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Tips to boost your brainpower for JEE

Cracking IIT JEE is a dream for every student who aspires for pursuing engineering. As we all know it is one of the toughest entrance exams in our country.  Every year millions of students apply for JEE. This exam will inspect your conceptual knowledge about three subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, and also probe your problem-solving analytical, logical, and critical thinking skills. To do all these things one needs to boost their brainpower to the maximum for cracking IIT JEE and score a higher rank to get the dream engineering college in the country. Here are some ways to do these things effectively and efficiently;

What does boosting your brainpower means?

Boosting your brainpower means training your mind to grasp more and more information and having a hold on them for a longer time.  Each of us is different from the other and has a different brain grasping power. For some students, it might take fifteen to twenty minutes to understand a topic completely while for few others it might take an hour or maybe a day to understand that very same topic.

Here some tips and tricks you would need to enhancing your brainpower so that you can grasp the concepts quickly and prepare well for the JEE main.

1.Laziness not allowed while approaching for efficient learning.

Most of us does the same mistake i.e. selecting a random topic to study and never makes a plan to complete the syllabus on time. This might lead to inefficient contributions towards enhancing your memory. This is because your mind is preoccupied with deciding what topics to study every day, finding notes and related study materials.

On the contrary, if one has planned out a monthly or weekly plan for the topics you would be studying on which days and have organized all your notes and study materials.

2.Taking good care of your health 

The first and the foremost requirement for the preparation of any exam is a healthy body which helps in creating a healthy mind. If one is busy watching TV till midnight, getting up late, and having no fixed schedule, then they are just spoiling their grasping power. IIT JEE demands sheer devotion and dedication which lacks in most of the students. follow these tips to keep their mind in a healthy state:

  • Sleep on time. Sleeping on time maintains the biological body clock and sleep enough so that you wake up fresh in the morning.
  • Have regular meals and eat a healthy diet that helps to boost your brainpower. Including nuts, vegetables, milk, cereals, peanuts, egg yolks, etc in your food can boost your brain grasping power.
  • Regular exercise is a must to strengthen your mind and body.

3.Retrieving relevant  information

When you are studying a concept for the first time, don`t expect yourself to remember it forever. It is mandatory to revise and repeat what you have learned to store the concepts in your memory for a long time. So developing a  habit to revise the topics that you have learned after regular intervals.  As you start revising a topic, always try to retrieve what you remember about that very same topic. Some of the students might get scared thinking what if they are unable to remember anything out of that topic they had just learned. But that’s a good thing because you would at least  know that you need to study that topic again with full concentration.”

4.Try thinking out of the box 

Umm….What’s that and how to do that? Thinking out of the box means getting new ideas and being creative. For example activities like painting, pottery, sketching, writing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, etc are quite creative and these are some of the best ways to bursting stress. Concept mapping or mind-mapping, brainstorming, or storyboarding also helps to boost your thinking abilities and hence enhance your logic and reasoning.

5. Clearing your doubts right away

Do not dump your doubts thinking that you`ll get that clear later. Try asking questions or seeks answers on your own. This would not only implies your education or IIT JEE syllabus but also for real-life scenarios, social issues, and situations that would further lead you to develop analytical thinking.


Practice is only key to score a high rank among the crowd of lakhs. Regular practice is what gives the edge to the toppers in any exam. It is one of the best ways to enhance your logical reasoning and aptitude skills for JEE is to practice JEE Main and Advanced questions as much as possible. Remember practice makes a man perfect. Hence regular practice is mandatory.

The Final verdict

Your IIT JEE preparations are incomplete if you don’t pay regular and devoted attention to empowering your memory and logical thinking skills. Always stick to your routine no matter what the occasions are, and stay organized, eat a healthy diet, engaging in creative activities, and feeding your curiosities are some of the ways you can increase your brainpower and logical thinking.

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