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NEET Physics Predicted Paper 2024, Expected Questions & Answers

The Physics section of the NEET exam accounts for 25% of the total number of marks and questions. That is, the NEET exam consists of 45 compulsory physics questions which amounts to 180 marks. To help you in acing the NEET Physics subject, we are providing students with the NEET Physics predicted paper 2024. The expected NEET paper provided here contains all the important questions that are most likely to be asked in the NEET exam.

NEET Physics Predicted Paper 2024

The NEET Physics predicted paper has been made by expert faculty for Physics at Adda247 who have many ears of experience and have successfully helped thousands of students score 150+ marks in the Physics section. The expected question paper for the NEET exam has been formulated after in-depth research. By going through the questions provided in the expected paper, students will surely improve their conceptual knowledge and NEET marks.

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NEET Physics Expected Question Paper 2024

The NEET Physics expected question paper has been made by taking into account the updated syllabus. As you might know that many topics have been deleted from the NEET physics syllabus has been omitted and many new topics have been added. The expected question paper contains many important questions from these new topics too. By solving this question paper, students will be able to boost their confidence and perform better in the NEET exam on May 5.

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NEET 2024 Physics Important Questions and Answers

Some of the important questions for the NEET 2024 physics section has been provided below by our experts. In ths past too, almost all of our important and expected questions provided have been featured in the NEET exam as it is or with slight modifications.

Q) Polar molecules are the molecules :

(1) acquire a dipole moment only when magnetic field is absent.
(2) having a permanent electric dipole moment.
(3) having zero dipole moment.
(4) acquire a dipole moment only in the presence of electric field due to displacement of charges.

Q) In a potentiometer circuit a cell of EMF 1.5 V gives balance point at 36 cm length of wire. If another cell of EMF 2.5 V replaces the first cell, then at what length of the wire, the balance point occurs ?

(1) 64 cm
(2) 62 cm
(3) 60 cm
(4) 21.6 cm

Q) The escape velocity from the Earth’s surface is v. The escape velocity from the surface of another planet having a radius, four times that of Earth and same mass density is :

(1) 3 v
(2) 4 v
(3) v
(4) 2 v

Q) A lens of large focal length and large aperture is best suited as an objective of an astronomical
telescope since :

(1) a large aperture contributes to the quality and visibility of the images.
(2) a large area of the objective ensures better light gathering power.
(3) a large aperture provides a better resolution.
(4) all of the above

Q) A spring is stretched by 5 cm by a force 10 N. The time period of the oscillations when a mass of 2 kg is suspended by it is :

(1) 3.14 s
(2) 0.628 s
(3) 0.0628 s
(4) 6.28 s

Q) A convex lens ‘A’ of focal length 20 cm and a concave lens ‘B’ of focal length 5 cm are kept along the same axis with a distance ‘d’ between them. If a parallel beam of light falling on ‘A’ leaves ‘B’ as a parallel beam, then the distance ‘d’ in cm will be :

(1) 50
(2) 30
(3) 25
(4) 15

Q) A screw gauge gives the following readings when used to measure the diameter of a wire
Main scale reading : 0 mm
Circular scale reading : 52 divisions
Given that 1 mm on main scale corresponds to 100 divisions on the circular scale. The diameter of the wire from the above data is :

(1) 0.26 cm
(2) 0.052 cm
(3) 0.52 cm
(4) 0.026 cm

To solve more important questions and view the answers of them as well as the questions given above, students should click on the sample paper link provided hereunder.

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Most Expected Physics Questions for NEET 2024

Checkout the most expected questions for the Physics section of the NEET 2024 exam. By solving these questions, students will get an idea of the overall difficulty level of the NEET UG exam paper 2024. The questions is based on the latest trends of the NTA.

Q) In a series LCR circuit, the inductance L is 10 mH, capacitance C is 1 qF and resistance fi is 100 D. The frequency at which resonance occurs is :

(1) 1.59 kHz (2) 15.9 rad/s
(3) 15.9 kHz (4) 1.59 rad/s

Q) A football player is moving southward and suddenly turns eastward with the same speed to avoid an opponent. The force that acts on the player while turning is :

(1) along south-west
(2) along eastward
(3) along northward
(4) along north-east

Q) An ac source is connected to a capacitor C. Due to decrease in its operating frequency :

(1) capacitive reactance remains constant
(2) capacitive reactance decreases.
(3) displacement current increases.
(4) displacement current decreases.

Q) The ratio of frequencies of fundamental 23 harmonic produced by an open pipe to that of closed pipe having the same length is

(1) 3 : 1 (2) 1 : 2
(3) 2 : 1 (4) 1 : 3

Q) The ratio of radius of gyration of a solid sphere of mass M and radius fi about its own axis to the radius of gyration of the thin hollow sphere of same mass and radius about its axis is?

Q) Calculate the maximum acceleration of a moving car so that a body lying on the floor of the car remains stationary. The coefficient of static friction between the body and the floor is 0.15 (g = 10 m s 2).

Q) 10 resistors, each of resistance fi are connected in series to a battery of emf € and negligible internal resistance. Then those are connected in parallel to the same battery, the current is increased o times. The value of n is :

Q) The resistance of platinum wire at 0°C is 2D and 6.8D at 80°C. The temperature coefficient of resistance of the wire is?

Q) A bullet from a gun is fired on a rectangular wooden block with velocity u. When a bullet travels 24 cm through the block along its length horizontally, velocity of the bullet becomes . Then it further penetrates into the block in the same direction before coming to rest exactly at the other end of the block. The total length of the block is :

Q) Resistance of a carbon resistor determined from colour codes is (22000 + 5%) CL The colour of third band must be :

Q) The net magnetic surface is?

Q) In the hydrogen spectrum, the shortest wavelength in the Balmer series is . The shortest wavelength in the Bracket series is?

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NEET Physics Most Expected Question Paper 2024

The most expected question paper for the NEET 2024 physics section is provided below in PDF. Each and every question provided in the question paper PDF has the chance of occurrence in the actual NEET UG exam paper. The questions in the physics section of the NEET exam will revolve around the same concept as asked in the questions given in the expected paper. The three sets of NEET Physics expected question paper 2024 is given below.

NEET Physics Predicted Paper 2024 Set 1

NEET 2024 Physics Expected Paper Set 2

NEET Physics Expected Paper 2024 Set 3

NEET Physics Predicted Paper 2024, Expected Questions & Answers_4.1

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What is the syllabus of the NEET Physics section?

The syllabus for the NEET 2024 physics section is identical to the class 11 and class 12 physics subject syllabus of the major Indian boards like CBSE, CISCE, etc. The NEET syllabus follow the topics of NCERT textbooks.

How many questions are there in the NEET Physics section?

The NEET physics section consists of 50 questions out of which 45 questions are compulsory.

The NEET physics section is divided into how many parts?

The NEET 2024 physics section is divided into two parts: Part A and Part B.

What is the maximum marks for the physics section of the NEET exam?

The physics section of the NEET exam has the maximum marls of 180.

Name some important topics from the physics subject for NEET 2024 exam?

Some important topics of NEET physics include optics, thermodynamics, rotational motion, semiconductor, laws of motion, etc.

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