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How to prepare for IIT after the 10th?

preparation for IIT after the Class 10th

One of the beneficial things to start preparing for IIT just after the 10th is you will get an ample amount of time to complete the vast syllabus of IIT JEE and not only this there are fair chances that you will crack IIT JEE in your first attempt. The students aiming for IIT must not take it for granted. National Testing Agency is responsible to conduct the IIT JEE examination. JEE examination has two stages, one is JEE Main and the second one is JEE Advanced. On this page, we have given all the tricks and tips for those students who are aiming for IIT after 10th class. Go through the whole article and follow all the tips given on this page to boost your preparation for IIT.

Give Priority to Important Topics

It is essential that you create a suitable strategy that will be truly helpful for your preparations. Priority should be given to practising the most important concepts. Some topics emerge repeatedly in question papers over several years, make a note of the questions that arise frequently and practise them. When you finish a concept, practise related questions to help you remember it effectively.

Make a TimeTable 

When creating a schedule, be as realistic as possible. Determine how many days you will study or whether you will simply study on weekends. Keep in mind that you must also prepare for your Class 11 or 12 exams, so set aside only 8 hours each week to study for JEE. Divide your time into small chunks and complete all the target syllabus of a particular day in the allotted time. JEE needs you to practise as many questions as possible, therefore set a separate time to practise questions.

Have the Right Set of Books 

Here we have given the book list for IIT JEE. Students can refer to any of the book for a particular subject and can start their preparation. The students must not run after multiple study resources they must have a limited number of books which are important for IIT JEE. 

Subject Name Books Authors
Physics Concepts of physics for JEE H.C. Verma (Vol. I and Vol. II)
Fundamental-Physics Halliday, Resnick and Walker
Chemistry Physical chemistry O.P. Tandon and A.S. Singh
Organic chemistry O.P. Tandon
Inorganic chemistry O.P. Tandon
Mathematics Mathematics class XI Vol. I

Mathematics class XII Vol. II

R. D. Sharma
IIT JEE Mathematics M.L. Khanna and J.N. Sharma

Know IIT JEE Exam 

JEE Main consist of two papers: Paper I and Paper-II. Paper I comprises 75 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) of 300 marks, whereas Paper II consists of 77 questions worth 400 marks. The examination lasts 180 minutes. The JEE Advanced test includes Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Both tests will be administered online (CBT).

Have Good Food Habits 

The students preparing for competitive exams or IIT must have healthy food habits to sit for long hours without getting tired. Good food habits will make you energize the whole day and you will feel fresh. The students must avoid Junk food because Junk food has lots of calories and heavy food can make you slow and sleepy. Have light food always to study for long hours and do not skip your meals. 

Have a Healthy Routine

The preparation for IIT is tough, lakhs of students sit every year and only thousands secure their place in reputed IITs. To sit for long hours and to be consistent in preparation the students must follow a routine where they wake up early or at any time as per their convenience but they must add yoga, exercises, and meditation to their daily routine to be motivated and consistent in their preparation. 

Daily Revision

After coming from school the students must have 30mins to 60 mins for revision because revision is very important to have intact things you have studied earlier. Our brain works in repetition, if you revise daily and you repeat the concepts you have studied earlier your concepts will be strong and you will feel confident. 

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FAQs on IIT Preparation after 10th

Q. How can I get IIT after the 10th?

The students have to qualify for 12th or in the 12th class in the specified year and can appear in JEE. On this page, we have given tips to crack IIT.

Q. Can I start preparing for IIT from Class 10?

Yes, you can start preparing for IIT from the 10th class. The early you start, the sooner you can get into IIT. 

Q. Which subject is best after the 10th for IIT?

The students must focus on Mathematics, chemistry and physics after 10th for IIT. The class 11th and 12th syllabus is the foundation of JEE. The students must have command over the syllabus of Classes 11th and 12th.

Q. Can we prepare for JEE after the 10th?

Yes, students can prepare for JEE after the 10th. On this page, we have given tips for preparation for IIT after the 10th. Read the whole article and follow all the tips given on this page. 

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