shere Khan. The film includes voice and motion capture performances from Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o, Scarlett Johansson, Giancarlo Esposito, and Christopher Walken.

Kerala High Court Assistant Complete Preparation Kit
Kerala High Court Assistant Complete Preparation Kit
  1. Correct Choice : (C) Hon’ble Justice T.S. Thakur

Solutions : Justice Tirath Singh Thakur enrolled as a pleader in October 1972 and joined the chamber of his father Late Shri Devi Das Thakur, former governor of Assam a leading advocate and later, a judge of High Court of J & K. Justice T. S. Thakur practised in civil, criminal, constitutional, taxation and service matters in the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir. He was designated as a Senior Advocate in 1990. He was appointed as an additional judge of the High Court of J & K on 16 February 1994 and transferred as judge of the High Court of Karnataka in March 1994. He was appointed as a permanent judge in September 1995. He was transferred as a judge of the High Court of Delhi in July 2004.He was appointed as Acting Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court on 9 April 2008 and took over as the Chief Justice of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana on 11 August 2008. He was elevated as a judge of the Supreme Court and assumed charge on 17 November 2009


  1. Correct Choice : (B) Andy Murray

Solutions : Andy Murray defeated the two-time defending champion Novak Djokovic in the final, 6–3, 6–3, to win the Men’s Singles tennis title at the 2016 Italian Open. Sir Andrew Barron Murray OBE (born 15 May 1987) is a British professional tennis player from Scotland. He had been ranked world No. 1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for 41 weeks, and finished as the year-end No. 1 in 2016. He has won three Grand Slam singles titles, two at Wimbledon (2013 and 2016) and one at the US Open (2012), and has reached eleven major finals. Murray was ranked in the top 10 for all but one month from July 2008 through October 2017, and finished no lower than No. 4 in eight of the nine year-end rankings during that span. Murray has won 46 ATP singles titles, including 14 ATP Masters 1000 events.


  1. Correct Choice : (D) Mars

Solutions : Mars is a planet. It is the fourth planet from the Sun. It is the next planet beyond Earth. Mars is more than 142 million miles from the Sun. The planet is about half the size of Earth. A day on Mars is 24.6 hours. A year on Mars is 687 Earth days. Mars is known as the Red Planet. It is red because the soil looks like rusty iron. Mars has two small moons. Their names are Phobos (FOE-bohs) and Deimos (DEE-mohs). Mars is very cold. The average temperature on Mars is minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Mars is rocky with canyons, volcanoes and craters all over it. Red dust covers almost all of Mars. It has clouds and wind, just as Earth does. Sometimes the wind blows the red dust into a dust storm.


  1. Correct Choice : (C) Roanu

Solutions : In Bangladesh, Cyclone Roanu made landfall on 21 May 2016, causing floods, landslides and submerging homes. Initial reports indicate at least 24 are deceased and up to half a million people have been affected. The death toll may increase as more information becomes available and emergency services reach more remote areas. Widespread rainfall totals of 150-300 mm are expected, raising significant concerns for life-threatening flooding and landslides. Some communities could be cut off by damaged or flood-ravaged roads and bridges.


  1. Correct Choice : (A) April 22

Solutions : Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by (formerly Earth Day Network)[1] including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries.  In 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace, to first be observed on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This day of nature’s equipoise was later sanctioned in a proclamation written by McConnell and signed by Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations.


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