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NEET Preparation- Tips, Best Books, Top Institutes

NEET Preparation: The National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET 2024) is one of the most difficult and highly competitive entrance tests in India for students seeking admission to the country’s top medical institutions. Though Every year lakhs of undergrad students apply for the NEET exam in order to pursue a career in medical science. But only a small percentage of the aspirants got selected.

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Aspirants who finally crack the NEET examination are eligible to register in the best Indian institutes for MBBS, Ayush, or BDS courses. As a result, before starting the NEET Preparation developing a sound plan and strategy is critical to organize your studies. All candidates planning to start NEET  preparation must develop a study plan in order to complete the NEET syllabus in time. Here in this article, we will guide you on how to start your NEET Preparation in the right direction, so bookmark this article and stay tuned.

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NEET Preparation: NEET Strategy for Students at Different Stages

In this post, we will discuss the common questions and doubts of all aspirants searching for NEET preparation Tips and strategies. NEET-UG is a popular medical entrance test in India for MBBS, Ayush, and BDS programmes. The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers the test as a national-level admission exam on paper. Candidates begin their NEET preparation at various times before the NEET entrance exam. Some aspirants begin their preparation early in class 11 or 12th, while others focus initially on the Class 12 board. The NEET preparation plan for each of these levels is unique and needs a different approach. To learn more about the approach for the specific level like class 11 students or droppers keep reading the article.

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NEET Preparation: Last Minute Tips for NEET 2023

NEET 2023 exam is scheduled to be held on 7th May 2023. Follow these last minutes NEET Preparation 2023 tips to give a finishing touch to NEET 2023 Preparation and keep faith whatever you study till now.

  • Do not begin any new topic in these last 10 days – It may appear demotivating, but this is not the time to begin a new topic that you have missed. This will only create misunderstanding and confusion in the minds of the aspirants. This is the time to go over everything you’ve already learned.
  • Practicing more NEET Mock Tests or Sample Paper –  Giving mock exams is an important element of NEET 2023 last-minute preparation advice. Time management is an important aspect of the NEET 2023 entrance test. As a result, by administering NEET mock examinations, applicants may learn how to answer questions in a timely manner. The more they practice, their accuracy and speed will get better.
  • NEET Previous Years’ Papers – Candidates should spend as much time as possible practicing sample questions and NEET previous year’s question papers to get a clear idea of exam-level questions. While preparing for the NEET 2023, medical students must identify their weaknesses and strengths and improve accordingly.
  • Focus on Time Management – Candidates must assess their ability to manage their time when taking mock examinations since this is a vital last-minute NEET 2023 preparation tip. Candidates must completely revise their weak topics in this NEET 2023 last-minute preparation.
  • Take Care of Your Health –  NEET 2023 last-minute preparation advice for NEET aspirants to maintain good mental health as well as physical health. You can’t afford to get sick at this time.
  • Don’t Panic & Have Trust in Your Preparation – Aspirants must not panic at any stage throughout their NEET preparation 2023. on the other hand, talk to someone about their concerns and doubts about your exam. Having entire trust in their NEET preparation 2023 is essential to score well.

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NEET Preparation Tips for Class 11 Students

If you are a class 11 student starting your NEET preparation now, the following two years will be the most important years of your life. The spur you develop in 11th grade will boost your chances of clearing the NEET Exam on your first attempt. Check out the best study Tips for NEET preparation for Class 11 students below.

  • Take a hard copy of the NEET syllabus
    Knowing and analysing the NEET syllabus is one of the first things to do before beginning your NEET preparation. The full NEET syllabus may appear daunting at first glance, but when you start studing the syllabus topic by topic ,it will be easy to complete.
  • Begin gathering appropriate Study Material
    To excel in any competitive exam like NEET you must have the correct source materials to help you with the preparation. Hundreds of NEET books, reference books and study resources are available on the internet and in the offline market. It is your obligation to ensure that only NCERT and standard books as reference in your NEET Preparation are collected.
  • Make a Practical Study Time Table – It makes no difference in your NEET Preparation whether you study in the morning or at night as long as you meet your daily study goals. You can try studying at different times of the day, such as in the morning and evening, and make a study routine according to this. When you’ll discover the optimal time to study for the highest productivity, according to that time create a schedule and stick to it religiously.
  • Keep yourself up to date with the latest NEET-related news –
    Visit the official NEET website on a regular basis to receive the most reliable and up-to-date information regarding the NEET exam. You can follow the Adda247 blogs related to NEET to get all the important notifications, that you must not miss.

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  • Avoid a backlog in your homework – Finish all of your school homework and tasks according to schedule. Complete all of your daily targets and coaching exercises on the same day that they are given. Keep pending work to a minimum and refuse backlogs.
  • Set daily and small goals – NEET Preparation is like a marathon race, so it demands consistent effort on your part. Instead of stressing about the extensive NEET syllabus, set daily, weekly, and monthly goals for yourself. To stay motivated, try to fulfill these minor goals on daily basis.
  • Start Preparing from NCERT books –
    NCERT books serve as the cornerstone and foundation for your NEET preparation. Before studying any other reference books, coaching, or study resources, make sure you have gone over your basic NCERT books thoroughly. NCERT books assist you to comprehend basic ideas so that you can solve complicated NEET questions.
  • If needed join a coaching programme for guided NEET preparation –
    Join Adda247’s JEE coaching in class 11 and seek advice from NEET specialists as needed. But you can continue your NEET Preparation through self-study.
  • Take notes during NEET Preparation –
    Start to Keep notes from the beginning of your NEET preparation. Important points, mnemonics, shortcuts, formulas,  and writing other important things from time to time must be included in your NEET Preparation. The revision will be very easy if you prepare good notes from starting
  • Maintain your discipline and consistency –
    You must be disciplined and consistent with your daily study routine while doing NEET Preparation.
  • Regularly revise what you’re Studying – We tend to forget so many different topics of NEET syllabus over time. As a result, NEET Prepation requires periodic revion, such as daily, weekly basis, and monthly to get a better grip over concepts.

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How much time should I devote to studying for the NEET 2023-2024?

Following board examinations, one must devote at least 10-12 hours each day to NEET 2024 preparation. However, study hours for any competitive test are totally determined by how quickly you grasp things, therefore schedule your study hours appropriately.

Can I begin studying for the NEET 2024 now?

Yes, now is the right time to begin preparing for NEET 2024.

Will NEET 2024 be easy?

NEET is one of India's most rigorous entrance examinations, and the best way to prepare for the NEET 2024 is to solve previous years' question papers and practice tests. It will give you an idea of the test pattern and the sorts of questions that will be asked.

How do you get 720 in NEET 2024?

Examine the NEET 2024 curriculum and keep it with you until the exam. Select the books and materials needed for NEET preparation. Join coaching and, if necessary, regular lessons. Make a schedule and attempt to stick to it every day. Read the theory of each chapter from NCERT textbooks, and keep your reference books to a minimum.

Is 7 months enough time for NEET 2024?

Yes, 7 months is enough time to clear the NEET examination. Everything comes down to your drive and willpower. You must be self-motivated to pass your NEET exam.

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