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NEET Chemistry Question Paper 2024, Expected Questions with Solutions

The NEET Exam consists of three sections and chemistry is one of the most important and Scoring sections of all. Only a few days left for the National Eligibility Entrance Test 2024, It is a very crucial moment for revision of the topics through practice. For the benefit of the students, the Adda247 Expert team provides you with NEET Chemistry Expected Paper 2024 with Answers on this page.

NEET Chemistry Paper 2024

Out of a total of 720 marks, the NEET Chemistry paper 2024 will have 45 questions worth 180 marks. NEET Chemistry has been divided into three sections: physical, organic, and inorganic.

Chemistry is regarded as the highest-scoring section when compared to Biology and Physics.  If we look at last year’s NEET Chemistry question paper, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry for around 36% of the weightage in the NEET Chemistry portion, whereas Organic Chemistry makes up 28%. Students must prepare thoroughly for the Chemistry section as doing well in this section helps to increase their overall exam scores.

NEET Chemistry Question Paper 2024 Important Topics

The NEET Chemistry question paper 2024 will be created in accordance with the updated syllabus. The NEET syllabus for chemistry was changed by NMC and thereafter given by NTA to candidates. The NTA has been reduced to around 9 units; nonetheless, new topics have been introduced to the chemistry syllabus. Check out the important topics of the chemistry section below.

Must Check |NEET Question Paper 2024, PDF Download with Solutions

Subject Topic
Organic Chemistry
General Organic Chemistry I
General Organic Chemistry II
Carbonyl Compounds
Alkyl Halides
Biomolecules and Polymers
Inorganic Chemistry
Chemical Bonding
Coordination Compounds
Periodic Table
P-Block Elements
Physical Chemistry
Chemical Kinetics
Mole Concept
Atomic Structure

NTA NEET Sample Paper 2024 with Solutions

NEET Chemistry Expected Paper 2024

The NEET Chemistry Expected Paper 2024 is created by skilled faculty at Adda247 with over 5 years of experience in the NEET segment. The chemistry predicted question paper for the NEET exam has been prepared following an extensive analysis of the most recent syllabus and NEET previous year’s question papers. By reviewing the chemistry expected questions, students will undoubtedly gain a better understanding of their concepts and increase their scores in the chemistry section.

Aspirants can also check the expected questions paper for Biology and Physics as well.

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NEET Chemistry Questions with Solutions

Here we have provided NEET Chemistry important questions after analysing the previous year’s papers. Candidates are advised to solve them and if they require answers to the following questions then feel free to comment down below.

1. Gem ‘ruby’ contains the impurity of
(1) Co
(2) Ni
(3) Cr
(4) Fe




What is the effect of the increase in temperature on the equilibrium of the reaction?
(1) Equilibrium is unaltered.
(2) Reaction rate does not change.
(3) Equilibrium is shifted to the left.
(4) Equilibrium shifted to the right.

3. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
(1) 03 is diamagnetic but O2 is paramagnetic
(2) Al2O3 is in soluble in water
(3) Ozone is powerful oxidizing agent compare to O2
(4) SO2 is an oxidising agent

4. A current strength of 9.65 amperes is passed through excess fused AlCl3 for 5 hours. How many litres of chlorine will be liberated at STP? (F = 96500 C)
(1) 2.016
(2) 1.008
(3) 11.2
(4) 20.16

5. When a metal is burnt, its weight is increased by 24 percent. The Equivalent weight of metal will be
(a) 2
(b) 24
(c) 33.3
(d) 76

6. In which one of the following, the number of protons is greater than the number of neutrons but the number of protons is less than the number of electrons?
(a) DO
(b) SO
(c) S
(d) OH

7. The correct order of decreasing dipole moment of
(1) toluene
(II) m-dichlorobenzene
(III) o-dichlorobenzene
(IV) P-dichlorobenzene


8. A 0.500 mL sample of an aqueous solution containing 0.48µi per mil of “Na is injected into the bloodstream of an animal. After allowing sufficient time for complete circulatory mixing, a 0.100 mL aliquot of blood is removed and found to have a net activity of 466 dam of Na. From this data, calculate the blood volume of the animal
(a) 63 mL
(b) 114 mL
(c) 681 mL
(d) 1247 mL

9. What is the decreasing order of strength of bases? OH, NH, H-CC.CH CH
(b) H-C-C>CH,CH>NH, OH
(c) H-C-C <CH CH <NH; <OH
(b) NH, H-C=COH CH,CH,

10. The addition of a catalyst to the reaction system
(a) Increases the rate of forward reaction only
(b) Increases the rate of reverse reaction only
(c) Increases the rate of forward but decreases the rate of backward reaction
(d) Increases the rate of forward as well as backward reaction equally

11. The vapour pressure of the solution of two liquids A(P-80mm), and B(P-120mm) is found to be 100 mm when X=0.4. The result shows that
(a) Solution exhibits ideal behavior
(b) Solution shows positive deviations
(c) Solution shows negative deviations
(d) Solution will show positive deviations for lower concentrations and negative deviations for higher concentration

12. The number of isomers of the compound C₂BrFCII is

(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 5
(d) 6

13. At a constant temperature, the equilibrium constant (Kp) for the decomposition reaction N₂O 2NO₂ is expressed by Kp (4x2P) (1-x2) Which one of the following statements is true where P= pressure, extent of decomposition.
(a) K, Increases with increase of P
(b) Kincreases with increase of x
(c) Kp Increases with decrease of x
(d) Kremains constant with change in P and x

14.. pH of 0.1 M solution of a weak acid (HA) is 4.50. It is neutralized with NaOH solution to decrease the acid content to half. pH of the resulting solution is (antilog of 0.5=3.162)
(a) 4.50
(b) 8.00
(c) 7.00
(d) 10.00

15. The second ionization potentials in electron volts of oxygen and fluorine atoms are respectively given by
(a) 35.1, 38.3
(b) 38.3, 38.3
(c) 38.3, 35.1
(d) 35.1, 35.1

16. If the pressure of a gas contained in a closed vessel is increased by 0.49% and the temperature increased by 1K then the initial temperature must be
(a) 250K
(b) 250°C
(c) 25K
(d) 25°C

NEET Chemistry Question Paper 2024, Expected Questions with Solutions_4.1

NEET Chemistry Question Paper 2024 PDF Download

As the NEET UG Exam is approaching, Our subject experts prepare several Sets of the Most Expected NEET Chemistry Question Papers with Solutions. Herr we have provided the NEET Question paper PDF prepared by Adda247 Experts.

NEET Expected Paper for Chemistry Download Link
NEET Chemistry Expected Paper PDF 2024 Link (Paper 1)
NEET Chemistry Expected Question Paper PDF 2024 Link (Paper 2)
NEET Chemistry Predicted Paper PDF 2024 Link (Paper 3)

More questions and answers to the above questions will be updated on this page. Stay tuned with us.

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How to prepare Chemistry for NEET 2024?

The best way to prepare for NEET Chemistry is to learn, memorize, and cover the entire Chemistry syllabus. Firstly Cover the NCERT textbook for Chemistry as per the latest NEET syllabus. Practice questions from each topic using both NCERT as well as other reference books.

What is the full marks of Chemistry in NEET?

The Chemistry part of NEET carries 180 marks and consists of 45 questions.

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