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Last Minute Preparation Tips For JEE Main 2022

Last-minute preparation tips for JEE main exam

You must be preparing for your best-ever performance as the JEE Main 2022 Exam draws closer. You might pass the exam and get into your desired school with a good attitude and careful preparation. We’ve done our part by providing you with the best JEE Main 2022 last-minute preparation advice. For your advantage, we have gathered the same.

1. Keep it genuine

Even though many people support doing mock tests, it is possible to conduct one or two mock tests. It would be unlikely and difficult to sit down and solve practice questions all day. It is also not the best course of action. The ideal approach is to take a practice exam every day, assess the results, and then review them. This makes sure that you learn from your errors and don’t make them again on the important exam. Don’t allow a poor result on a practice exam to hamper or demoralise you. It’s critical to be practical and adapt at every turn.

2. Reduce Your Interaction

Speaking with people before a test typically results in unneeded thoughts and opinions. Prior to the exam, try to avoid interacting with your classmates or other candidates as much as possible. This might result in a clash of views or perspectives, which would undermine your confidence and morale.

3. Review Important Topics

When the test is only a few days away, only review the most relevant subjects. Spend no time reviewing the less significant subjects. This will ultimately result in a waste of time.

4. Maintain your health

Studying hard is beneficial, but pushing yourself so far that you get sick is not. Eating a balanced diet and getting adequate sleep are equally vital. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can find it difficult to concentrate, feel tired when studying, or even worse, throughout the test!

Spend six to seven hours in bed. Maintain calm and concentration by engaging in relaxation techniques like meditation.

5. Maintain order everywhere

Stay away from rushing to acquire the last-minute exam supplies. Make all of the necessary arrangements in advance. Create a specific file or folder where you may organise the vital documents to prevent losing important papers like admission cards.

6. Reject your own uncertainty

Don’t give yourself room to feel insecure. Maintain your faith and try your hardest. Regarding the performance in the JEE Main, there is no assurance. A day might go well or poorly. Just try your best, and keep going. The next few days are vital, but it’s important to remain calm and not get anxious. If you train yourself to maintain a strong mental attitude, you’ll realise that nothing and no one can stop you from achieving achievement. Before moving on to the next section, check a topic, take a practice exam, and get ready for that one.

7. Place a Focus on Speed

Knowing everything there is to know about a subject is useless if you can’t solve it quickly. The JEE Mains test design specifies that a question should not be attempted for more than two to three minutes on average. daily practise and time management exercises. You will achieve greater outcomes if you push yourself each day to answer a question in a certain amount of time.


The final advice for the JEE exam, which is taken every year in India, is now available. Many people have the desire of passing JEE and are accepted into one of India’s top engineering institutes. But only successful people are able to stick to a rigid schedule, finish their work, and allow adequate time for review. Additionally, having a solid plan of attack and participating in frequent mock exams may really help you succeed.

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Last Minute Preparation Tips For JEE Main 2022- FAQs

Ques 1. Can I use a calculator in JEE Main?

Ans. Calculators are absolutely not permitted in the JEE Main test. The only thing left for you to do is to get better at math.

Ques 2. How should I study for the JEE Main 2022 Exams?

Ans. The right mindset and a preparation approach are all that are required to ace JEE Main in 2022. To aid them in effectively preparing for the test, students are provided with a thorough study regimen.

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