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Which skill are better for you after completing class 10?

Skills are better for you after completing class 10

Skills are much more important than academic credentials in today’s world. The working environment is likewise rapidly changing, and there is a demand for jobs that were unheard of ten years ago. Students who do not want to pursue a career in science or business after class 10 have a number of additional options to consider. Following skill development courses after 10th grade is one of these options. These are the following skills one can acquire to get a good career platform after the 10th class:

English Learning

People are devoting more time to learning English as a second language nowadays. Many countries incorporate English in their school curricula, and children are learning it at an increasingly young age. Whether you’re looking for a new job or planning a trip around the world, learning English can help you make personal and professional growth. You can compete in the global job market, improve your professional abilities, and begin to meet individuals from all over the world.

It’s clear how vital English is all over the world. Many worldwide corporations hold meetings in English, colleges provide English courses, and visitors and travellers utilise English as a common language all around the world. But how did English grow to be so influential? It all stems from the British Empire, which spanned 25% of the earth’s surface at its peak. During colonial times, British monarchs frequently forced colonial subjects to use English rather than their local tongue. Although English’s history as a worldwide language is difficult, the language has had a significant impact on media, trade, and business. If you’re still undecided about learning the language, consider the following arguments.

Photo/ Video Editing

A profession in video editing entails gathering and cutting recorded materials into a visually pleasing and engaging style using both technical and creative talents. Most video editing professionals look for high-quality photos, clips, and angles to explain and convey a brand’s message to its target audience. Putting together audio and visual segments that educate audiences on a number of issues, such as industry topics, product promotions, or news updates, can also be part of these occupations. Some video editors work in the entertainment industry, making fun movies for short films, cinematic projects, and webisodes. A video editor goes over and over raw footage, looking for pictures and snippets that tell a compelling tale on screen. They might cut out unwanted material and choose clips to reorganise into a more aesthetically pleasing sequence.


With the growth of the advertising, media, and fashion industries, photography has evolved from a simple hobby to a lucrative professional option for people of all ages, particularly teenagers. A single snapshot can sometimes be far more eloquent than a thousand words, as the saying goes. To successfully turn a frame into a photograph, certain innate and acquired skillsets in the production and post-production sectors are required. Photography, unlike other subjects, is very adaptable. It offers a wide range of degree, vocational, and certificate programmes. It can also be learned for free or at a low cost online through several sources. A professional photographer, like a professional doctor, will need to invest in a nice camera, lenses, and other digital photography tools to get started.

Digital Marketing

Most people don’t think of digital marketing as a dream job while they’re still in school. However, when you evaluate the prospects in this fast-paced sector, you’ll see that the future of digital marketing is bright. One of the reasons why a job in digital marketing is so interesting is that the sector is always changing as new platforms are established. A digital marketing manager is continuously on the lookout for new trends and how they affect discoverability. Because digital marketing strategy has so many dimensions, the number of connected jobs is relatively large. In fact, the digital skills gap represents a problem for the sector.

Computer Programming and Applications

Knowing the basic applications of a computer is very important if your interest is in this field. Starting early always puts you ahead in the race of this competitive world. The process of writing code that makes software programmes work is known as computer programming. Programmers write operating instructions for the computer system using coding languages. A career in computer programming may be perfect for you if you have technical or computer abilities and enjoy using your coding language expertise to create or upgrade applications. The majority of computer programmers’ time is spent writing code to create, improve, or repair software systems. They usually work regular business hours and are well compensated. For people who appreciate learning new coding languages and wish to work in the technology field, computer programming is an excellent choice. Any complex technical challenges can be solved using problem-solving and critical thinking skills, making the job feel satisfying and fulfilling. If you want to earn a solid salary, work regular office hours, and spend your time behind a computer in an office setting, this is a wonderful profession to pursue.

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What skills should I learn after 10th?

After 10th a student should focus on acquiring skills that align to his/her interest and career goals. Skills are much more important than academic credentials in today’s world. A student can learn English speaking and writing proficiently, for any career goal he/she wants to choose. Other skills based on their career goals could be Photo/Video Editing, Photography,  Digital Marketing and Computer applications.

What is best job after 10th class?

After 10th class there are still many jobs that a person can do if he/she acquires the skill set related to it. Be it in the field of Defence by Joining the Army, be it photography and editing skills by joining this field or be it Computer or Digital Marketing skills for their respective fields.

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