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Reading Makes a Lawyer Perfect, Check Importance of Reading for Law Students

What trait does a successful lawyer have that differentiates him/her from the average lawyer? The answer is finding clues and hidden meanings from the documents they are working on and preparing strategies based on this. Understanding the subtle nuances is highly important in the legal profession. The most important trait possessed by a perfect lawyer can be developed by voracious reading. It is a common saying in the legal field that reading makes a lawyer perfect.

Reading Makes a Lawyer Perfect

Most of the time time of a lawyer and law aspirant goes into reading different forms of documents ranging from criminal laws to company laws. To maintain current with the most recent advancements in their area and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the law, it is imperative that lawyers and law students read widely. Reading scholarly articles, legal texts, case law, news articles, books, and other materials that can offer perspective and context all fall under this category.

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How Reading Makes a Lawyer Perfect

Words are the raw material of the legal profession. In order to persuade the people around, lawyers must master the rich vocabulary and lofty words. And how can it be achieved? By reading a lot, of course!. Check some important points below that will tell you how reading is crucial for lawyers.

  • Reading can help you see things from a different angle. If you read carefully, you will understand the main points and get profound understanding. You will also gain an advantage over those who only skim or don’t read at all by being able to read between the lines. This helps a lot during case presentations in legal field.
  • Reading is an excellent way to start a conversation since it makes the topic or idea you are discussing easier to introduce and carry out. You’ll feel at ease and able to simply convey your point of view which is one of the most important trait a legal professional should possess.
  • Reading Expands Your terminology: Accurate word choice is essential for good writing and communication. A simple line said using the powerful vocabulary creates ae excellent impression on the minds of listeners. Rereading and speaking words out loud will help you become more familiar with terminology, since listening facilitates memorization and precise pronunciation.

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Importance of reading Reading for Lawyers

For the purpose of developing a detailed understanding of the law and staying current with the most recent advancements in their profession, it is imperative that lawyers and law students read widely and frequently. But it’s also crucial to study outside of the legal sector. Reading about economics, sociology, politics, history, and other relevant subjects can help you grasp legal topics from a new angle and in context.

Reading main sources like laws, regulations, and case law as well as secondary sources like legal commentary, law review articles, and textbooks should be a routine for attorneys and law students. This will help law students build analytical and critical thinking abilities as well as a greater understanding of the law and how it applies to various situations.

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Reading Makes a Lawyer Perfect: Important Reading Strategies

Flashcards, summarizing tools, and speed reading strategies are just a few of the resources and tools that can make reading more successful and efficient for law professionals and students. One can read more rapidly, remember more information, and review important topics more easily with the aid of these tools.

It’s also critical to study and analyze opposing viewpoints since doing so can help legal professionals recognize potential counterarguments and gain a more comprehensive grasp of legal issues. It might also strengthen and convince the arguments of legal luminaries.

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What Habits Should a Perfect Lawyer Possess

A sharp and shrewd law professional should possess certain skills that must make him or her stand apart from the crowd. Every aspiring law students should possess the habits mentioned below to develop the right set of skills needed to become a successful lawyer.

  • Because the legal profession requires consistent reading from foundational legal education through legal practice, one should be an avid reader.
  • Since most legal documents are written in English, one should be proficient in the language. Although it is encouraged, it is not required that you speak English fluently; rather, you should have strong writing abilities, such as an appropriate vocabulary and well-chosen words.
  • One should be interested in legal research or possess strong research abilities.
  • As technology advances frequently, one should keep up with it; in particular, lawyers need to be aware of the most recent developments in the field.

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Reading Makes a Lawyer Perfect: What to Read

To develop a good comprehensive abilities and a rich vocabulary, the lawyers and law aspirants should read the following items.


Newspapers are the most readily available source of up-to-date information; they can be found weekly or daily, and they provide us with daily updates on current events. Nowadays, the majority of publications have created a specific website or portal that is updated instantly.


Law aspirants should study a lot of books ranging from the legal books to fictional books. Textbooks are created in accordance with the university’s or institute’s authorized syllabus. They might or might not have first-hand knowledge. When learning about a subject for the first time, reference materials such as encyclopedias, theses, and reports serve as the main source of information.


Under the terms of the Indian Contract Act, an agreement is a contract that results from an offer made by one party and accepted by the other. Thoroughly reading agreements provides comprehensive understanding of all terms and conditions (whether disclosed or not) pertaining to both parties.

Journals / Magazines / Serials / Periodicals

According to their title, magazines are publications that are released on a set frequency, such as weekly, fortnightly, quarterly, monthly, or twice a year. It involves subscribing to and reading the most latest and updated content on that specific domain. One can find multiple of these in both online and offline mode.

Court Judgements

A judgment is a ruling made by a sitting court that is either appealable or not. A thorough ruling is a valuable source of information. A ruling must be made in writing, signed by the judge, and submitted with the case. For example, the Supreme Court of India’s landmark ruling in Justice K. S. Puttaswamy (Retd.) and Anr Vs. Union of India and Ors maintains that proper privacy is protected as a fundamental right under Articles 14, 19, and 21 of the Indian Constitution.

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How much do lawyers read a day?

The legal professionals read a lot as most of their work revolves around comprehending legal documents. However, there is no fixed hours as it varies from day to day.

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