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Technological Up-Skilling Yourself across Domains

Are you a technical geek or someone who loves reading articles based on the technology domain? If yes, this article is a must-read for you. We will find an answer to questions like what is technological up-skilling, why is it required, how will up-skilling help us in the future? How can we apply technical up-skilling knowledge across domains and answers to a lot more questions? Read this article to find answers to all these questions.

How to Upskill Yourself?

Let’s look at the first question that comes to our mind after hearing the term Technological up-skilling? Just like we keep growing every day, we need to keep upgrading ourselves each day. Whether it is in day-to-day chores or it might be in technical terms. Up-skilling examples of up-gradation of knowledge and skills. Addition in learning new skills along with pre-existing ones will help us to gain more knowledge and experience. This is known as up-skilling.

Coming to the second part of the article, do you know why is the article headline not just on upskilling, but on technological up-skilling and that too across domains?

Let’s see what the technical term in up-skilling means when said together? Technological up-skilling means. It means to upgrade one’s knowledge not just simply on the day-to-day skills but specifically on technology.

Upskilling Ideas:

I can hear you ask a question to yourself! Why is technological up-skilling required? In today’s world, as the situation has forced people to work from home and attend classes online, technological upskilling is a skill we can look forward to learning. Those that had the technical skill before the pandemic started were able to survive comfortably during the initial days when work from home was announced.

People who didn’t have any technical knowledge suffered a lot. Especially employees who didn’t have proper knowledge on working online had to struggle.

How to upskill yourself  & your Employees:

Having proper knowledge in the technical domain is quite important. In 2020, lakhs of employees lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Studies indicate that AI will replace humans in the upcoming few years. As we all noticed in the year 2020, 90% of our work became automated. According to a study, the difference between Artificial Intelligence taking over and humans losing their jobs will increase every year. This is rapidly changing the work environment which we used to have earlier. This season compelled software companies to shift their initial work model to a new one. This gave rise to online jobs and remote work, which opened up opportunities for people all over the world.

The word upskilling is used as a camber, but to what extent is it being implemented in the industry? Up-skilling should be a continuous learning process throughout one’s career.

To learn technical up-skilling, you can always visit apps like Udemy, Course era, edX, and many others. Upgrade yourself each day with the latest technological trends. A few of the trending technological skills are:

  • Tensor flow
  • Cyber Security
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Blockchain
  • Neural networks
  • Linux Professional

Digital upskill yourself with Examples:

These are some skills which you must have if you are planning to work in the IT Sector. Now have a look at some basic tech skills you must have even if you don’t have any plans of working in the IT Domain.

  • Online Payment
  • Food Ordering
  • Paying your Electricity Bill
  • Ordering LPG Online

Learning these basic tech skills is not only important for you but as well as the elders of the family. As the world is moving at a fast pace towards digitalization, this is an extremely important skill to possess. At least elders need not be dependent on you or someone else when it comes to ordering basic stuff online, once they are taught the basic tech skills.

Conclusion: Coming to the end of the article, as the saying goes, precaution is better than cure. It is always better to be prepared for any such future pandemics which might again force us to be dependent on the Internet. In this article, we read about technical skills and why is it important for us across all domains and how this skill can prove to be beneficial for us in the future.

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  1. Why is it necessary for all to have technological skills?

In today’s world, almost all of the work we do in our everyday life has moved online. This has become a basic skill to have.

  1. Is a technological skill hard to acquire?

No, technical upskilling is not hard as it doesn’t require us to be professionals but rather to be able to do smaller tasks by ourselves.

  1. Is up-skilling important for all jobs?

Yes, upskilling is important for all jobs to avoid the same routine life in our comfort zone.

  1. Why do I need to up-skill myself?

Upskilling will help us to upgrade our life in many ways. It can be in terms of living, monetary gains, or routine work life.


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