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How to Score Good Marks in 10th and 12th Board Exam?

How to score good marks in Board Exam?

What are the simplest methods for scoring well on a board exam? This is a fairly straightforward and typical topic that crosses every student’s mind. Students who are drawn to their books are more likely to worry about getting excellent grades in each subject.

This article discusses how to do well on your board examinations, which entails studying for all of the topics and aiming to place in the top 10 students or on the merit list altogether. It is difficult to make the merit list or rank in the top 20 pupils. You must give up a lot of things.

How to score good marks in 10th & 12th Board Exam- General Tips

1. Make Clear Notes

You should take notes on the subject covered in each lesson that is taught in class. You will benefit greatly from taking brief notes while you study and prepare for the board tests. Important headers and material should be underlined and highlighted in your books and notes so that you can quickly locate them. Your notes will be very beneficial to you in the revision when you have less time for your exam. Therefore, you want to create distinct notes for each subject.

2. Face Off Against Yourself

You must first learn to compete with yourself before moving on and competing with others. Keep in mind that you must perform well on your examinations and even better on the exams that follow, no matter what occurs.


Basically, you must evaluate your performance in each term in order to do better on tests during the following term. For instance, if your quarterly exam score was 55 per cent, you must ensure that your next term exam score is at least 65 per cent, and so on.


You may have heard the proverb “Believe and you are halfway there,” which means that this will increase your self-confidence and help you believe that you can actually score above 90 on your boards. Always bear in mind that you must surpass your previous score and keep doing so indefinitely.

3. Get Sufficient Sleep

It is crucial for all of you to get proper sleep as students since it will help your minds function more efficiently. To stay active during the day, you need to receive six to seven hours of sleep each night. It shouldn’t be fewer than 6 hours since the mind needs adequate rest to function properly and anything less will negatively impact your health. It also shouldn’t be longer than 7 hours because doing so will cause you to become lethargic, which is still another major issue. As a result, you need to sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours without any stress.


4. Write For Practice

The greatest approach to retaining information is to repeatedly practise writing. There are some topics that you cannot comprehend and address verbally. For instance, courses like accounting, business, physics, chemistry, and math require writing and practice.


To succeed in these topics, reading alone is insufficient. The greatest way to get excellent grades in arithmetic, according to the majority of pupils, is to practise writing. You will get more knowledge about a topic as you answer more questions about it. And this is among the greatest exam preparation advice for board exams, whether they are for the 10th or 12th grade.

5. Control your time

It is essential that you manage your time effectively and don’t ignore it. Time management is crucial and may significantly impact outcomes. The theoretical subjects should be studied first thing in the morning to aid with long-term memory retention when reading. Spend your spare time at school on logical subjects rather than wasting it on pointless activities. Self-education is essential. Spend a portion of your time on each subject’s revision. Read the questions before the board test and approach the paper using time management techniques to finish it on schedule. Don’t linger on any one question any longer.

6. Solve previous year’s test questions

Students can benefit much from old test sheets. It was discovered that students who participated in the quizzes in prior years outperformed those who did not on board examinations. Solve old test questions while keeping the schedule in mind. Do not take longer than required or break up the quiz into many steps. It is useless. As you start to solve the page, imagine yourself in a classroom. exam and respond appropriately. At first, you might not be able to get along, but with time and effort, you will undoubtedly improve. The best course of action is to practise foil questioning for ten years.

7. Revision is required

Another saying goes, “Good practice makes a man perfect.” You must thoroughly evaluate each spreadsheet’s curriculum when you’ve finished creating it. As a result, you will be complete and capable of answering all of the board exam questions. The most crucial step should be at least a once-over of the whole programme.


In order to begin the review process, attempt to finish the study plan as soon as possible before the spreadsheet test. This time, you must thoroughly comprehend the problem and attempt to fix it on your own.


How To Score Good Marks In the 10th &12th Board Exam Science?

To minimize tension at the last minute, the students must study every day for the board test. There are some preparation strategies that apply to all disciplines. In order to perform well on the board test, students must utilize this advice. See the general preparation advice on how to score good marks in the 10th board exam:- 

1. Choose the appropriate time to start the preparation

Although each student has a unique learning style, we are unable to predict when each student should begin studying for the tests. However, there is a standard method for studying for exams that must be used. To minimize last-minute confusion, approach each internal exam as if it were a board exam.

2. Keep to the NCERT books

It has been observed that many students seek out weighty, compelling reference materials to help them prepare. They frequently undervalue their syllabi books, such as NCERT in the case of the CBSE 10th board, but they must always remember that syllabi books are the finest for practicing with. Finish your curriculum before concentrating on studying from guides or reference books. You will achieve a higher percentage as a result.

3. Stay Optimistic

For your CBSE Class 10 preparation, “Self-Belief” and proper preparation are magic. Before you go to bed, immediately review all you learned today. Regular physical activity and meditation aid with attention.

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How to score good marks in Board Exam- FAQs

Ques 1. Is it wise to study at five in the morning?

Ans. You’ll be able to build intention and connection to your mission, do some studying, and then get closer to your objectives if you start getting up at 5 AM. Over time, you’ll start to experience enormous effects if you make even a little effort toward ambitious goals.


Ques 2. Is studying at night or in the morning preferable?

Ans. Studying in the morning, when the brain is more capable of concentration, maybe the ideal option for children who are more energetic earlier in the day. After a restful night’s sleep, students who study throughout the day benefit from a renewed sense of energy.


Ques 3. Are the board examinations for Class 10 simple?

Ans. Initial responses from the students indicated that the CBSE Class 10th exam was moderate to easy. However, some of the pupils found it challenging.


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